Natural versus synthetic supplements, which is better?

All natural from plants

Have you ever been faced with the question as to which is better, natural versus synthetic supplements, which is better? Well if you have ever been asked this question and have tried to face making a decision as to which one is a more sound choice to go with, I have put together some information that should make things a little more understandable and straight to the point.

Many people often wonder exactly what is the difference between natural supplementation and un-natural, many are curious as to what un-natural means and how is the supplement made or what is it made from.

If a product is un-natural, does that mean that it is something that will do you harm or is bad for you? so if something that is un-natural is being posed as something that will do you harm, then is an all natural product something from the plant food chain? If it’s made from plants, the question has even been posed to me, are these all natural supplements therefore made from poisonous plants?

That would be a little ridiculous

To say that these manufacturers would go out and put products on the market that are made from poisonous plants just because poisonous plants are from the plant category, or “all natural”. So does this mean that all natural products are made from plant choices that would stem from bad choices?

I have found that when putting information out on products that are all natural, there is much skepticism that comes into play and I think that it may be a little unfair for people who have not necessarily had good results from taking supplementation products that are considered all natural to judge them as something related to a shiny object syndrome or a marketing ploy.

Live healthy
Most nutritionists prefer all natural because they care about what they put into their system.

Either way, this general skepticism may not be taking away from products that may be endorsed by these supplementation companies or the marketers that put them out on the internet, but these products that are being put out into the market are scientifically tested and would not be otherwise put out on the market intentionally if they had ingredients in them that would cause a person harm.

There may be instances

Where there are supplementation products on the market that might have an adverse effect on one individual while not on the other, but this is generally due to each person is different, and their systems react differently to products or ingredients than others.

Another scenario is when a person who takes a specific product, there may be certain ingredients in the product that interact with other drugs or medications that a person is taking.

Natural supplementation.
Before purchasing a supplementation, always read the label.

If these products that interact with other medications do come into question, the supplementation products that have an adverse effect on individuals shown to be put into the crossfire and targeted as necessarily a bad product that is bad for people in general.

There are always ingredients

And reactions listed on supplementation products that should be taken into consideration and if you are going to start taking a supplementation product, you should check into it and make sure that you know what you are purchasing before you start putting this chemical into your body.

Simply because a product is considered all natural doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to have a positive effect with a designated outcome that you are looking for.

Natural products are simply made from all natural foods, and whether they are considered all natural or synthetic comes down to how they are made. All natural products are based from Natural Foods while synthetic supplementations are made in Laboratories and not necessarily made from all natural products.


Remembering proper nutrition.
The most important part of your diet doesn’t come in a bottle, it starts with a balanced diet.

Many times when these synthetic products are made, they can still have the same outcome effect as all natural products do, but many times weightlifters, physical fitness trainers and athletes like to feed their bodies and train their bodies with the utmost intensity and want to feed it the best products that they can put it into their bodies because their health matters. Often times people that want to feed their bodies healthy products choose to supplement their diets with what are considered all natural products because these products are based from all natural foods, which stands to reason that they are considered healthier and healthier choices come down to what a person’s personal preference is and what they feel will result best in their health and physical fitness training.


The choices that we make, whether natural or synthetic, are a personal preference, and if the decision that you are making is based on all-natural or synthetic, you should do your own research and come up with a decision based on what your goals are, if you feel comfortable taking the product and if you truly believe that what the product has to offer will really give you the help that you need.

It doesn’t need to be rocket science, but if you want to lose weight, you will need to create a stable environment for the weight loss procedure to take place, this requires a calorie deficit.

A calorie is not going to burn off on it’s own, just because you feed yourself a supplement, whether natural or synthetic, and expect the weight to just magically disappear.

Weight loss requires an active weight loss program, one that will require plenty of exertion through exercise, “the higher the pace the better”, such as HIIT training, and a healthy lean diet based on whole foods with a calorie deficit lower than that which would be required for you to maintain your body weight.

Once you have established a training program that works for you and will promote weight loss, and a healthy diet containing whole foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins and nutrients.

If at this point you would like to supplement your diet, research the product and make that decision for yourself before getting started on a supplement and wasting your time if it doesn’t work for you or interacts with a medication that you have been taking already.

In my own personal preference, I like to promote products that are considered all-natural, other words, made from whole foods products.

To check out a product review on an all natural supplementation product, you can check it out by clicking on this link.

If you have any other questions or comments, I invite you to leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How to deal with lower back pain – put an end to it for good

Are you tired of putting off workouts or even putting an end to your workouts because of lower back pain? Well in this post I will be shedding some light on how to deal with lower back pain and putting an end to it for good.

I have struggled with endless back pain over the years due to over exerting myself when lifting weights at a much younger age, but you don’t need to deal with this life altering dilemma of lower back issues and back pain keeping you from working-out or exercising from the things that you most enjoy in life.

Over the years I have visited doctors offices and never really had any straight answer given to me except for being told that I had arthritis in my lower back, and prescribed medication. The problem is it never really fixed my lower back pain and it always kept coming back.

Is visiting a chiropractor the right answer?

I would frequently visit different chiropractors over the years and they would make a simple adjustment, but then I had to keep coming back for more adjustments and nothing was ever resolved from all the endless adjustments.

There were times over the years that I would get lax from visiting the chiropractor and stop getting adjustments, I would continue working out and after a while I would find myself at a point where I thought my lower back was feeling pretty good and then boom, just like that, I would make the slightest move and my lower back would have gone out.

I would collapse to the floor and not be able to stand up. There were many times all I was able to do was crawl from point A to point B, and if I was able to stand up, I would be hunched way over with absolutely no ability to straighten my back. Life was hell and I never really knew of any way to fix this problem.

Is short-term rehab a long term answer?

Many times after visiting a doctor, I would be given a list of pretty basic exercises to do or I would be sent to rehab. This is all fine and dandy, but after you have received rehab for a while and you start feeling better, you have had a tendency to slip away from the exercises and a little further down the road you often find yourself in the same predicament.

My dreams have been crushed

My dream has always been to lift weights and build myself up as big as humanly possible without the use of steroids or any chemically altering drugs. But I was damned if I was going to allow lower back issues to keep me from fulfilling my dreams and goals.

It seemed that the thing I always enjoyed most, which was lifting weights, was the one thing that was causing me the most problems and causing me more endless hours of back pain and lost sleep, but yet, if I just sat around and spent my days in endless inactivity, that would create more stiffness in my lower back and obviously wasn’t doing any good.

A time to get serious

After all the years of agonizing discomfort, lost sleep and feeling defeat, it was finally then that I realized I needed to get serious about it, and this involved something that made complete sense. In order to work through these lower back issues, I obviously needed to stay busy and keep moving, keep my joints moving and keep my lower back active.

I started to incorporate in my daily life stretching, a lot more walking and yoga. Have you ever noticed how healthy and limber cats are? Have you ever noticed that it seems as though cats must spend 90% of their lives stretching, all this stretching serves a purpose, and at that, a very good one.

The importance of stretching

Stretching will keep the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need flexibility to keep a range of motion in our joints. Without it, the muscles can shorten and become tight. Then, when you are ready to engage in activity, they’ll be weak and unable to extend all the way. That puts you at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.

For example, sitting in a chair all day results in tight hamstrings in the back of the thighs. That can make it difficult to extend your legs or straighten your knees all the way, which will make walking difficult. Likewise, when tight muscles are used for strenuous activity that stretches them, they may become damaged from suddenly being stretched. Injured muscles will not be strong enough to support your joints, which can lead to injury.

Regular stretching keeps muscles lean, and flexible, and this means that exertion will not put too much force on the muscle itself. Healthy muscles also help a person with balance problems to avoid falls.Walking for better health.

The importance of walking

Your trunk, core, and lumbar (lower back) muscles play an important role in maintaining stability and movement of the lower back.

These muscles can lose their condition and become weak from a lack of activity causing misalignment of the spine.

Over a period, there may be a big increase in muscular weakness, fatigue, injury, and pain.

When you engage in walking, the health of your back muscles improve in the following ways.

It Increases blood flow, decreased physical activity can cause the small blood vessels of your spine to become constricted, reducing blood flow to the spinal muscles.

Walking helps to open up these blood vessels, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Flushing out of toxins. Your muscles produce physiologic toxins when they contract and expand. Over time, these toxins can accumulate within the lower back muscle tissues and cause stiffness.

Walking helps to flush out these toxins and can improve flexibility. When you combine these factors, they will help to build strength in the muscles of your lower back adding to the strength and integrity of your lower back.

Walking increases flexibility in your lower back. Lack of physical activity can cause the muscles and joints in your lower back and hips to become stiff. This stiffness will create increasing pressure on the lumbar spine lower back, changing its normal curvature.

Walking can increase flexibility by stretching the muscles and ligaments in the back, buttocks and legs. When you walk, muscles such as your hamstrings, erector muscles of the spine, and hip flex or muscles are activated and stretched. The flexibility of your spinal ligaments and tendons is also increased, improving on the overall range of motion in your lower back.Yoga for lower back pain.

The importance of yoga

Chronic pain is a persistent problem that affects millions of people and has a range of possible causes, from injuries to arthritis such as in the lower back.

There is growing research demonstrating that practicing yoga could help reduce many types of chronic pain.

Yoga was found to be more effective in reducing pain and improving grip strength than wrist splinting.

Yoga can help decrease pain and improve physical health in participants with osteoarthritis of the knees.

Incorporating yoga into your daily routine may be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Many people add yoga to their fitness routine to improve flexibility, and I have found it to be very beneficial with helping me in my recovery from years of lower back pain.

There is plenty of research that backs the benefit of yoga and demonstrates that it can optimize performance through the use of specific exercises that target balance and flexibility.


In conclusion to this article, it will hopefully give you some insight on how to deal better with lower back issues, and at the same time give you the motivation you need to push through nagging lower back pain and not allow problems like these to keep you from working out and fulfilling your dreams.

Doctors don’t always give you the answers that you need, chiropractors can give you some relief for a short period, but the relief never lasts for very long.

Your best bet is to take care of your body and keep it running smooth like a well-oiled machine. In order to do that you will need to stick with a good system of walking, stretching and yoga.

I personally went through many years of trial-and-error, but the system I found works the best and has helped me to start enjoying a better life.

Another thing that I personally did which helps with lower back pain is I lost a lot of weight. All that excess weight you’re carrying around the midsection is doing nothing but wreaking havoc on your lower back.

If you have been carrying around an excess amount of weight that you want to lose, the best way to go about that is staying active through exercise, such as walking and yoga, as well as following a healthy diet.

The typical diet that I follow is high in protein such as chicken, tuna and cottage cheese and I try to keep my carb intake low.

When I consume carbs, I try to keep it down to basically fresh fruits and vegetables and try to avoid excessive foods like potatoes, rice, pasta and bread.

Another thing that I have always relied on is taking a good supplementation product. To check further into some of my supplementation product reviews, you can click on the link below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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9 easy ways to stay fit while traveling – and feel great

Enjoying the healthy life while on vacation.

Considering that lately with the covid-19 pandemic going on, not many people have been getting out and traveling much. It stands to reason because it’s apparently kind of difficult to get out and travel when everything is shut down.

But lately with things settling down in the area of the covid-19 pandemic, things have been picking up a little more and some people are starting to get out and do a little more traveling. Today I am going to talk about 9 easy ways to stay fit while traveling and feel great while pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever your fitness goals are, you can pursue exercises and training programs while you are on the go such as vacationing. Many vacation spots have gyms that you can go to and pay for on a daily basis.

But for those of you that are not into working out in gyms, or for gyms that are still not open yet, there are great ways that you can engage in physical training in your hotel room or in various other vacation spots that you don’t need any training equipment.

Staying physically fit

No matter what your age is, gender or even your physical health, it is necessary for everyone to at least pay a little attention to their physical well-being and health. Naturally if you are older and have physical ailments, or if you have physical limitations and find it difficult to exercise, there are simple ways to get around this.

If you are old enough where you find it physically challenging to engage in vigorous exercise, there are other physical activities that you can engage in that are low impact, and always remember to be safe and take things at your own pace and what you feel most comfortable with.

If you have age limitations or physical limitations that are keeping you from doing most physical activities, walking is one of the best ways to engage in some form of activity that will keep your muscles and joints moving and keep you in better physical condition while keeping your heart rate up and burning calories.

Swimming is another activity that can do you wonders, even if you are suffering from minor physical conditions, swimming can benefit your joints and muscles as a form of therapy.

Another excellent activity that you can engage in that many senior citizens enjoy is yoga. This is a great way to keep your body in motion and can prevent against cardiovascular disease and premature aging due to a lack of physical activity.

Remember to stay safe

With the covid-19 pandemic, things still need to be addressed such as social distancing and wearing protective wear such as face masks. Especially if you are going to be in close encounters like a gym or the beach.

Following a healthy lifestyle not only means getting the proper nutrition and exercise, but also protecting your health, guarding against diseases and showing compassion for others and their health.

Following a healthy lifestyle show’s a commitment to physical and mental well-being, where there is physical health, there should also be a solid foundation for mental well-being. Staying healthy is showing love for yourself as well you should be showing care for the physical and mental well-being of others.Woman staying fit with exercise while on the beach.

What are your physical fitness goals?

To be successful with achieving your fitness goals, you will need to have some idea of what type of training program will work best to obtain your desired outcome. Whether you want to lose weight or simply get into better shape, you will need to follow a structured program that will help you achieve the results that you are looking for.

For example if you want to lose weight, following a training program that involves mostly body weight exercises probably won’t give you the best results. Body weight exercises for most people won’t prompt a continuous repetition or rhythm that will get your heart rate moving at a continuous rate or burn enough calories.

The best way to lose weight would be to follow a training program that allows you to increase your training intensity. To increase your intensity you will need to increase your overall physical activity and reduce the amount of resting time.

Body weight exercises allow you to give shorter bursts of energy and longer rest periods between sets. This style of training is more well suited for building strength and muscle.

To increase calorie expenditure and weight loss, your better choices for exercise would be walking, jogging, HIIT training or any form of cardio that will increase your heart rate over longer periods of time with minimal rest.

What exercises are best for you?

Included with what exercises are best for you depends upon what your goals are and what you are physically capable of doing. These can include but are not limited to, swimming, biking, walking, jogging, hiking, yoga, HIIT training, calisthenics, body weight exercises and more.

If your goal is to develop strength and muscle, body weight exercises will work great for that while traveling and if you can’t make it to the gym.

Some basic forms of body weight exercises that work great for that are push ups, sit ups, crunches, deep knee bends/squats, lunges and planks which are great for working the core muscles.

Any of these exercises suggested are all exercises that you can do in the hotel room or on the beach without any additional training equipment.

Relating a little more closely to what this article is about, is covering ways that you can stay fit while traveling. Listed are 9 ways that you can make this journey to a healthier lifestyle more achievable while on vacation.

  1. More frequent stops to get out and stretch and move around if you are driving.
  2. Healthier food and beverage choices, takeout or what you pack for the trip.
  3. Pack healthy entertainment such as bicycles or skiing equipment.
  4. Be sure to pack any necessary medication and/or supplementation products.
  5. Keep a happy and positive attitude, remember, you are going on vacation (smile)
  6. Don’t take your worries with you.
  7. Don’t take work with you.
  8. Don’t worry about time, take your time and relax.
  9. Engage in some form of activity every day that can raise your heart rate, or exercise.

For your physical and mental well-being

When going on vacation, it is generally a good idea to leave your work at home or in the office, but taking a healthy agenda along is a good idea and is something that should never be left behind no matter where you are going.

Always remember that healthy thoughts and healthy vibes produce healthy minds and bodies. Keep preparing your body and mind with positive influences and you will be more likely to feel more invigorated and enjoy your vacation than if you don’t fuel your body and mind with the right stuff.

Without the proper exercise to fulfill our goals and the proper nutrition to fuel our bodies and minds, it will be much more likely that we will be more tired and lack the energy to fully enjoy ourselves.

Otherwise, when your vacation comes to an end and when you return to work, you will have fewer stories to tell your coworkers because you will have spent most of your vacation sleeping or spending it thinking about what you needed to take a vacation from in the first place.

As I stated earlier that along with the proper diet, you will need to take along supplementation on your vacation, if you should run out of your supplement and need a refill.

To further look at supplementation products, simply click on this link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible.


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The benefits of drinking warm lemon water – top 10 ways to improve your health

There is no doubt that you have often heard about the many benefits of drinking water, such as its importance in hydrating your system, it’s aid in supplying your system with the nutrients that it needs at a faster rate, and the ability to create saliva as well as simply hydrating your system because your body naturally holds a lot of water, 60% of our system is water.

One thing that may not be common knowledge to many people is how drinking warm water with lemon can benefit your system and supply you with many benefits. Today’s post will be talking about the benefits of drinking warm lemon water and the top 10 ways to improve your health with this little secret.

What are the benefits of drinking warm water?

The benefits of drinking warm water are many and few people really take the time to drink water necessary in one day to actually benefit their system and do their body good. Drinking water every day is essential for a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.

One key point that many health-conscious people follow every day is they start the day out with a glass of water. When a person thinks about drinking water, their natural tendency is to drink it cold, right?

But there are many health benefits to drinking warm water every day, which you can also add lemon juice for taste. Drinking warm water will not necessarily go well with your taste buds, but there are many benefits to drinking warm lemon water which we will talk about in this post.

  • Drinking warm water will improve your digestion because it will stimulate the digestive gland to function more properly and it helps to break down the food in your stomach so that your digestive system will not have to work nearly as hard and it also uses less energy for your digestion process.
  • Drinking warm lemon water can also soothe a sore throat,
  • Another benefit to drinking warm water is it will help in treating nasal congestion which will bring instant relief when you are suffering from congestion.
  • Drinking warm water will relieve constipation which occurs from a lack of water in your intestines which will cause stools to turn hard and make them difficult to pass.
  • Warm water will raise your internal body temperature which in turn will relax your body and soothe your nerves and will help you to sleep.
  • Warm water will also help with slowing down aging due to dry and aging skin. There are toxins and impurities in the body and these toxins will contribute to premature aging and other various health problems, but drinking warm lemon water will help to slow down this process.
  • Drinking warm water will help to improve blood circulation because the body naturally has to deliver oxygen and nutrients to other organs, and this is delivered through the blood system, drinking plenty of warm water every day will help to improve this circulation.
  • Drinking warm water will help with alleviating menstrual cramps.
  • Warm water will help with shedding excess pounds, warm water will help with increasing your core body temperature which in turn will increase your metabolic rate. An increase in the metabolism rate will help your body with burning more calories at a more efficient rate.
  • Drinking warm water will also help with detoxifying your body, and will also cleanse your system by flushing out harmful toxins. Your body temperature will rise when you drink warm water and this will cause you to sweat and then cool down, this sweating helps flush toxins out of your body.

How can warm water benefit your system?

As we have covered above, there are many great points which warm water will help with benefiting your system. Drinking plenty of water every day is a good habit to get into, but as you can see there are many great benefits to drinking warm water every day.

The benefits of drinking warm water can range from detoxifying your system, improving your digestion and blood circulation as well as relieving constipation.

Drinking warm water every day will also relieve arthritis pain, and slow your aging process. Warm water can maintain healthy skin, relieve cough, aid in weight loss and improves your overall health as well as improving the health of your hair.

Is there a best time of the day to consume warm water with lemon?

Drink warm water before workouts and after meals. Try not to drink warm water after exercise, because your body temperature is already raised.

You should also make it a point to drink water when consuming food because cold water draws energy from your digestion to increase the temperature.

Drink warm water during any higher temperatures and while you may be experiencing discomfort from diarrhea or vomiting so that you can maintain hydration.

Here’s to your health

So the next time that you are feeling thirsty, especially when first getting up in the morning, before and after meals, before workouts and before you go to bed at night, you should make it a point to drink warm water.

Instead of drinking sugary soda drinks and high energy sports drinks, you should be fueling your system with fluids that are going to be doing your body, brain and overall system some benefit, you will thank yourself later.


As you can see, there are many benefits of drinking water, but the benefits are even better when you drink warm water with lemon. So the next time you fill your glass before meal time, or before your workout, you should make it a point to sip some hot water with lemon to enhance your health and performance.

Our health should be of great importance to us, what we put into our bodies will affect our health and performance and our happiness further down the road. On hot days it can be tempting to replenish our thirst with a cold beverage, or more importantly, cold water.

But it can be very advantageous for our health to sip on some hot water as I have covered the many benefits of drinking warm water in today’s post.

To go along with the many health advantages of warm water, it can be a good idea to supplement your system for better results. You can take a look at some great supplementation products when you click on this link.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

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How to live longer and be healthier – in just a few easy steps

Have you ever had a difficult time trying to mold or reshape your diet? well this can be a difficult task for anyone who has been interested in losing weight or living a healthier lifestyle.

Today we are going to discuss how to live longer and be healthier in just a few easy steps from following a healthy diet and eliminating all the unhealthy junk food.

It dosen’t matter if you are seasoned at controlling what you eat or if you are new to dieting, it can be difficult for anyone to control what they eat when the supermarkets and commercial TV are filled with tempting sensations that we crave.

Follow along with me and we will check into some ways that we can monitor what we put into ourselves that can have either an adverse effect on our waistline or have a positive effect on our waistline.

Do you eat just for the sake of eating?

This is one big reason for many people packing the extra pounds on or maybe hitting a point with their weight loss and not losing weight the way they would like is a tendency to eat when there is no real need or simply out of force of habit.

If you find that you are eating frequently, many times it may not simply be from force of habit but because of our daily stress and sometimes we feel like we need some form of an outlet, many people find comfort in satisfying an oral fixation through excessive eating but is this really a good way to handle our stress?

If you feel like you need to give into a temptation such as sweets or something salty, oftentimes you can overcome this by doing something healthy like going for a walk or a bike ride, as long as it’s something that you enjoy doing and of a positive nature that will get your mind off giving into something unhealthy.

Often times if we can get past the first ten or fifteen minutes of a temptation, it should be smooth sailing from there because these temptations will generally last only as long as it takes to go for a brisk walk around the block.

Do you have a cut-off line?

If you are anything like me, it can be difficult to have a cut-off line when it comes to knowing when to stop eating. Sometimes it can be real tempting to heap on the mashed potatoes and maybe a little more beef than what you should have in one setting, but the idea is to leave the dinner table not feeling so full, which eating excessive meals like this can really start to show around the midsection.

A good rule of thumb is to keep smaller food portions like a serving of potatoes should be no larger than the palm of your hand, and a serving of meat such as chicken or beef should be the same. It’s better to portion your food and walk away from the table satisfied than to heap your plate up and walk away from the table feeling full and uncomfortable.

One tip that you can try is to drink a glass of water before or at the beginning of your meal, this will help to make you feel more full and will help to prevent you from eating too much.

It has always been believed that the most important meal of the day is breakfast because it is early in the day that you will need a good boost of energy to power you through the day and this also enables you to have better thinking capacity than if you aren’t giving yourself the proper nourishment.

Are you willing to make the change for your health?

Making any kind of change that means giving up things that you enjoy that are not necessarily good for you will take discipline and patience with yourself. Change like a total overhaul of your diet will never be easy, but if you want to make necessary changes that will do your health and possibly the way you feel about yourself some good, then it is definitely worth the battle.

If you are having a difficult time with making the necessary changes with your diet, don’t ever be ashamed of asking for help from someone you know and trust, it is people that let pride or shame get in the way are the ones that are least likely to see positive lasting results.

If you feel like you might be one of those people that is letting pride or shame get in the way, don’t be too harsh on yourself, some of us just take a little more work but if we feel enough self-worth we will realize that anything worth having is worth the work.

Aside from asking for help, it can also be beneficial to search out Google or YouTube for information regarding self-help or helpful techniques on setting goals, there are many great teachers on the internet that can motivate you and help you to get started on the right path.

It dosen’t need to kill your budget

I have heard many times over that following a healthy diet can break the bank, this is true to a point. If you believe that the only way to follow a healthy diet is to purchase prepackaged meals, this approach will rack up the grocery bill in no time.

Often times the best way to eat healthy for a reasonable price is to shop wisely reading food labels and prepare your own meals. Many people try to avoid cooking their own meals because it requires too much work and they simply don’t have the time, but if you want to make some positive changes for yourself, sometimes you have to make a compromise.

There are also some great meal ideas on the internet that are healthy, affordable and quick to make. We are living in an age where there is so much information at our fingertips that it’s almost impossible to not find anything that will be of some beneficial use in guiding us on a healthier lifestyle.

If you are ready to make some serious changes for you and your health and the surrounding people that care about you, you will no doubt find yourself on your way to a healthier new you, and you will know that you are ready because if you have made that dedication, you won’t fight it every step of the way.

To your future

Brace yourself, you are heading into the future with an all new perspective on where you are heading with your new diet, a diet that is going to help you feel and look better and will help your heart health so that you will not only feel better but have a pretty good chance of living a longer more prosperous life.

Many of the things I have covered may be old hat for you but there is nothing wrong with a little reminder now and then, sometimes all it takes is just a little spur of motivation to get things on a positive note and in this day and age there are so many negative things going on that it can be difficult to stay motivated much less keep our minds on things that can improve our diet.

Don’t forget that along with a healthy diet sometimes it can be a good idea to include supplementation products which can quite often make up for nutrients that our diet may be lacking from regular food.

If you are interested in checking out supplementation, you can go here.

If you have any questions or comments, you can drop them in the box below and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Weightlifting training program – how to know what’s right for you

Making our choices

There are many training programs a person can follow, but what is the best one for you? Basically it comes down to what your goals are, or maybe what your time allows you to, or maybe your age or physical status.

Whatever your situation may be, every situation and every person needs a training program to match their circumstances or preferences. Today I will be talking about developing a weight training program and knowing what’s right for you.

This may seem like a pretty simple concept, but for some people it can be a challenge coming up with a training program that fits their goals with limited time or maybe even funds. But I think that you will find some helpful information in this guide that may help you tap into some fresh ideas.

Determine what your goals are

First of all in determining what physical training program fits your needs best, it is important to determine exactly what you want to accomplish with your training, what is your goal that you want to achieve.

I have talked many times on the importance of setting goals and goals are very important in achieving anything of substantial size because often our determination can break down when faced with anything that can put us out of our comfort zone, especially if it is for any extended period.

This is why it is necessary to set goals as well as pinpointing a specified time that we need to achieve our desired destination. In doing this, we are setting a standard for ourselves to follow by.

When we set a standard for ourselves, we are in fact creating a form of competition for ourselves, and I think a good many of us have been born with a certain amount of competition in our blood.

Are you limited for time?

If we are limited on time, it can make things difficult keeping a regular schedule with a workout program, but there are ways around this. Sometimes it can be a good idea to prioritize things on a daily basis.

Sometimes if you feel like things are becoming so hectic because you have so much going on in each day, this can make it difficult to tackle everything you have scheduled for one day, but it can be a good idea to prioritize things to which one is more important than the next.

The first place you can start with is taking all of your daily tasks that you need to complete and write them down in a list and spend some time on this so that you can list these things in order of importance with the least important task being last.

This is an important thing to do because it is putting a visual in front of you so that you can gain a better aspect as to which activities are most important to you and also remember the outcome of each activity has an importance on how it reflects on your list.

For example if one of those activities is exercise and you feel it is important and you have a tendency of putting this activity to the back burner, this may actually be the first activity you put on your list because if you get this activity out-of-the-way first, you will have less time to spend pushing it away and simply thinking about getting around to it.

Surprising as it may sound, if you perform your exercise routine first thing in the morning, it will actually give you more energy throughout the day to perform your other tasks which in essence will help you to perform your other tasks with better success.

Workouts for the aged

Quite often our main reason that we don’t exercise the way we should or the way we used to is because of age, but there are many types of low impact workouts that people can engage in once they start getting up in years.

Matter of fact, when a person starts to age, they naturally have a tendency to lose muscle and mobility, exercise and stretching are two very important factors a person should keep in place everyday regardless of their age.

If you are suffering from minor joint inflammation or pain, or if you are starting to get a little older to the point where it’s difficult to engage in a more rigorous training program, a good place to start is every morning after getting up you should practice stretching for at least 5 minutes if not longer.

Another good practice to get into if you are suffering from the above is engage in a lower impact form of exercise such as yoga. Yoga can be very beneficial for limberness, muscle tone, agility and an overall well sense of being.

There are many good programs for yoga that you can follow along with for beginners and advanced. My suggestion is that if you are new to yoga, try to perform this exercise program at least three times a week and spend 15 minutes a day.

Working around physical limitations

As I suggested previously that stretching is very important and vital to each one of us every day, if you are struggling from physical limitations, this can be an exceptionally good program to follow every day is to spend at least 5 minutes at a time stretching until you can work up to doing more in a session.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to work around physical limitations that are severe enough, but it is never a very good idea to just sit idle and not do anything that can improve upon your current status.

Even if you do the slightest bit of stretching everyday can be beneficial to your joints and limberness if you practice this on a daily basis and always continue to pursue at least a few seconds more of stretching each day from what you did the previous.

I don’t know each and every individual’s case out there and how much everyone can personally perform, but this is basically up to you and how much you feel that you can accommodate each day.

If your case of physical limitations is severe enough where you are not able to get up and walk around, you can still keep your upper torso and arms in motion by performing simple stretches while you are sitting like extending your arms out to the sides and overhead and performing various stretching activities.

If your physical limitations are more so in your legs and you are not able to freely get up and move around from sitting, you can simply perform exercises that will possibly improve mobility in your legs and leg joints.

Some exercises that you can perform for your legs while sitting would be extending your lower legs out from a 45 degree to extended position and repeat this for as many times as possible.

Another exercise that may help is the scissors move where you are extending your legs straight out in front of you and spread your feet apart as far as what is comfortable, return your legs back together and then spread your feet apart as far as they can go and repeat this move for as many repetitions as you can.

Physical limitations are never a very easy thing to deal with, but the point here is to help steer you from being a victim to a life of sedentariness where you are not staying mobile which can lead you to more problems.


When developing a training program that is right for you, it basically comes down to what your goals are and precisely what you are able to achieve according to your own abilities.

No matter what your condition is, never allow yourself to lie dormant from staying mobile or from enjoying a life that you once used to lead. It is very important that you follow a regimen that will improve your level of fitness and happiness and will keep you active with your program.

Whether you are into weight training, a cardiovascular fitness program, or simply trying to improve upon poor joint functionality, it is necessary to design a program that is right for you and something that you enjoy enough to stick with for the long haul.

It is also necessary to eat healthy and possibly even follow a supplementation program.

To start up a supplementation program, there are many various forms of supplements that you can take right along with your diet.

There are supplements for gaining muscle, energy, losing weight and memory as well as many other symptoms a person might have difficulties with.

If you would like to check out some options on supplementation, you can check them out here.

  1. Supplementation for weight loss
  2. Supplementation for building muscle
  3. Supplementation for energy

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the box below and I will be more than happy to get back with you as soon as possible.

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Better Health Naturally – 12 good health tips

Healthy veggies

Better health should naturally be one of the most important things in anyone’s life, but in today’s day and age it doesn’t seem too apparent the way so many people are abusing their health on a day to day basis.

Today we are going to be looking at how you can have better health naturally with 12 good healthy tips. These are some more common practices that you can put to use every day which will all do a good job at improving upon your health.

Eating healthy

Clearly everyone should know that there are benefits to eating healthy, after all they always say, “you are what you eat” because if we truly want to keep our health running like a well-oiled machine, we need to keep it fueled with the right nutrition which will surely pay off in the long run.

Eating healthy can reduce chronic illness and disease including three of the leading causes of death, heart disease, cancer and stroke. Over 37 percent of Americans have cardiovascular disease, . 34 percent of U.S. adults have hypertension, a major risk factor for stroke and heart disease.

Quitting smoking

Smoking will clearly destroy your health, if not earlier than later, it will sooner than later catch up to you. Anyone knows that smoking will fill your body with a substance that will wreak havoc on your health and destroy your lungs which will make it difficult to perform any type of physical activity such as cardiovascular exercise, much less lifting weights.

Since 2018 there have been nearly 14 out of 100 US citizens aged 18 years or older that smoke cigarettes, this means that an estimated 34.2 million adults in the United States currently smoke cigarettes and more than 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease.

Get plenty of fresh air

Getting plenty of fresh air is a necessity for proper health and can make life so much more enjoyable than staying cooped up indoors for days on end.

Spending some time outdoors and getting involved in recreational activities with friends and family will do you a lot of good as well as engaging in some cardiovascular activities like brisk walking or jogging.

Keeping physically active

It is a necessity to stay physically active, after a period physical inactivity will eventually start to catch up with us in different ways.

Less than 5% of adults actually participate in 30 minutes of physical activity per week. Only 35 to 44% of adults, 75 years of age or older are physically active and 28 to 34% of adults aged 65 to 74 are physically active.

So just from taking a look at these statistics, you can easily see the necessity of keeping physically active everyday no matter what your age.

Be socially active

An active social life can give your immune system a boost. Being social can lower your blood pressure and potentially reduce the symptoms of depression. Social activity is also vital to seniors for their health and mental well-being.

Drink plenty of water

There is a big necessity in drinking plenty of water each day, as we know, drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Your body is composed of over 60% water, the function of these body fluids include circulation, digestion, absorption, transportation for nutrients, creation of saliva, and maintenance of your body temperature.

Keeping your brain active

Eating a well-balanced diet will keep your mind nourished and is an important aspect for brain health. You have probably heard quite frequently about eating healthy and getting the proper exercise every day will keep your heart healthy, but there is just as big importance in staying healthy for the vitality of your brain health.

Keep regular health check-ups

It is important to have regular health check-ups because this will help in early detection of life threatening health conditions or diseases. This will increase your chances for a treatment and cure.

Visit your doctor

It will be necessary for you to visit your doctor on a regular basis to keep in check with any necessary Health assessments or adjustments that may be very well needed in case you may be suffering from something that you may not be aware of at the time.

Keep a positive attitude

There is always a necessity in keeping a positive attitude, if you don’t keep a positive attitude, it will naturally have a negative effect on your training and where you plan on taking yourself with your own personal goals.

Set goals

Setting yourself goals are a very important key in achieving whatever it is that you are setting out to accomplish. It will be difficult to achieve anything if you don’t have a clear mental image of where you are heading.

Be patient

Above all be patient, Rome was not built overnight and your goals will not be achieved overnight either, patience is one thing that is lacking with many people, but if you hold true to yourself and your goals you will achieve whatever it is that you set out to do, but always remember that patience is a very important key in achieving whatever it is that you are setting out to do.


This is the conclusion to a pretty general list of things to get you going on improving yourself for better health. I have often heard said, “if you don’t have your health, what do you have?” This is very true and with many people these days not watching their health, it will continue to lead people down the path of obesity and higher insurance rates.

It is not only important to eat healthy, but quite often it can be a good idea to get some healthy supplementation into our diets.

To check out one of my reviews on supplementation, you can check it out here.check it out here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the box below and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible.


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How to get fit for the summer – and feel good

Lunges work great for cardio.

Right now it’s only the early part of February, but that gives you plenty of time to get fit and into shape  when the summer months roll around. Everybody gets excited about getting into shape and looking good for the summer months, now is the time to take action.

Today’s post I will be talking about how to get fit for the summer and feel good. You can do this with a daily regimen of exercise, fun activity and following a healthful diet.

It is often during this time of the season that people get excited about getting into shape, but their enthusiasm doesn’t follow through long enough to get them to the point that they want to be.

The point behind this post is to give you an idea of some exercises and training to follow by, but also to help give you the encouragement that you need to reach your goals.

Physical training approach

Sometimes choosing a physical fitness program to follow by can be a tough decision, but I will give you some good ideas that you can put into practice that will help you with getting into better shape as well as losing weight.

There are different approaches that you can follow by, such as indoor cardio, which is a good approach to follow, especially this time of year when it’s cold outside, but then it’s a matter of choosing which type of indoor cardio to do, this basically depends on what your goals are and what you feel most comfortable with.

Yoga is a good form of exercise that is popular among many people, there are also your typical forms of cardio such as the treadmill, stationary bike or other forms of cardio that involves workout equipment, but one of the best forms of indoor cardio that I have found is HIIT training.

HIIT training

HIIT training is a form of training that is high intensity and can raise your heart rate and keep it active for longer periods of time and during these rest intervals you can stay active as well.

This type of training will get your heart rate up as well as burning more calories and fat, it increases the body’s need for oxygen. Doing this high intensity interval training in your workouts will help to speed up your metabolism rate, which this boost can last for up to 48 hours after your completion of a HIIT training workout.

When you incorporate HIIT training, you can use weights in your training, but it isn’t necessary, this type of workout generally only requires your body weight since you are focusing on getting your heart rate up and keeping it there. These workouts will result in optimal muscle building and muscle retention coupled with fat loss and increasing the calories burned.

Another advantage with HIIT training is you don’t need to make it to the gym every day. These workouts are designed so that you can get these workouts done anywhere, such as your own home, virtually anywhere.

Weight training

There are different approaches to weight training, but since today we are going to be talking about getting fit for summer, this would logically mean a form of weight training that will promote weight loss.

The type of weight training that would promote weight loss would be accomplished with lighter weights and higher reps, generally the type of rep scheme that you would follow would fall in the range of 20 to 25 reps per set.

The whole idea is to keep the momentum going and work up a hard sweat, the more calories you burn, the more weight you lose, another approach you can shoot for are 100 rep sets.

The best approach to follow with weight training would be to also follow a cardiovascular program along with the weight training. The reason for this is after you have finished weight training, you continue to burn calories at a faster rate while resting.

Your diet

Weight training and cardio alone are not enough to lose the weight. It is important to have the activity there to burn the calories, but that alone will not do the job if you continue to eat high-fat food.

In order to successfully lose weight, It is necessary to follow a proper diet. One that is filled with fruits and vegetables as well as healthy pasta salad, nuts, cottage cheese, legumes, baked potatoes and beans and lean meats such as chicken, fish and tuna.

In order to lose the weight successfully, you will need to follow an exercise program with weight training and cardio, as well as following a healthy low-fat diet with mostly protein. It will be hard to lose much weight if your diet is too high in carbohydrates.


When looking to succeed in anything, it is always a necessity to keep your goals tracked and keep them in a handy place so that you know where they are at and easy accessible so that you can track your progress at any point of the day.

Another great tactic to use is vision, when you vision where you are heading, it will make it a lot easier to reach your destination. If you don’t have any vision of where you are heading, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

Always remember to keep progressing forward and never give any thought to quitting the game that you have set for yourself. You have made the decision to do something good for yourself, so it is necessary to follow through with your actions once you have already set your vision into place and started to move forward.

If you are interested in checking out a review on supplementation, you can go here to check it out.

Read moreHow to get fit for the summer – and feel good

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Health and fitness tips – questions and answers

Athletic shoes and dumbbells.

Often times people have questions on weight training and health-related subjects, well today I would like to bring to you some questions and answers on fitness related subjects and how making some wise choices with you’re training will help you with moving along with your fitness-related goals.

My wife has had some questions on this subject recently, so I thought I would turn this into a blog based on the questions that she had raised in this health and fitness tips questions and answers.

Everyone is different, some people have more training experience and can handle a more rigorous workout while others are new to any form of exercise and need to work into it slowly.

Always trust your instincts and never over do it, if possible it would be a good idea to have someone to train with. A training partner can give you added physical and mental support and it also makes your workouts more enjoyable.

How often should I workout?

Typically when someone wants to know how often they should work out, it basically all depends upon what you’re training goals are and how much experience you have with working out.

Basically if you are new to working out, I would suggest that you train no more than 3 days a week. I would recommend every other day would be best for people starting out in a workout program.

Especially if you are new to training, you may get some muscle soreness after training, so if this muscle stiffness persists after two days, I would suggest holding off on your next training session until your muscles have recovered.

If you are more experienced with training and have been working out for at least six months, I would suggest gradually increasing your workout time, that is not only to say how many days a week that you train, but also your workout duration.

The best advice I would give for someone starting out in a training program would be no more than 3 days per week. After you have been working out for 6 months you can try bumping it up to four days per week, but this is also based on what you feel comfortable doing.

After you have been working out for one year, you can bump up you’re training schedule to five or six days per week, but again this also depends on what you feel comfortable doing and how well your body responds to exercise.

Go by what your body is telling you, if you are experiencing muscle soreness, give your body an extra break until it has recuperated.

Workout duration should be for at least 15 minutes for someone new to working out, once your body grows accustomed to training, then you can increase your workouts by small increments.

How much weight should I use?

First of all, how heavy of a weight you use for any given exercise is dependent on your physical capabilities, health and what your goals are.

Naturally some people are stronger than others so some people will be able to lift more weight, but whatever your physical capabilities are it is sound knowledge to not overdo it. The worst thing you can do is lift too much and injure yourself.

Health problems can be a hindrance but it will be in your best interest to get a checkup with your doctor first.

How much weight you use in your workout is also dependent on what your goals are. Typically, for someone who is interested in getting into better shape and losing weight will want to use a weight light enough to perform a higher count on reps such as 20-25 repetitions.

For someone’s goals to build large muscle size, they will want to use a weight where they are able to perform 8-12 repetitions.

To develop strength such as a power lifter you will need to increase your weight load that you are lifting to a heavy enough weight that you will only be able to perform 1-6 repetitions.

As long as you stay consistent to what your personal training goals are and follow within the rep ranges that I laid out, get a warm-up in at the beginning of your workout and train smart, you will see good results dependent upon your goals.

Training smart means not hoisting weight around that is more than what you can safely handle, and using good training form. For example if you are doing barbell curls you want to use a weight that you can only perform your designated rep range, but also a weight that you are making your biceps work and not your lower back.

What exercises are best?

They’re are many great exercises you can take advantage of to achieve your goals, some exercises work better for sculpting and toning your muscles while others work better for building size and strength.

This could be quite an in-depth subject to put under the microscope but I will just give a quick summary on some of the best exercises to perform based on what your own personal training goals are.

First of all, some of the best exercises for building size and strength would fall under the category of bench presses, dead lifts, and squats. There are many other great exercises for building muscle size and strength such as the barbell rows, overhead presses, barbell curls and barbell extensions.

Basically when it comes down to it, some of the best exercises for building size and strength are combination moves which are exercises that are involving more than one muscle group at a time.

Exercises that stand out in my mind that work best for overall cardio and firming and toning your muscles would be combination moves as well, because these exercises involve more than one muscle group at a time so they require a lot more energy expended when performing these moves.

Another great move that is good for overall cardio and toning your muscles can work the overall body but puts more emphasis on the legs, and that would be lunges. along with lunges there are other good exercises, as long as they involve the whole body you are expending more energy and burning more calories.

How long should my workout be?

The length of your workout is mostly dependent on your experience with exercise, or should I say how long you have spent working out. If you are new to working out I wouldn’t recommend you training any longer than 15 minutes per training session.

It basically comes down to training the muscle that you are working, getting a good pump and move on with your day. It depends on what all is involved in you’re training session.

If you are following a cardio program you more than likely have a set routine that will probably be between 15 minutes to an hour depending on your fitness level and goals, but for a weight training session it is dependent on what muscle groups you have combined in one workout.

If you are new to working out and you are training arms, let’s say you are doing 5 sets for biceps and 5 sets for triceps, you’re training session will not be as long as someone who is pumping out 15 sets for thighs and 15 sets for calves.

Your workout length is also dependent on how many reps you perform per set and also how long you rest between sets. The heavier you lift the longer you will want to rest between sets.

If you follow a rep scheme of 1-6 you would typically rest 2 minutes between sets, if you follow a rep scheme of 8-12 you would typically rest 1 minute between sets, and if you follow a rep scheme of 20-25 you would typically try to keep your rest between sets down to a minimum.

The point behind doing higher repetitions is to raise your heart level and to increase your cardiovascular health, in order to do this you will need to train at a higher speed performing higher reps and resting less.


These questions raised are only just a handful and there are many other great questions that I plan on covering in up and coming blogs in the near future.

I hope that what we covered here today had answered any questions that you may have had and gives you some good knowledge to take away on these subjects.

For reviews on supplementation products, go here.

If you have any questions to add to this, drop me a message in the box below and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Weight lifting and weight loss for men – building better bodies

Overhead presses

Weight lifting has never been sought-after as a sport that would specifically achieve a whole lot of results for weight loss. Weight loss is typically achieved through endurance activities that will raise the metabolism.

Although I believe and has been proven that weight loss is best achieved through a repetition of cardio, weight training and diet.

Today I will shed some light on weight lifting and weight loss for men, building better bodies is what we’re all about here at Sweat and Tears and don’t take this to heart if it sounds like I am gearing this post directly for men.

This blog is for either gender, and I encourage men and women to take part in a training program for weight loss that is geared towards endurance and strength activities, so buckle up because when you perform both types of training coupled together can be a real pulse pounder

What does weight training do?

Weight training not only can build you big and strong muscles but it can also be a great way to speed up the process of weight loss when performed right along with cardio.

Many people have often wondered what is the best way to lose weight, should you just stick to cardio? because quite often people tend to believe that cardio works best in itself for losing weight, others believe that it is best to combine weight training and cardio for weight loss, but if this is true, how so?

Cardio will burn calories at a higher rate than weight training alone. Much research has been done showing that you can use your body weight to give an estimate as to how many calories you should burn during different types of exercise.

Typically, the more you weigh, the more calories you should burn. It is also true that you will burn calories while weight training, but only at roughly half the speed as you would with cardio.

Even though you will typically burn more calories in a cardio session as compared to a weight training session of the same intensity and duration, weight training will help you to continue burning calories for a longer period. Weight training also increases your resting metabolism which is how many calories you will burn at rest.

So to recap on things here, weight training can improve your metabolism, although the changes will not be huge. Weight training is more effective than cardio at increasing the calories you burn after a workout.

Why should you do both?

Cardio is generally believed to be the king of weight loss compared to weight training, and weight training is good for building muscle size and strength, but when it comes to losing weight, it is preferred to do both cardio and weight training in the same session.

When you perform weight training, your metabolism will stay elevated for a longer time afterwards then compared to cardio. When you combine weight training and cardio together in the same session, it is best to start out with weight training, this way after you have finished your weight training session, your metabolism will stay at a higher rate meaning more calories burned.

Once you have finished your weight training session, then afterwards you can finish off with cardio for that extra boost in burning calories. Once you have reached the stage of cardio, your metabolism will already be geared at a higher rate from the weight training.

How does the metabolism help?

First of all, what is a metabolism? It is the rate in which your body expends energy and burns calories. Does the metabolism play a role in losing weight?

You have probably heard about people who complain about having a slow metabolism and barely eat anything and yet they still gain weight. Or you have heard about people who complain how someone can eat whatever they want and still never gain weight.

Quite often the metabolism can be blamed on a person’s genes, that is to say if it is a blame game, then in other words the person must have a bad metabolism.

So in other words, some people can be blessed with having a good metabolism, while others are not so blessed by having a metabolism that can be restricting their efforts on weight loss. Even though this can be an unfortunate disadvantage for some, it is still not the end of the world.

You can change how you balance your calories that you take in against the calories you burn up through physical activity. Another way to help you with your weight loss is by what you eat.

Foods that promote weight loss

We all know that eating high fat, sodium filled foods will wreak havoc on the midsection not to mention leaving you feeling tired. If you follow a proper diet filled with the healthy nutrients that you need, this will also help see you through your goals in weight loss.

Have you ever heard that not all calories are created equal? Well it is true that different types of foods that you eat will go through different metabolic routes through your system, they can have varied effects on your hunger, your hormones and the number of calories that you burn.

Below I would like to give a list of some top foods that will promote weight loss.

  • Leafy greens which would include spinach Swiss shards and kale
  • salmon is not only very healthy but it is also very satisfying
  • cruciferous vegetables which would include cauliflower cabbage Brussels sprouts and broccoli
  • whole eggs can be a great addition to your diet for weight loss
  • lean beef and chicken has always been recognized as a weight loss friendly food because of it being so high in protein
  • tuna is another high protein low fat food excellent for weight loss
  • boiled potatoes contain a wide range of nutrients and they are particularly high in potassium a nutrient that many people don’t get enough of and plays an important role in blood pressure control
  • cottage cheese is by far one of the best because of its low calorie and high protein content with hardly any fat
  • avocadosare a fruit that are loaded with healthy fats and high in monounsaturated oleic acid the same fat that you would find in olive oil. Avocados also contain many important nutrients like fiber and potassium
  • nuts are an excellent snack that contain a balanced amount of protein, fiber and healthy fats
  • fruit, who could disagree with this one
  • grapefruit, if you eat a grapefruit every day before your regular meal, this will help you to feel more satisfied, so you will find yourself eating less


I hope that I have given some beneficial information that will get the ball rolling on shedding some of those excess pounds.

As with anything, it will take plenty of hard work but the results will come and you will not only look and feel better, but you will feel a sense of self accomplishment.

Incorporating weight training and cardio along with a healthy diet will help to speed up the metabolism but what fitness program would be complete without the proper supplementation.

To get a good idea of what type of supplementation you might want to check out, you can visit a product review on a supplement that will help with promoting better weight loss while speeding up the metabolism.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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