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I don’t know any gym goer that hasn’t been interested in training their arms. Arms have always been one of my favorite muscle groups to work and I’m sure they are for a majority of other weight trainers seeking to develop big guns.

Today I will be talking about biceps, triceps workout, training for size. Arms have always been a popular muscle group to work because arms are the first thing to show, especially when you are wearing a t-shirt or tank top.

It’s always exciting on training day when you head into the gym and you have arms on the workout schedule. Whether if you are training triceps or biceps individually, or if you are training both muscle groups together in the same workout.

Whichever way you decide to train arms, whether you work both together in the same workout or individually, you can get a great muscle pump whichever way you choose.

Working biceps and triceps individually or together

There are different ways that you can train your arms, you can train them individually where you would perform biceps in one day, triceps another day, or you can perform biceps and triceps paired together in one workout.

I often like to perform biceps and triceps in the same workout because this way you are pumping the blood into the entire upper arm which will help to stimulate muscle growth better, but there are also advantages to performing biceps and triceps individually.

There is an advantage to performing biceps or triceps individually. You can follow the push-pull method. For example, you can pair up biceps with another pull muscle in the same workout, or you can do triceps and another push muscle together in a workout.

A good way to follow this method is to pair up biceps with another pull muscle group like back. Or you can pair up triceps which are a push muscle with another push muscle like shoulders or chest.

Should there be a set practice?

There should never be a set practice? because muscles can become accustomed to doing the same thing over again “this is called muscle memory.” The advantage with doing biceps and triceps in separate workouts and following the push-pull method is you will be eliminating any possibility of over training.

For example if you were to do pull muscles like biceps and back on one day, legs the second day and push muscles like triceps, shoulders and chest on the third day, you would be avoiding a possibility in over training.

It’s also a good idea to perform the push-pull method because working similar muscle groups can reach your muscles with a completely different approach which is good because you are trying to execute different strategies which will promote better muscle growth in the long run instead of working them in the same old mundane way.

There are other forms of training you can incorporate like super sets, tri-sets and giant sets, any one of these training principles are an excellent way to keep your workouts fresh so that they don’t grow stale. If you keep training the same way with every workout, you are likely to see minimal results.

What exercises work best?

Basically any exercise that will provide muscle stimulation will do a good job for building muscle. Although there are some exercises that will do a better job at building muscle size, exercises that will work more than one muscle group at a time which are known as compound exercises do a great job.

For example reverse grip chins are a good exercise for adding muscle to your biceps because other muscles come into play like the lat muscles and shoulders. When these other muscle groups come into play, that enables you to put more tension on your biceps encouraging more growth.

Other forms of curling exercises that involve free weights are good examples for adding muscle. Weight machines are good to incorporate in your workouts as well. It would be best to do compound exercises and free weights first when your energy levels are at their highest and do weight machines as your secondary exercises.

Triceps you should follow the same approach, compound exercises like narrow grip benches and bar dips as well as extension exercises you should do with free weights first when your energy levels are at their highest followed by weight machines as your secondary exercises.

How often should you train arms?

You should have a rest period of 72 hours between training arms, this goes for basically any muscle group except for abs and calves you can train more frequently, unless if you are new to training from first starting on up to six months, calves and abs should still be twice a week?

Train arms every 72 hours or “three days” between training to assure that you are getting enough rest, if you train arms more frequently than every three days you are likely to over train them and then you will never see the gains that you were hoping to achieve.

Also, over this 72 hour rest period you should get an adequate amount of sleep, at least 8 hours a night if not more to assure muscle growth. Our muscles don’t grow while we are in the gym training.

While we are training we are breaking the muscle fibers down, it is during the time in between when our muscles are recovering is when the muscles do their growing, especially during our sleeping hours.


When it comes to training your arms for size, there is no specific approach as to say you can only train them separate from one another or only together, or it is best to only do super sets and not giant sets.

The best approach is to frequently change your workouts around and split up arms between separate workouts, train triceps and biceps together, try various principles, train heavy one week and train light the next week.

Be creative with your training and keep your workouts exciting. If your workouts aren’t exciting to you, they won’t be exciting to your muscles, and if they are not exciting to your muscles, it’s unlikely that your arms will keep growing.

To amplify your muscle gains, supplementation is a key to unlocking your potential.

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If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below, I would love to hear from my readers.


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