Alpha Recovery Plus and Pre-workout review

Alpha Recovery Plus

The most complete recovery product available

*reduces exercise induced inflammation

*reduces lactic acid

*restores electrolytes

*promotes muscle and joint health

20 servings $34.99

Ingredients: amino acids

Form: powder

Amino acid type: BCAA glutamine

Feature: low carb

Sugar content: sugar free

It’s all about recovery  

As hard as you workout, you want to see results, who doesn’t ? You go to the gym, pound out the reps, you pound out the sets, stretch the tape measure one more time to check your arm measurement, either no new muscle gains or very minimal, or maybe you jump on the scales and it’s telling you the same weight you have been weighing in at for as long as you can remember. Today our focus is going to be on getting the most out of your workouts and allowing enough recovery for your muscles to grow.

It’s important to get enough recovery in for the muscle tissue to mend in between workouts, with the Alpha Recovery Plus, this product is designed to help you recover faster. From the innovators of con-cret® innovation of recovery, Alpha Recovery Plus is a dramatic advancement in sports supplementation that promotes the reduction of exercise-induced inflammation(EII) and lactic acid as it enhances recovery, hydration and performance.

The pros 

Alpha Recovery Plus definitely lives up to its claim for the recovery of muscle tissue. After using Alpha Recovery Plus there is definitely a difference in the recovery time as compared to the time it took for the muscles tissues to mend and repair after a long grueling workout before use. Before using Alpha Recovery Plus, there was still muscle stiffness to the touch as long as two days after a training session, but after using Alpha Recovery Plus, there was no muscle soreness apparent.

When it comes to the claim by Alpha Recovery Plus for recovery time, I will give it a thumbs up.

The cons  



Powerful pre-workout energy booster

Reinforced with con-cret®

*Increases alertness, focus and motivation

*made with purenergy TM ^*

*combines functional and stimulant energy

*enhances strength, endurance and recovery

*no jitters or crash

^purenergy is a unique form of caffeine with no jitters or post-workout crash.

30 servings $29.99

Flavors, blueraspberry or lemon lime

Getting the most out of your workout  

Getting primed and ready for your workout is always an important process. Getting the most from your workout requires more than just physical exertion, it takes determination and focus.

Pre gives you the boost you need to get you through any workout you throw at yourself. Physically and mentally, Pre will keep you going longer and stronger. It’s a great creatine that gives you the strength to power through and sets you up for the rest of the day to power through. Pre also doesn’t cause you to hold water like many other creatines. Pre will surely help you take your gains to another level.

The pros  

Pre is a great advanced pre-workout formula for athletes of any level who are interested in taking their workout performance up a level. It does a good job at providing cellular energy and increased mental focus. I haven’t found any side effects. Pre leaves my workout ending as strong as it begins.

The cons

The claim by Alpha Recovery Plus that you would feel more energy during and after your workouts left me feeling pretty positive about it. The training sessions went a little longer, maybe with the anticipation that Alpha Recovery Plus would act as a safety net and keep my energy levels from getting to low, that claim held its promise with me as well.

For the benefit of mental focus, I would recommend this product. Focus is a very important role in weight training, so I can see myself using this product for some time to come.


I have been at weight training for quite awhile and have seen a lot of products come and go, no one wants to waste their time on some overly hyped up product that wastes their money and then to see no results, while this product works good for me and I would recommend this for an athlete of any level, that isn’t to say the response would be the same for everyone. With the great advances science has made, Alpha Recovery Plus and Pre-workout are definitely one of the better performers on the market.

Keep with your goals, keep training hard and focus on where you want to be a month from now, a year from now, follow your dreams and don’t let anything sidetrack you. Keep a clean diet and make sure you get plenty of sleep every night, after all, it’s during rest is when the muscles grow. Supplement your diet with Alpha Recovery Plus and Pre workout and that will aid in recovery time between training sessions and focus which is an important role player in any aspect of life. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Till next time, keep training like a superhero.

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4 thoughts on “Alpha Recovery Plus and Pre-workout review”

  1. I’d be the first to say that I’m no workout queen, but the soreness is what kills me. It really keeps me from wanting to continue a regime that I really want to get into. I don’t want to get huge just defined. Do you think the Alpha Recovery will help with that? Also, it might sound cliche, but I’m so used to using either Gateraid (forgive my spelling) or whatever the smoothie is at the gym after a workout, but it’s filling and not restorative.

    I’m really liking this Alpha Recovery. Can this be used 3 times a week and can it be done in smoothie form or just water? 

    • Thanks for the feedback, the Alpha is designed to help with muscle recovery and you can take it every day. I would suggest that sounds like a good idea to take the Alpha blended in with a smoothie, I wish you the best.

  2. It’s I haven’t heard of alpha recovery plus and pre workout.but is always good know that their one supplements that will help you I quick recovery and the also help you to stay and remain focused during workout.that is very good idea for those supplements alpha recovery plus and pre workout I am to be using them for you have assured they have non side effects .that makes them the best to use. 


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