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Best TENS Muscle Stimulator-touch screen T12AB

It stands to reason that if you engage in physical activity on a regular basis, whether it be physical sports, weight training or even physically draining cardio, if you put your muscles through strenuous activity, they are going to get sore from time to time.

It doesn’t matter if you are in good shape or if you are new to exercise, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be muscle soreness from your training but it could be from a muscle pull that you may need some therapeutic relief from.

There are many fitness trainers today that can’t let muscle soreness or pulls slow them down so they turn to muscle simulators like the best TENS Muscle Stimulator touch screen T12AB by Healthmateforever.

Today I am going to take a look into the T12AB muscle stimulator and see just what this product has to offer and maybe I can help you in deciding if this is the right product for you in therapeutic relief.

T12AB Muscle Stimulator

The T12AB Muscle Stimulator is a very handy little device that temporarily relieves pain and is used for rehabilitation therapy. The T12AB is acknowledged by many chiropractors as a useful tool for relieving pain before making adjustments so that you can have a more pain free adjustment.

The TENS unit will temporarily manage pain while increasing your blood flow and strengthening the muscles which helps with involuntary muscle contractions thus amplifying your bodies healing ability. HealthmateForever has established a solid reputation in TENS and EMS.

Who is it designed for

The T12AB is designed for anyone who is suffering from muscle soreness due to over exertion from weight trainers to athletes to anyone who puts in a hard day at work.

Many practitioners use muscle simulators for pain management for their patients, that’s a plus for anyone who needs a practitioners care and needs a little pain relief before getting the care that they need, also a plus for the practitioner when it comes to return customers.

The T12AB’s features

The T12AB has a vast array of great features, other than the fact that you don’t need all those pain medications because the TENS unit T12AB Muscle Stimulator is used for rehabilitation therapy by many and has had a successful outcome in doing so.

The T12AB is also considered safe and effective and works fast, it serves for people who suffer from severe chronic pain and works well for people who experience pain in more areas than one.

The T12AB unit may be a little expensive but it has many great features to back that up, which is more than likely what separates popular mid range TENS units from premium models like the T12AB.

The T12AB has 2 outputs, it features a 10-80 minute timer. The T12AB has 10 intensity levels, but this does not mean that it has less power or that it is underpowered because it only has 10 intensity levels, this simply means that instead of being able to make small increaments, you can only make large increaments.

The T12AB has a large screen, roughly 90% of it’s screen with touch screen operation and the screen is back lit which makes for easy viewing in any circumstance. Another great option is it has a locking screen so you don’t have to worry about losing settings if you accidently bump one of the buttons or if your dog gets ahold of it, lol.

The T12AB has 40 pre-programmed settings for different muscle groups as well as programming for different types of pain and levels of pain. The T12AB also will show an image suggestion for target areas next to their own program number.

What comes in the package

*The T12AB package contains six pads with three different designs.

*It comes with all the wiring included and has a rechargeable battery with a USB wall adapter.

*Instruction manual.

*Touch pen.

*Lifetime warranty.

The pros

The T12AB  is safe, works fast and is effective, as well as many great features that make this muscle stimulator stand out as a top of the line product from popular mid-range TENS units.

Safe and effective with FDA cleared class II OTC and limited life time warranty.

The cons

The price is a little high but the features on the T12AB make up for that.

The dual isolated channel output is the main drawback to the T12AB but you can run two simultaneous programs on different parts of your body, you can also adjust them for different current intensities.



It can be a real disappointment when you are training hard and shooting for those goals that you have been trying to accomplish and then an injury or pulled muscle  comes from out of nowhere, but it’s not the end of the world.

Many people have rehabilitated injuries with the aid of the T12AB muscle stimulator with much success and if you are unfortunate enough to have suffered a downfall in your training, taking advantage of the T12AB could be a godsend for you.

The pain or injury that you might be suffering from doesn’t only need to come from weight training or sports, it could be from something that happened on the job, but even if so, whatever brought on the pain on can quickly be alleviated from the therapeutic use of the T12AB TENS unit muscle stimulator.

Even practitioners such as chiropractors rely on the use of premium muscle simulators like the T12AB for their patients, if it gives patients comfort in knowing that their practitioner cares enough to give them the comfort they need to get through a trying time such as an injury, it just may keep a better flow of repeat business .

Whatever the case, the T12AB TENS unit muscle stimulator has been time tested and proven many times over of it’s effective use and if you just need some simple muscle therapy after a grueling workout, the T12AB is the best way to go.

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