Circuit training routines – high energy workouts?

Cardio vascular training.

Circuit training is a very beneficial way to incorporate a high-energy, endurance workout specialized and tailored just for burning calories at a higher rate than your normal workouts, and can strengthen your endurance and also relieve some boredom from your general type of workouts. Today we are going to be looking at circuit training routines, … Read more

Fast twitch slow twitch muscle fibers-analogy of muscle

The muscular system comes into play for such responsibilities of function such as maintenance of posture, mobility and control of various circulatory systems. Muscle tissue is typically divided between voluntary and involuntary controlled and morphologically striated and non-striated. There are three forms of muscle tissue that perform a wide range of functions. First of all … Read more

Interval training workout plans-making the most of your time

Bike riding

Cardiovascular fitness is important for everyone no matter what your age. Cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory is the ability to use oxygen at a more efficient level. When your cardiovascular system has been trained, your heart muscles become larger and stronger increasing the volume of blood pumped, the blood vessels expand delivering more blood to your working … Read more