Build big triceps fast, top 5 exercises for big gains

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There is one common question that seems to be a big one these days, and that is, how can I build big triceps fast?

Top 5 exercises for big gains’.


Today we are going to examine five of the best triceps exercises for bulking up and adding muscle mass to your arm development.

There are many great exercises that a person can include in their training program, but there are some exercises that stand out as ones that are great for building muscle size While others are more for adding shape and form to your triceps.

Some people work out at a gym while others don’t, but most of these exercises are ones that you can include in your training program in your own home.

How do you know what exercises are best for building muscle size?

Out of the top 5 muscle building exercises for triceps, three of them are compound moves. Compound movements are great for building muscle size because they involve more than one muscle group at a time which means that you are capable of lifting more weight during the exercise.

Anytime that you include a compound exercise in your routine, you can surely bet that exercise is going to be one of your best bets for adding muscle size. Have you ever noticed that power lifters and strongmen build their strength and size by incorporating compound moves?

Take for instance the bench press, squat, dead lift, snatch and clean and jerk are all exercises that power lifters used to build their strength and all these exercises are compound moves because they involve more than one muscle group and even the entire body to perform the exercise.

These men of power use power moves to build up their strength, so naturally it stands to reason that you should use compound exercises if you want to implement more power in your workouts.

Again, if you are using power exercises in your workouts, you will be lifting more weight which means you will stand a better chance at building muscle size because in order to build muscle size you need to incorporate heavy weights to do so.

Next, we will go over the top 5 exercises that are best for building muscle size. Out of these five exercises, three of them are compound moves and it would be best to include at least one compound move in your training at the beginning of your workout when you have the most energy.

Narrow grip benches

Narrow grip benches are similar to the standard bench press, except the only difference is as stated in the name, is the grip that you use. Narrow grip benches require a narrow grip which is typically around shoulder-width.

I have seen some guys doing the narrow grip benches with a grip that was only a matter of a few inches apart, but the bad thing about doing this exercise with too narrow of a grip is it can damage your wrists.

These are a great exercise because you can really pile on the weight when doing them and it makes it easy to have a spotter so that you can push for that one or two extra repetitions.

Bar dips

Bar dips are another excellent exercise that are included as a compound exercise, because when you engage in this exercise, other than your triceps powering you through, other muscles that get worked are chest, shoulders and lat muscles.

When these other muscles come into play, they will help you to push through lifting more weight, therefore giving you the ability to develop more muscles.

Bench dips

Bench dips are another excellent exercise for developing the triceps muscle through incorporating compound exercises which are the best for engaging more weight which means more muscle mass development.

Skull crushers

Skull Crushers are many bodybuilders favorite, including mine. This exercise doesn’t imply that it’s literally a danger like its name implies, it’s simply an exercise where you lower the barbell down to your forehead while in the lying position and slowly press the weight back up so that your arms are extended straight over your chest.

Overhead dumbbell extensions

Overhead dumbbell extensions have always been one of my favorite exercises to do. This exercise can be done either one arm at a time or both arms together, it is your own personal choice, but I find that the best experience is to switch back and forth between both styles.

To get the best experience that you possibly can through working out and building muscle is to incorporate different exercises and styles of training from workout to workout.

If you continually do your workouts the same way and the same exercises work out after work out, it is likely that your muscles will grow accustomed to performing things the same way and your gains will suffer.

Speed up your results

To build muscular triceps, using the right exercises to form a sound workout program is a necessity, but another important tip that is highly involved in building muscle fast is keeping a training log.

If you have a specific weight that you use every time, for example skull crusher’s, and have no idea how many reps that you did for each set with your last workout, how do you know how many reps you will need to do in order to make it a challenge for your next workout?

To make each workout a challenge from the one before, it will be necessary to keep a record of how much weight and reps you use for each set and a record of each exercise you implement in each workout.

Below I have a list of the top ingredients you need in order to build triceps fast.

  1. Compound exercises
  2. Train hard
  3. Keep a training log to set new records for yourself each workout
  4. Have a training partner to push you
  5. Eat a clean diet
  6. Keep your diet high in lean protein (at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight)
  7. Supplement your diet with a trusted supplementation product
  8. Set short term and long term goals for yourself


I hope that you have gained some useful knowledge from this content. These top 5 exercises are not only from my own personal experience, but from knowledge that I have gained over the years from studying on what other bodybuilders and fitness trainers use in their training programs and have gained the best results from their experience with them.

While it is a good idea to incorporate these top 5 muscle building exercises in your training program, it is still a good idea to incorporate other exercises that do a real good job at building, toning and sculpting your triceps muscles.

Typically, in your own personal triceps training program, you should strive to have at least three triceps exercises per workout. Your first exercise when you have the most energy should be a compound exercise like any one of the first three listed above.

After you have completed your first triceps exercise as a compound move, then move on to a second exercise, which for example could be the skull crusher’s, and then finish off by including a third exercise like the triceps push downs.

Below I have a list of some good supplementary triceps exercises that you can used to follow up with after incorporating one or two of the top five triceps building exercises.

  • Triceps push downs
  • One arm cable push downs
  • Overhead rope extensions
  • Dumbbell kickbacks
  • Overhead barbell extensions

You may have some other favorite triceps exercises that you like to include, this is just a list of five supplementary exercises you can used to go along with the top 5 muscle building triceps exercises.

Along with a good muscle building training program, it is a good idea to include supplementation along with your training to achieve the best results with a protein packed diet.

To get a good idea on supplementation that does a good job, you can check out one of my reviews by clicking on this link.

You can get in touch with me on any questions or comments that you may have, simply drop a question or comment in the box below, I love to hear from my readers and I hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips that will help anyone who is interested to know more about how to build big triceps fast, these 5 top exercises for big gains are a must do.

    As we are still living in quarantine is good to know more about how to do some exercise at home, your article is a great guide to bookmark so I can come back to re-read it again. I’m sure after reading your article I’m well informed and I can get some success sooner!

    I will also follow your last tip about following a protein rich diet!

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting, weight training is not only a great approach to building muscle, but is also a way of life for many people and getting fit and healthy through exercise and following a healthy diet.

  2. Wow, usually these kinds of sites are bogged down with trying to sound technical or complicated to seem authoritative, but you’ve managed to explain some good concepts in such an easy going way but still sound like you know what you’re talking about!

    I love the way you get the information across, it’s better than a lot of magazines I’ve seen in the past. 

    I won’t be going back to my gym anytime soon, at least whilst that *thing* is still around and things are still weird. But I have found a local walk with outdoor gyms in sections of it with their own sanitiser bays, so I’ve been thinking about using this as a replacement for my gym for the rest of this year, at least. 

    So on that note, it’s good to know that I can use 2 out of 5 exercises you’ve listed to build some mass as this was something I wasn’t sure I could achieve with body weight alone. 

    Thanks for the info, and well done on such a good, clean site!


  3. Hello there, As high as 20-30 reps can be effective. Pecs respond well to higher reps. Triceps respond better to lower reps. Delts generally respond better to high reps, though the front portion can respond well to lower reps. thanks for sharing i really like those chocie of exersices. thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for your reply. Those rep ranges you suggested are some really good ranges to follow through with.. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. 


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