Best high intensity interval training-skyrocket your metabolism

January 11, 2019 12 By Neil Brown

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to get in the best shape of their life in time for summer, I know, you have heard it a hundred times already, you have to cut the calories until you find yourself eating like a bird, you find yourself trying to push out just one more minute of cardio until your left feeling completely exhausted and you always find it a struggle to find enough time to make it to the gym and endure another hour long workout.

Today I would like to talk about a program that seems to be raising some attention. If you don’t mind working up a sweat and getting your heart pumping, but shaving that one to two hour workout down to a fraction of the time and not even having to go through the troubles of finding enough time to get to the gym and wait in line for your favorite cardio machine, then you will love today’s topic, best high intensity interval training and ways you can skyrocket your metabolism.

HIIT training

High intensity interval training is a pretty simple straight forward program that will have you burning off those extra unwanted pounds in no time. You can do this workout right in your living room and not have to spend time going to the gym to do it, that is if you want to, you can take this workout to the gym as well and have even more sound training exercises to implement to your program.

High intensity interval training is when you can take two, three or four exercise and do them end to end and rest for a minute and do the exercise end to end for a second time, completing them four times through, this routine should only take about twenty five minutes. After completing this workout, it should have escalated your metabolism and continue to keep your metabolism high for as much as the next twenty four hours which in turn will keep calories burning in your favor and helping to carve of those unwanted pounds.

Benefits of HIIT training

Two weeks of HIIT training improves your aerobic capacity by six to eight weeks of regular endurance training, not only do you burn more calories during a high interval workout, but the effect of the intense training kicks your body’s repair cycle into action, that means you will burn more fat and calories in the next twenty four hours after a high interval workout than you would after a typical cardiovascular workout.

High intensity zone

When giving your body this type of exertion, you push yourself into an anaerobic zone, you will feel like you’re heart is trying to pump right out of your chest, but extreme training can lead to extreme results.

Running, biking and jumping rope all work together pretty good and you don’t need to use any equipment. You can do anything that gets the heart pumping, for instance crunches, leg raises and lunges.

Using weights would be less effective because your efforts need to be  on raising your heart rate, not your muscle size

No muscle loss  

Weight lifting and HIIT training do work hand in hand though because the typical CARDIO training prompts muscle loss for those who weight train and  and have worked hard for their muscle gains, but high interval training will allow dieters to preserve their hard earned muscles.

Along with the increased fat burning and muscle preservation, high interval training also stimulates production of your human growth hormone by as much as 450%.

High interval routine.

This workout may not be for a lot of people, due to back problems or joint  related problems, but if you’re feeling up to this one, it’s something you might like to try out. It definitely gets the heart going and the metabolism revving up.

(jump squats)

start with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart

bend your knees to a squatting position, jump into the air as high as you can, land as soft as possible so it isn’t too much of a jarring on your joints

continue by lowering into your next rep

do as many times as you can in 45 seconds

(alternating side lungs)

start with your feet together

side step with your left foot out to the left keeping your right leg straight while bending at the left knee

return your left foot back to standing and repeat, side stepping your right foot to the right

continue to lunge from side to side

do as many as you can in 45 seconds

(jumping lungs)

start out by standing with feet shoulder width apart, jumping with your left leg forward and your right leg to the back then land in a lunging position

jump up and switch your legs in mid air so that you land in a lunge position with your right leg to the front

continue with this back and forth trying not to pause too long in the standing position

do as many as you can in 45 seconds

Repeat this circuit three times.

{part two}

Run in place for one minute then immediately do jumping jacks for one minute.

Then drop down into a pushup stance, bending at the arms and hold for twenty seconds. The purpose of this is to briefly have a twenty second rest period, but not to completely stop, as you don’t want to let the heart rate settle too much.

Next you repeat the running in place for a minute and then the jumping jacks for a minute, then repeat the fixed arm push up stance for a second and third time, so part two you will repeat three circuits of this as well..


The sky is the limit when it comes to planning out a hiit training program that is right for you. Not everyone will be able to perform many of these exercises, so you can implement a routine that will work for you depending on your goals or your limits, you can increase the intensity or decrease it to something that will be workable for you.

Try this training program out for eight weeks and see if it don’t make you feel younger and stronger with the aid of speeding up your metabolism. A high intensity interval training program should increase your results by double of what a typical cardiovascular routine would do.

Till next time, keep training like a superhero.

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