Body weight training routine – compound moves

There can be many advantages behind doing a body weight training routine. Body weight training is one where the exercises are strictly used with body weight and you are eliminating the need for any additional weight training equipment. There may be some additional attachments you may need like a chinning bar.

Another advantage behind following a body weight training routine is you can do it at home and don’t necessarily need to make it to the gym every day to get a good workout in. Also, body weight exercises are compound moves, so they are a great source of exercise for building size and strength as well as keeping your body moving to burn more calories.

Today I am going to be talking about body weight training, compound moves. To get the best results out of your training, you don’t necessarily need to make it to the gym every day or you don’t even need to work out at the gym at all, you just utilize your time available to train at home.

The most important factor is that you stick with your training and push yourself as hard as you can so that you can achieve the best results possible .

Compound exercises for better muscle stimulation

When you are performing body weight exercises, you are in fact performing compound movements, so you are training more than one muscle at a time. When you are training individual muscles, you are not only targeting one muscle group, but you are only working one muscle group at a time.

So it only stands to reason that when you perform compound exercises, you are targeting more than one muscle group at a time so you will naturally be able to lift more weight, in turn you will have a better chance at seeing results.

Exercises that only target one muscle group are important to incorporate into a training program and they have their advantages also, but if you don’t workout at a gym or don’t have access to weight training equipment, doing body weight exercises can really have an advantage.

Next I would like to delve into some basic exercises that you can do at home or virtually anywhere that can get you rolling with getting into better physical shape or building, firming and toning your muscles up in no time.

Wide grip chins

Wide grip chins are an excellent exercise for developing the back muscles and they target other areas such as your shoulders and biceps.

When working out at the gym, it is common practice to do lat pull-downs, many people don’t do wide grip chins because not everyone who has the strength to lift their entire body weight.

But there are ways that you can get around this. There are stretchy bands a person can strap around the chinning bar and under the knee to assist in lifting the body weight.

Another option is to use a chair, you can place one or both of your feet on a chair to assist with raising your body weight, this way you can keep pounding out the reps whereas if you were only able to do 1 or 2 reps without the added assistance.


Push-ups are a great exercise that you can do anywhere, whether you are doing push-ups with a wide grip, shoulder-width grip or a narrow grip, you can target different muscles with different angles when performing push ups with various grips.

Bench dips

Bench dips are an excellent exercise that you can target either your chest or triceps. If you perform a wider grip it will target more of the chest area and a narrow grip will target more precisely your triceps.

Deep knee bends

Deep knee bends are an excellent alternative to doing the squats. Squats are known for being one of the most common exercises for building quad development, but when you perform deep knee bends, they will give you a similar result.

Calf raises

Calf raises are your standard exercise for developing the calves, without a standing calf raise machine like you would find in a gym, you can perform them simply using your body weight. The best way to do calf raises are putting a plank under your toes so that you can get an extension with your heel.

Because the calves are naturally a strong muscle, working both legs at the same time with no additional weight may be relatively easy so you might want to try doing this exercise with one leg at a time.

Although for this exercise you should shoot for higher repetitions, 20-25 is a good range to follow, both legs you might pop out 100 reps whereas you could do 20 reps with one leg at a time.

Forming a workout program

Just to give you an idea on how to put together a workout program with the body weight exercises outlined in this post, I have a workout routine listed to give you a sample based on a three-day workout program.

Monday/5 tri-sets

  • push ups
  • bench dips
  • crunches

Wednesday/5 tri-sets

  • deep knee bends
  • calf raises
  • leg raises

Friday/4 supersets

  • wide grip chins
  • crunches

4 supersets

  • reverse grip chins
  • calf raises

With this idea of a training program, you are working each body part once a week except for calves and abdominals you are working twice.


These exercises outlined are simply an idea to get you going. You can perform different exercises and set up a different program, if you have free weights available it would be a good idea to include these also, if you do, you are simply building out your workout program to fit your needs.

Eating the proper diet is a necessary route to fueling yourself with the energy needed to give it your best with any workout program. Along with the proper nutrition, it is also important to fuel your system with good supplementation.

For a good idea on supplementation, you can go here to a product review for some further information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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