Bodybuilding motivations-are you moving forward?

March 30, 2019 22 By Neil Brown

Bodybuilding, physical fitness goals, whatever path your on, do you feel like you are moving forward or just spinning your wheels? are you giving it your all or are you going about your training haphazardly?

Today I want to talk with you about where do you see yourself heading on your journey to self improvement, do you feel like you are making the most for all your efforts or are you even putting your best foot forward? is your bodybuilding motivating you and does it keep you moving forward.

Keep a positive mindset

The worst thing ever is to get stuck in a rut and question yourself what is the point behind all the hard work your going through, anything worth having is definitely worth working your but off for. Some people feel like they can’t achieve a great physique because they don’t have the genetics or they don’t have youth on their side.

I will tell you one thing! their are an awful lot of people that always insist that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but you should realize that the grass is real green on your side of the fence when you actually realize your good qualities and put them to work for you.

Have you ever put into perspective your strengths and weaknesses? I bet you have many strengths! I bet you have more strengths than what you give yourself credit for. When is the last time you wrote down in your journal all of your good qualities, strengths and all the good attributes about yourself that people look up to you for? has it been quite some time? or have you ever taken stock of these important aspects that make up who you are?

Likewise have you ever written down your weaknesses, now I realize this subject isn’t as pretty to talk about as the prior but don’t look at it as a failing, just realize that if you take note of what your weaknesses are and you go to work on them, one day those things that you call weaknesses right now will one day be successes, maybe even bigger successes than what your successful at now.

Moving forward 

Do you set goals? when you set goals, are you keeping your weaknesses in mind? after all, it’s our weaknesses that we need to give priority to. For example if you like food and you give food a lot of thought but you have some extra pounds you need to shed, maybe you have some recipes laying around that support a healthy diet.

The recipes could be high in protein and low in fat or they could be high in healthful carbs or it could be an attractive fruit salad recipe that your grandmother handed down to you. However, if one of your strengths is cooking, you can use that to your advantage by cooking some real attractive healthy dishes that will benefit your waist line.

Naturally to go along with the healthy diet you will need to keep an active lifestyle, now if keeping an active lifestyle is a weakness of yours, it will be easy to come up with all kinds of excuses, so you have a busy schedule, you work from nine to five, pick up the kids from school and drop them off at ball practice, come home and cook dinner(one of those healthy dishes we were talking about) dishes and laundry I know, it’s a viscous circle.

The benefits

You would be surprised at the benefits of just a half hour of exercise can do. Exercise controls weight, even just a half hour of exercise a day can have lasting benefits like giving you a better metabolism.

Regular exercise combats health conditions and disease, improves your mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, regular exercise can put a spark back in your sex life and exercise can be fun and add to your social life.

Many forms

When you think of starting up a exercise program, what do you think of, is it going to the gym? alright you are not very enthused with the idea, maybe your not excited about the gym atmosphere, but maybe one of your good attributes is you enjoy getting out and doing different things with friends, like maybe you enjoy swimming, swimming is an excellent source of cardio and you can get together for such activities with friends which will increase your social life as well.

Biking is another form of great exercise that will put you in better shape and is an enjoyable form of recreation that you can do with friends. Whatever form of activity or exercise that you can engage in, something that brings you enjoyment while doing good for yourself is always going to be a good resource you can turn to too build on.

Weaknesses don’t need to be debilitating, they can actually open new doors to ideas that can create greater successes than you had previously imagined unattainable. The key is to never give up and keep an open mind to expanding avenues that can further draw you closer to becoming a success whatever your goals are.

Make the most of your efforts 

Have you ever felt like you have been putting your best foot forward and feel like you’re getting nowhere? take a different approach, ask yourself what different steps or processes do I need to take before I can reach my goal, if one way isn’t working try another.

Keep a record of your efforts, any losses or failed attempts, don’t feel like you’re a failure because one way didn’t work out like you had planned, keep pursuing your dreams and never accept defeat, the only one who has truly failed at something is the one that has given up on a dream just short of success because they didn’t have the courage to follow through with it when the going gets a little tough.

If you need any help finding your success, don’t be afraid to pick up on ideas from others, you don’t need to be alone on your journey, success isn’t a lonely place so your journey climbing to success shouldn’t be a lonely one either.

When you find what that key is that drives you to your success, keep records of that as well, once you have access to that knowledge you can build on it, that will become your foundation stone which you will be constructing your future on.

Implementing your new idea

Now that you have laid your foundation you will want to make sure that it is structurally sound and has no flaws, there is nothing like building a business on marshy ground, the soil is soft the foundation cracks and the building crumbles.

Building a foundation for your fitness goals is no different, the use of substance abuse and illegal chemicals will only weaken your foundation and lead your dreams of success to ruin.

Now that your plans are structurally sound and you are ready to move forward, there is no sense in going it alone, any source of motivation is always more than welcome and always be sure to track your progress. There is a lot of emphasis put on writing down and keeping track of your goals which is very sound advice but it is also very important to keep a record of your progress. 

Every little achievement that you make moving forward starts to paint more of a grand picture of your hard work and effort, tracking your progress can serve as a motivation, it can also be used as a tool to monitor any adjustments that you may need to take in achieving your fitness goals to the next level.

There are many different goals a person can have set up in achieving a better more healthy way of living, it is up to you too find what it is that makes your dream come to life, but it’s only for your best interest on how the law of nature works that way, if our goals and successes were laid out for us and achieved by some other means  other than our own ability, we would have no need for feeling gratification from self accomplishment.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the box below.

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