Build strong neck muscles, 5 tips for building a massive neck

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Aside from going out and purchasing an already developed neck that you can bolt on lol, there are ways that you can build strong neck muscles, 5 tips for building a massive neck.

The quest for developing a muscular neck has been revisited by many over the years, but basically it comes down to the same thing, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, just the same as it takes to develop any other muscle group.

If building a muscular neck is something that you want to add to your arsenal of developed body parts, do you spend enough time doing specific neck training exercises? Or have you been expecting to see a dramatic change in your neck size just from doing barbell curls and benches?

Deadlifts for trap and neck development
Deadlifts are a great way to develop trap and neck strength.

Today we will be diving into five different tips that you can use for developing a muscular neck, whether if you are into hard core bodybuilding or you simply want to develop a stronger neck for wrestling, these tips should get you on your way to accomplishing that goal.


Deadlifts are a power move that a person would commonly think of doing when it comes to developing strong legs and a strong back, but the deadlifts involve much more than these common areas. The deadlifts also will develop strong shoulders, traps and neck.

Image of trap muscles being worked in the deadlift.
Trap muscles involved in the deadlift.

There is something about the hardiness that comes with picking up a dead weight from the ground. The name deadlift itself comes from the literal action of the move which is picking up a dead weight from the floor.

The history of the deadlift stems back to Hermann Goerner from 1910- 1920. Herman wasn’t the first to perform the deadlift but he was the first person to bring the deadlift into the spotlight. Hermann was no small fry. At a height of six feet tall and nearly 300 pounds, Hermann was definitely a master at what he did.

Now on to how the deadlift can develop a strong neck. When employing the deadlift, it works to extend your neck as you move your head back. Completing the deadlift while using proper form will strengthen your trapezoids and builds your neck muscles.

Wrestlers bridge

The wrestlers Bridge is a common exercise performed by wrestlers for developing a strong neck but can be used for anybody who is interested in building a muscular strong neck.

This exercise is used in wrestling and other grappling sports combined with a twisting motion to dislodge or flip an opponent who has gained a position on top. The bridge is also a common exercise position. The wrestlers bridge can also be used to dodge pin attempts.

The common version of performing the wrestlers bridge is a very effective way for developing the neck muscles, but when performing this exercise, it can be a little dangerous especially if you are new to it.

Start by laying on your back raising your buttocks off the floor, keep your feet approximately shoulder width or slightly wider apart, and the top of your head on the floor.

This exercise, ‘as demonstrated in the video’, is a great way to develop the neck muscles, but be careful when performing this exercise as it can be dangerous if you are not used to it, or if your neck muscles aren’t developed enough to support your weight.

Wrestlers bridge (alternate version)

If you are not comfortable performing the standard version of the wrestlers bridge, you can perform this alternate version which is less of a risk when performing.

Start by sitting on the floor in front of a chair, place the back of your head on a chair raising your torso off the floor. Keep the soles of your feet flat on the floor and the back of your head firmly placed on the seat of the chair.

You can either raise and lower yourself with your neck muscles, or you can hold your body weight for as long as you can, keeping your neck straight. Either way will do a great job at developing your neck muscles and is a much safer route than the standard wrestlers bridge exercise.

Neck raises

Neck raises are an excellent exercise that you can use for singling out targeted areas of your neck. Another advantage of performing neck raises is you can control how much weight you are using.

Other than a few additional weights, all you will need is a neck harness that attaches to your head.

In a seated position, you can work the back of your neck by lowering your head forward and then drawing your head back. To work the front of your neck you can either lay on your back on a flat bench or inclined bench and raise your head forward.

To develop the sides of your neck, you can sit at the end of a workout bench, wearing the head apparatus, lower your head to your right side for a set of 10-12 reps, switch the weight to your other side and lower your head to the left and raise your head, this will work the sides of your neck.

If you are new to strength training exercises for the neck muscles, this is a good exercise to start with before getting involved in neck training exercises that will involve your body weight like the wrestlers bridge.

Resistance bands

If you don’t workout at a gym and have limited space to train at home, resistance bands are a good way for training your neck muscles. Not everyone that has an interest in developing a strong neck is interested in building a huge muscular neck.

Resistance bands are a good way to strengthen your neck muscles, but it is unlikely that you will grow a huge neck from going this route.

Using resistance bands are similar to working your neck with a head harness, but you don’t need the additional weights and you don’t need a workout bench. You can work your entire neck simply sitting in your favorite recliner.


There are other exercises that you can use to work the neck muscles, or with a little imagination you might come up with an idea or two of your own, but the list that I have covered are a handful of the more basic exercises for neck training.

When training your neck, especially if you are using additional weight, it is important to remember to warm your neck muscles first to prevent from inviting an injury.

When working your neck, this can be a vulnerable area, so it is necessary to practice safety and never bounce the weight or try to lift heavier than what you can safely handle.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop a message in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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    • Thanks for your comment. Keeping your neck exercised and doing the proper strengthening for it is important for anyone, even if you are not a weight trainer or wrestler. My wife is currently undergoing physical therapy treatment for either an old injury or fibromyalgia, and the physical therapy requires her to undergo thorough neck and arm exercises.

      Keeping your neck exercised and in good shape is essential for good health. I wish you an excellent day and take care.


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