Cardiovascular endurance exercises-getting up to speed

Cardiovascular training raises your heart rate and it will strengthen your heart. You need to stay moving in order to keep your heart going strong and to keep your muscles tuned and strong. Cardiovascular endurance exercises and getting up to speed with them will help keep your heart in check, your endurance in spec and your muscle tone your apex.

Just remember, your heart is a muscle, so working your heart through cardiovascular will help strengthen your heart as with benches will strengthen your chest as to squats will strengthen your thighs. A stronger cardiovascular system will mean more capillaries delivering more oxygen to cells in your muscles, this will give your cells a chance to burn more fat while you exercise and while you’re relaxed.

Make it work for you   

Cardio exercise can rev your heart rate to roughly fifty percent of its maximum level. Cardio shouldn’t have to be what is thought of as the norm for fat burning training, you can turn your weight training training program into a CARDIO fat burning endurance building workout as well. What ever your goals are, you can turn your workout, either it be free weights or machines into your own personal CARDIO workout just by upping the repetitions.

Cardiovascular can make the heart and lunges as well as the circulatory system to work harder to support the working muscles. Cardio can increase blood and nutrients to working muscles.

Disease killer

Keeping up with a regular routine of CARDIO can not only help you to lose weight, reduce your stress levels and decrease fatigue, but employing this type of training on a regular basis can also give you many other wonderful benefits like decreasing your risk of obesity as well as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, osteoporosis, anxiety, high cholesterol plus certain types of cancer.

Some of the best CARDIO for your heart

jogging is a good form of CARDIO for your heart, though it can be hard on your joints and the lower back especially if you’re into jogging on concrete or black top. If you have access to jogging where you can get away from those hard surfaces that would be best. Now if you have access to a beach would definitely be a good choice because the sand creates a cushion.

Another good place for jogging for those of you that have access to would be the foot hills, your getting away from the paved streets and once again, the ground surface is giving your joints and lower back a lot more cushion. Another thing to consider is jogging in foot hills gives you a different kind of CARDIO workout than what the typical jogger would take to.

Jogging in the foot hills gives you a workout that will work different muscles, such as the muscles that will power you up a hill and then switch to a whole different set of muscles when jogging down hill. On flat surfaces there may be a lot more terrain to jog around or jump over.

For those of you that live up in the mountains, there may be other obstacles to train in, like snow to jog through, that could create for a real strenuous workout, but it probably wouldn’t be the best recommendation being that jogging in those conditions could be a little slick. But there’s another option you can go with.

Indoor CARDIO 

For the greater majority of you out there that may not have access to the prior places as mentioned, your next bet would be indoor CARDIO. The treadmill has a softer impact that will be easier on the joints and you can set your treadmill for incline settings as well to make your workout more strenuous besides, you can’t use a rainy day as an excuse for not getting your CARDIO in if you go with the indoor training route.

Another good form of CARDIO is cycling. Biking is a fabulous way to engage in some intense CARDIO. If you have a bicycle, getting out and cycling can not only burn fat but also reduce stress and get your lungs and heart muscle working.

There is also variations of indoor cycling, the standard stationary bike is a good fat burner. There are different types of stationary cycling machines that you can give a try, but whatever type you go with, it’s good to have goals and strive to go for longer durations or making your CARDIO training more intense by increasing tension settings.

design a circuit training program

Circuit training will definitely give you and your muscles and heart a charge. Take a group of exercise that work different body parts, generally five to ten exercises, perform one set of each back to back with minimal rest between each set. The workout should take roughly thirty minutes. You can use free weights and machines or you can do this workout in your living room with a pair of dumbbells.

This type of workout will not only work your muscles but also your endurance and your respiratory system. If you stick with this workout, it should have you getting into better shape in no time.

Previously I said this workout should only take you thirty minutes, but you can set the time for your limit, whatever that may be, it all depends on what your fitness level is.

Next you need to base your workout around a group of exercises that you will be using . Determine how long you will be giving yourself for this workout, then however long you workout, will be determining how many circuits you will be doing and how hard your willing to push yourself. The longer your workout, the more you will pace yourself. Typically your workout should go from ten to forty five minutes, once again, it all depends on your fitness level.

A system I would recommend would be the push-pull method, that way when you’re doing chest, which is a pull muscle, legs will be resting, when your doing legs, your back will be resting, when you’re doing back, chest will be resting. With this system you will be alternating body parts, so there won’t be much need to rest between set’s.

If you do four stations of one minute each, repeating four circuits adds to sixteen minutes and as you build up your endurance you can add more stations and circuits to your workout, this means a longer workout and more calories burned, the sooner you will see a trimmer new you.

Designing a training guide   

This training guide will give you six stations, and can be repeated for however many circuits you feel comfortable with, obviously less circuits if you are new to this type of training.

Station one-pushups for chest

Station two-dumbbells rows for back

Station three-squats for thighs

Station four-barbell extensions for triceps

Station five-dumbbell curls for biceps

Station six-calf raise machine for calves

You can of course switch up your exercises from workout to workout. Muscles have the ability to remember, they can grow board and not respond if you do the same workout all the time, so it’s good to switch things up periodically to keep your muscles guessing.

Designed with you in mind

There are many other types of CARDIO you can get excited about doing, whether it be swimming, aerobics or dance class, karate, various sports activities like baseball, football, soccer or basketball whatever your interest may be. The most important thing is that you do what you love and love what you do and stick with it. Follow a healthy lifestyle and take in the proper nutrition to keep your body fueled like a well oiled machine, eat that extra Apple a day and keep the doctor at bay, keep hitting the CARDIO and soon you’ll have head’s turning. Till next time, train like a superhero and never say die.

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