Big triceps workout-for developing mass

Anyone who has been in to weight training for some time and who has been interested in building large muscles knows what it’s like to go through some relentless workouts, you know, those workouts that seem like they are going to last forever because you are incorporating many combination exercises to your workout for developing large muscle mass.

Well today I am going to be talking about developing your triceps with exercises that are considered compound movements which work more than one muscle group at a time. So today’s talk will be about incorporating a big triceps workout for developing mass.

These exercises are great for developing muscle mass because they work more than one muscle at a time so you have other muscles to back up the exercise that you are incorporating for the muscle group that you are directly targeting.

What are compound exercises?

Compound exercises, are exercises that you do for a targeted muscle group but when performing these exercises, other muscle groups are getting worked from the same exercise.

For example in today’s topic of discussion is about developing massive triceps, so a typical compound exercise for triceps could be the narrow group bench press. When performing the narrow group bench press directly targets your triceps but it targets other muscle groups at the same time like for instance your chest your front deltoid’s and your lat muscles.

Narrow grip bench press

As I have mentioned the Narrow grip bench press is an excellent compound exercise for developing the triceps. The narrow grip bench press not only targets triceps but also incorporates chest and back muscles when performing this exercise.

The narrow grip bench press is a very popular exercise for developing large triceps because with an exercise like this, it is incorporating other muscle groups combined with triceps, so you can push more weight thus stimulating more muscle growth.

When performing the narrow group bench press you will want to keep your feet flat on the floor and your butt in contact with the bench at all times, typically if someone tends to raise their butt off the bench while they are pressing the weight, it would be considered as cheating in this movement and you will find that a very common mistake that people make in the bench press when competing in power lifting tournaments.

Bar Dips

The bar dips are another excellent exercise for developing muscle mass to the triceps region, and they are as well considered a compound exercise which targets other muscle groups as well, including the chest and back muscles and your rear deltoid’s.

Bar dips are great exercise where you can pile on the weight because instead of just using your body weight you can use a special apparatus such as a belt that has chains or a rope attached to it so that you can hang weights from the belt while performing this exercise.

To perform this exercise, take a grip of the bars with your palms facing inwards and lower yourself down as far as you can go without bouncing at the bottom of the move, for if you bounce in the bottom position of this exercise it can damage your triceps.

After you have reached the bottom of the move continue by forcing yourself upwards until your arms are fully extended flexing your tricep muscles at the top of this movement.

Bench dips

Bench dips are another great exercise beefing up the triceps, this exercise other than targeting your triceps will also hit your chest and deltoid muscles as well.

When performing the bench dips, it is a unique compound exercise for triceps because your arms are in the back of you targeting your triceps at a different angle, as well it is necessary to target your triceps from different angles to reach all three different heads of the tricep muscle.

To perform the bench dips you would typically set up two flat benches parallel with each other for enough distance to place the palms of your hands with a shoulder width grip on one bench and place the heels of your feet on the other bench.

Once you have taken this position on two benches, lower yourself down as far as you can, go just short of your butt touching the floor, never bounce in the bottom of this exercise for it can damage your triceps. Once you have reached the bottom position, continue by forcing yourself upwards until your arms are fully extended and flexing your triceps at the top of this movement.

Another common practice that many people do when performing the bench dips is when they have developed enough strength in this movement where their body weight is not enough, they place barbell plates on their lap for added resistance.


I have just covered three of the most common compound exercises for developing the triceps, if you were to develop a workout program targeting your triceps where you incorporated all compound exercises, your triceps would be getting one rigorous workout , as well as other muscle groups at the same time like your chest, shoulders and back.

Another advantage when performing compound exercises is they are more of a higher endurance exercise, therefore they will burn more calories.

Typically when setting up a triceps workout program it is best to usually use just one compound exercise for your triceps and that would be at the beginning of your workout when you have the most energy, and then follow up the rest of your triceps workout with isolation moves for triceps such as barbell extensions, dumbbell extensions and cable work such as tricep push downs.

I hope that today’s topic of discussion on developing massive triceps, you have learned something new and can incorporate that in your tricep workouts with great results. It has always been in my best interest to give guidance for workouts so that you can see the results that you have always wanted to achieve.

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