Belly fat killer-weight loss products review

June 1, 2019 0 By Neil Brown

Weight loss is a big problem that many people are dealing with all over the globe, let’s face it, the food on the market these days is loaded with fat and preservatives and an incredible amount is loaded with sodium. People are busy these days and don’t have the time for healthy home cooked meals so they resort to quick meal fixes that are not doing their waist line any good.

Today’s subject will be about a weight loss product and we will see if it measures up to today’s demanding standards of on the go people that are fighting a battle with the bulge in this belly fat killer weight loss products review.

EPH Bomb fat killer

EPH is by Gold Star and powered by 2-amino-5-methylhexane and caffeine! this fat burner is stated to amp up your energy to a whole new level. This could be a considering factor because it is a top selling product according to the reviews I found.

EPH Bomb is stated that it will supply you with-

*extreme thermogenic capabilities.

*insane energy.

*appetite suppressant.

supplement facts

Serving size 1 capsule

Servings per container-60

Caffeine Anhydrous 250 mg

proprietary blend 245 mg

B-phenylethylamine HCI 2-amino-5-methylhexane

Nettle root extract

Synephrine HCL, Yohimbine HCI

Other ingredients; DiCalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, silica.

As stated by Gold Star it strips fat away fast and efficiently.


Goldstar EPH fat burner leverages caffeine and a proprietary blend to produce this over-the-counter fat burning supplement. EPH blend will help to stimulate your central nervous system and help with weight loss but simply expecting this product to work on its own will not give you the results you are looking for in itself, you will need to follow a strict diet and use EPH Bomb to supplement your diet.

Is EPH Bomb effective?

With a combination of caffeine and DMHA, you will definitely feel a boost in your energy levels but then you will likely feel the crash afterwards as with any high caffeinated energy drink. With an increase in energy it will also increase your metabolism, but then since this product will increase your metabolism it will increase your hunger.

EPH Bomb states that it has an appetite suppressant but I don’t know if it’s appetite suppressant formula is high enough to fight hunger cravings if your hunger is spiked from a higher metabolism.

As far as it’s thermogenics, caffeine can increase your body temperature but I don’t believe that cayenne pepper will help with increasing your body temperature.

Once again I believe that this product will assist you in your weight loss goals but EPH Bomb in itself will not be the end all cure, you will need to follow a strict diet and follow a vigorous exercise program to see the results that you are truly looking for.

EPH Bomb’s value

At Sweat And Tears we give EPH Bomb a 5 star rating out of 10, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product simply based on its DMHA because of its under dosing. If you are interested in trying this product for a personal tryout, I would recommend that for what you pay for it, it would be of better value to you to try out a better alternative.


EPH Bomb does contain several generic fat burning ingredients and can be of some aid in your journey to a thinner new you, but not without plenty of hard work and dedication to a healthy diet plan.


Proprietary blend and under dosing.

EPH Bomb can only be purchased online.

Side effects are possible.

Returns are dependent on the store.

Is EPH Bomb safe

There have been many reviews on EPH Bomb’s effectiveness, some boast of its effectiveness while others not so much but results may vary from one subject to another and it has been viewed as basically safe for use by adults.

Although this product is highly stimulating due to its caffeine consumption which can trigger some unwanted side effects. Some of its ingredients like yohimbe, dimethylamylamine and synephrine are considered to be unsafe.

When following a healthy lifestyle with the objective of losing weight and feeling good about yourself, you should highly consider the safety of such products that you are ingesting into your system, what will be the outcome of their side effects on you.

If you are considering supplementation of EPH Bomb with your diet I would recommend that you consult your doctor first before using, as with any other stimulant based product.


As recommend by Goldstar that adults take 1 capsule of the supplement EPH Bomb first thing in the morning and adults may take an optional second dose in the afternoon but not to exceed 2 capsules a day.


All in all, EPH Bomb is effective when it comes to giving you a sudden boost of energy, it is a caffeine stimulant based supplement and it can work rather quickly. Some of the ingredients in EPH Bomb are also found in some bodybuilding products.

As stated earlier it would be advisable that you contact your doctor first before using as well as to make sure that you don’t have any allergic reaction to caffeine.

I also recommend that you have an exercise program set in place and follow a healthy diet to make sure that you are taking in an adequate supply of nutrients and always be sure to drink plenty of water as good hydration is a must when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

For further reading, I have plenty of content on the subject of healthy living, diet and cardio that can get you further informed and on your way to achieving the goals that you are longing to reach.

If you are interested in information on other weight loss products, I have a reviews section that you can check out or you can click on this link for other weight loss products to view.

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