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Hello everyone, welcome to Sweat and Tears. Weight training has always been a passion of mine. I got my first set of weights when I was 11, started a membership at a gym by the time I was 16.

I used to study over the weight training magazines and dream about having my own set of mammoth sized arms that would burst through my shirt sleeves. Or maybe a barrel sized chest sporting a superhero logo and a cape, bounding from weight bench to weight bench with a bench press that would put anyone else to shame.

But over the years, suffering from too many injuries and a bad back I have come to realize it’s not about satisfying my ego or hoisting too much weight over my head, like a lot of adrenaline junkies out there would have you believe.

Finally after enough years of disappointment, I eventually came to realization that all you need is a moderate weight, train hard to the point of 8-12 reps to failure, work on squeezing the muscle and strive for an awesome pump.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Is getting a good pump!

That’s what this site is designed for.


That’s where you come in.

I’m going to be giving you the lowdown on training technique, proper form, mind set, goals, diet and supplementation to help you get steered in the right direction and to help eliminate some obstacles and roadblocks that I have had to go through over the years.

I am giving you this information, because I believe in you, I know you can do it. With a little of the right guidance, you can start to transform your physique in to a well oiled machine that will be turning head’s in no time.

I wish I had followed by these principles back then, maybe it could have spared me some tears of pain and suffering.


My goal is to shed some light on the dynamics of weight training and it’s correlation with proper nutrition and health, not what it’s become bogged down with, the hype of dangerous drugs such as steroids.

Take a little time and study over the information I have outlined in this site, I think you should find it beneficial.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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