Cancer linked obesity-can you improve your health?

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Cardiovascular exercise has long been a part of many people’s lives and rightly so, it has long been believed that obesity is the cause of heart disease and diabetes and it is true, aside from every individual who puts themselves through the rigors of vigorous exercise so that they can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and have an attractive physique to show for all that hard work, it could add years too your life and it can be enjoyable. 

Cancer linked obesity, can you improve your health? yes you can! there is an abundance of activities that a person can engage in that can attribute to a person’s health, longevity and happiness, all of many ways that will increase your cardiovascular fitness, energy and mental well being. In today’s subject I would like to bring to many people’s attention that this topic is putting more at stake than what many realize.

The link between obesity and cancer 

It has been thought that smoking was the number one killer having claimed the lives of 500,000 people a year in the U.S. alone, obesity has been taking a top position in this role. There has been a rise in obesity rates that could threaten a steady decline of cancer death rates since the 1990s.

I feel the necessity in bringing this to your attention because only about half of Americans are aware of this ever increasing link between excess weight and cancer.

As I have previously stated above that obesity has long been an implication of heart disease and diabetes, but now in recent years there has been an increased risk of developing as many as thirteen types of cancer stemmed from obesity.

To name a few of these cancers include pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, liver malignancies and postmenopausal breast cancer. Researchers are now saying that excessive body weight is linked to eight percent of all cancers just in the United States and seven percent of cancer death’s.

That’s a major importance I’m trying to make an impact on is the importance of a healthy diet and keeping up with cardiovascular fitness, if each and every one of us doesn’t make a deliberate attempt to make that transformation for ourselves then who is going to make it for us.

Now I realize that some people have a health condition that can make it nearly impossible to lose weight but for a good percentage of people it’s a lack of effort for diets sake, with people’s hectic schedules they argue they don’t have enough time or energy to put into their diet much less time to workout.

Finding a cardio program that fits your needs 

When finding a cardio program that is right for you, it depends on what your goals are and what your interests are. One important factor is before you get started on any kind of cardio program you should check with your doctor and find out what condition your heart is in.

What are your goals? are you just motivated to get into better shape and tone up or are you planning on losing weight? if you just want to get into better shape one idea is to plan on working out in the morning, typically if you wait until after work either you are too tired or there’s a chance you end up hooking up with friends for a fun night out.

If you work out in the morning, try to have everything all ready to go the night before, like having your workout clothes ready to go, having your bottle of workout beverage ready to go and refrigerated, get enough sleep and set your alarm, once your up you’ll have no excuses not to get your workout in before you head off to work or school.

If your goal is to lose weight, follow the morning plan as laid out in the paragraph above but also work on mastering the art of portion control. You don’t need to cut out your favorite foods, just eat them in moderation, portion your meals to smaller portions and leave the table before you are full.

Finding the activity you enjoy

Cardio doesn’t have to be just about going to the gym, it can be a sport or activity that you are passionate about. Most any form of sports will be very beneficial to your achieving a better level of fitness and a trimmer waist line, simply head out to the basketball court and shoot some buckets, maybe you could invite some friends along and make a game of it, this idea doesn’t only limit your cardio too the mornings before you head off to work.

You can pursue your fitness goals by engaging in an enjoyable activity like swimming or yoga. Either one of these ideas or something of a similar interest can get you going on your fitness goals and are all excellent ideas that you can enjoy after work with friends.

If you are concerned with being a little tired after work, once you plunge into the swimming pool all your worries and cares will just drift away.

Can you improve your health?

It’s all about having the right mindset, if you tell yourself that you can’t do it or you just don’t have the time then it will never get done, but then you need to stop and ask yourself, am I happy with my current health level or current weight? if I can make the change that I know that I need to make, can I live with myself for feeling better and healthier if I just give up a half hour a day to achieve this new and improved me?

I think we know the answer to that, everyone wants to be happier, healthier and live a longer more prosperous life, is all that worth giving up a half hour a day, don’t ponder on that too long! everyone can spare half an hour a day for a healthier tomorrow.


I hope that these ideas are of some help, it’s just a matter of making that decision to set in motion some healthier changes in your life and moving forward on your decision to follow through with your life saving change.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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