Cardio vs weight training for weight loss-the best of both worlds

July 13, 2019 15 By Neil Brown

Weight loss has always been a big topic of discussion, which is the best way to lose weight, is it best to just follow a good cardio program? is it best to simply train with weights for higher reps? or should I skip both and only follow a low fat diet?

There are many other ideas out there like the trending Keto diet, but when it comes to following a diet I feel that it is a good principle to follow a well balanced diet of fruits and vegetables as well as good sources of proteins to receive a well rounded balance of nutrition to guide you in your weight loss journey.

Getting back to the topic of discussion, which system of training is best for weight loss, when it comes to cardio vs weight training for weight loss, you would be getting the best of both worlds by combining the two of them together.

The benefits of cardio

Throughout the history of physical fitness training the general theory has always been a system that will get your heart rate up and maintaining a good steady pace at whatever the activity that you are engaging in to achieve a level of fitness through work times force equals resistance and an equivalent outcome of weight loss.

There are many various forms of physical activity a person can engage in to achieve these results but the question always comes up, which way is the best? I would recommend the way that works the best is whatever way works best for you, it also depends on which way you find the most enjoyment in.

After all, fitness should be a way of life so which ever way you decide upon its going to be something that you will, or at least should be doing for a long time.

Whether you are into outdoor activities such as jogging, running, swimming, biking or hiking or its many various forms of indoor cardio, any of these activities will be sure to give you the benefits that you are looking for in achieving your goals.

The benefits of weight training

There are many benefits to weight training, now when I am talking about weight training, I am not just talking about building muscle, you can train with lighter weights and do higher reps to lose weight and this can be a very effective way of losing weight to supplement your weight-loss program with your diet.

Typically with my training articles I generally talk about lifting heavier weights for a moderate amount of reps generally between 8-10 reps, but in this article I will be talking about using lighter weights for higher reps, generally within a range of 20 to 25 reps.

When you are using a weight that you can only do between 8-10 reps, you are not raising your heart rate fast enough to achieve a metabolic state like you would when training with weights that are light enough to achieve between 20 to 25 reps.

When weight training for higher reps and less rest between set’s, you will raise your heart rate to a higher level, maintain that higher rate and increase your chances of burning more calories and achieving a higher rate of weight loss.

Achieve better results combining the two

When it comes to cardio vs weight training and which is the better of the two for weight loss, it would be in your best interest to combine the two of them together to achieve the best possible results.

You should have at least three days out of the week set aside for a workout program to achieve your desired results, especially for someone who is a little newer to physical conditioning, this will help you to condition yourself to a higher fitness level so that you can condition yourself to a higher work load.

Once you have achieved a solid foundation in establishing a higher fitness level, you can then increase your training days to four or five days a week and shoot for targeting a regimen of cardio and weight training for best results in weight loss.

Start out with at least fifteen minutes of cardio and once fifteen minutes becomes easy you can always increase your time from there. It’s a good idea to get at least fifteen minutes of cardio in because anything less than that will likely not increase your metabolic rate high enough to induce weight loss.

Once you have finished your session of cardio you can then move on to a brisk weight training session including weights that are light enough for you to accomplish 20-25 reps and keep a minimal amount of rest between set’s of no greater than 30 seconds so that you can maintain a good heart rate.

A Clean diet for best results

What would be a successful weight loss program without an appropriate weight loss diet to follow, as important as weight training and cardio is for weight-loss and done in the right manner that you can achieve weight-loss in a progressive enough fashion, it is still very important to follow a good clean diet for best results.

When I am talking about a good clean diet, I mean one that’s high in a good source of carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables, as well as many great sources of protein like fish, chicken, tuna, nuts and Greek yogurt is another great option.

But for a weight-loss diet, as far as your carbohydrate consumption goes I would suggest keeping your carbohydrate intake rate lower, because if you have too high of a rate of carbohydrates in your diet, it can cause your weight loss results to diminish.

When you are in a diet process to lose weight, it can cause you to lose muscle mass, so my suggestion would be to keep your protein intake higher so that it can prompt better weight-loss results, but also will help to maintain your muscle mass.

Detox for better results

Detoxing with smoothies is a great way to juice up your diet and weight loss program. Detoxing is a good way to cleanse your system and to help promote better weight-loss accompanied with a clean diet and cardio as well as weight training.

It is necessary to detox your system from toxic substances as a way to rejuvenate your system, detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the living organism and carried out by the liver.

One form of toxins are pesticides, there are many excellent sources of organic foods as well as many good sources of produce. some of these sources of produce have thick skins or thick peels which will help lessen chances of contamination.

There are many sources of food that you will definitely want to avoid like processed foods as well as fast food, other sources could include fried food, red meat, dairy products, caffeine as well as sugar and alcohol, the list could go on but I am supplying a link here that will give you some more information on this subject.

My recommendation is that along with eliminating your diet from foods that are filled with toxins, you can add in addition with a clean diet, smoothies which are easy to make and delicious, you can enjoy them everyday and even when you are on the go.

Having a delicious smoothie first thing in the morning would be a good way to kick off the day, you can start your morning with a smoothie for breakfast, and then for lunch an excellent choice could be a chicken salad and a grapefruit smoothie.

Another great idea that you might like to put into practice is keeping a goal, aim for a specific weight-loss point that you would like to achieve within a designated amount of time and keep track of your results, it would be a good idea to keep a journal for this occasion, and I would suggest keeping with a detox cleanse for at least 30 days.


Keeping with an exercise program, whether it be cardio or weight training can always be a difficult task to stick with, especially if you are new to this, but the important thing is that you stick with it and don’t give up right away, especially if you are not seeing the results that you would like to achieve.

To achieve best results it would be a good idea to follow a training program and to keep a journal to log all of your information, whether it be on your exercise program or your diet as well as the detoxing plan.

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