Best home workout routine-with weights

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If you are like me you struggle to have enough time in a day to get to the gym to get a good workout and so many times it is necessary to have to rely on having a good set of weights at home for those hectic days when you have difficulty getting enough time in to do a good workout.

Then it all comes down to what your goals are, if you are into weight training at home you can have a good set of free weights or if you want to put a little bit more into your workouts then it would be a good idea to have a weight machine, this will give you more range or more selection of exercises, today’s talk be about best home workout routine with weights.

Having enough time

Do you struggle to get enough time in the do your workouts ? if you are you’re not alone , there are many people these days that want to get into better shape , more firm and toned muscles , or maybe even larger muscles and more strength than these people would love to be able to reach these goals but have a difficulty reaching them because of a lack of time.

Instead of spending time driving to the gym , waiting in line for the next weight machine , some people simply find it easier to just have a set of weights or a weight machine or cardio equipment waiting for them at home so they can get a quick workout in and not have to worry about the excessive time it takes to deal with the traffic.

To get a good workout in at home doesn’t require a lot of time, all it really takes is an extra 15 minutes a day to an hour and do this three or four days a week to get in good shape and to firm and tone your muscles.

All you need is free weights

If you are having a hard time with having enough time to get a workout in everyday due to your work schedule and family, have you ever given it a thought about getting your workouts in at your own home? due to a lack of time many people workout at home and schedule in a little bit of time everyday to pursue their fitness goals.

If you are simply looking to do some basic training all you will probably need is a set of free weights, a barbell with a straight bar and/or a ez-curl bar and a pair of dumbbells. It all depends on what your fitness goals are.

Free weights will come in handy if you are just interested in firming and toning your muscles or building muscle and strength.

Weight machines

Free weights are good to an extent, maybe you are interested in developing a more rounded workout routine, if that’s what you are interested in is firming and toning your muscles and sculpting a more muscular physique, maybe it would be a good idea to up your own personal training zone by adding a weight machine to your gym.

There is a great variety of weight machines out on the market that specialize in the results that you may be looking for. Dependant on what your fitness goals may be, if you are interested in developing muscle tone and size as well as strength, there are a line of Weider weight training machines as well as a line of many other makers of good home training equipment.

Whatever type of equipment that you set up in your own personal training space, it should be designed around whatever your own personal training goals may be.


If your goals are more in line with losing weight and getting trimmed down and you don’t have the time to make it to the gym everyday, there are many options you can do to accomplish your fitness goals, whether it be indoor or outdoor cardio training as well as outdoor activities that you can engage in to lose weight and can be fun as well as stress relieving.

As far as indoor cardio, there are many options available for home gym equipment such as the Elliptical or cardio glide as well as stationary bikes, treadmill and a whole line of other products for developing your own personal home gym.

If your not interested in purchasing home gym equipment and want to keep it more simple or if you simply don’t have the space to put workout equipment, there are other options like a workout mat that can be easily stored under your bed. With a simple training mat you can perform your typical floor exercises or for an extra guided tour on exercises of this nature, there are an abundance of training videos that you can work out to.

On nice days for those that enjoy outdoor activities there are many activities that you can engage in to get your metabolism going and increase the chances of achieving your fitness and weight loss goals such as running, hiking, swimming, biking and any other fitness induced activity to encourage weight loss.

Home cardio and fitness training doesn’t need to be a lonely journey, many of these activities can be done with the company of others such as friends and family who may be looking to achieve similar goals such as yourself.


Gym life is something that not everyone is inclined to engage in, many people don’t like the hustle of gyms, the noise, the smell of sweaty locker rooms and waiting in line to use one of your favorite weight machines, but don’t give up, there is hope.

There are many good weight machines out on the market, whether it be weight machines to tone and build muscles or cardio equipment for weight loss as well as free weights, or maybe if that isn’t your style there are other forms of training that will help you with achieving your fitness goals like yoga or calisthenics.

Whatever type of training you follow, be sure that if you purchase any home equipment that it’s inline with your fitness goals and that you stick with it, many people purchase some type of home training equipment and use it once or twice if at all, this post isn’t about enticing people into purchasing workout equipment just to make a fast buck, it’s about helping people in achieving their fitness goals.

So whatever path you follow in home training, make sure that it’s in line with your fitness goals and be true to yourself and stick with anything that you set your heart on, the only one that’s going to see your fitness goals through is you and always remain true to yourself.

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