Dangers of high energy sports drinks, and their effects on you

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Sports drinks have become a hot item these days. There popular from tv stars to athletes to college students staying up late to make that highly important but tedious school grade. They are sold at your local gas stations and grocery stores and fitness clubs, and there pushed on the public to believe that their what the superstars and sports enthusiasts use to get as good as they are.

But the public is becoming more and more aware of the dangers of high energy sports drinks and their effects they can have on you.

Today I would like to go undercover and do a little investigation on the truth behind these over hyped over caffeinated beverages that’s got the public blinded by the increased interest in this syrupy hysteria.

Effects of high energy drinks   

Caffeine is a stimulant that can be dangerous. From getting a rapid pulse, jitters and your mind and thoughts race. Possible irritability to being extremely chatty.

The typical energy drink is in the neighborhood of three hundred milligrams of caffeine per can, a cup of freshly brewed coffee is only a third of that. Roughly ten to twelve teaspoons of sugar per can, they do very little to hydrate your system.

They can also lead to sleep deprivation. You may find yourself tossing and turning away the  night then wake up tired and sleep deprived.

The excess caffeine packed in each can  will no doubt wreak havoc. They can also cause their share of digestive turmoil, they can also increase in the production of stomach acid.

Energy drinks have come to be known as causing serious effects on the heart, arrhythmia, increased blood pressure and cardiac arrest. If you have a history of heart problems, you could be at the risk for heart attack.

The American heart association considers a safe amount of caffeine for adults with a healthy heart rate to be around four hundred milligrams per day, but if you take into consideration that one energy drink has three hundred milligrams of caffeine per can, drinking more than one can a day can be dangerous.

People who rely on energy drinks to stay awake at night for study purposes might suffer from reduced focus, problem solving skills, memory and reaction times.

Health risks-5 hour energy drinks

There has been numerous studies done on the subject of these overly caffeinated, overly sugared energy drinks, but another real popular one I would like to touch on are the five hour energy drinks.

These big bursts of high energy that come packaged in a small bottle have been linked to thirteen deaths and thirty life threatening cases. They are said to have contributed to heart attacks, convulsions and one abortion as reported by the New York Times.

One shot of five hour energy drink has about as much caffeine as one cup of coffee. Can caffeine alone be too blame for heart attacks, caffeine may not be the lone culprit. People with underlying health conditions, especially children and young adults have fallen victim to this energy craze.

Caffeine can play a critical role in making what is already a bad situation worse.

Risk of high blood pressure

Even though most people consume these products safely, energy drinks have been linked to death’s with underlying heart problems. These products contain caffeine and phenylalanine, when taken with other medications, they can have lethal effects. Consult your doctor before using.

There was a sugar free Red bull study involving thirty university students showing that after consuming on can of Red bull sugar free, an hour later they had a cardiovascular profile of someone with heart disease.

It is believed that a chemical in the sugar free Red bull causes the blood platelets to become sticky which could cause blood clots. This study has been done some time ago and there hasn’t been any other cases since then to follow it up, but if you drink the product safely, there shouldn’t be any real concern, but there is always the possibility of an underlying condition, such as  heart or kidney conditions.

As far as I am concerned, I would just as soon follow more of a healthy approach in finding a way to fuel my energy than a can filled with sugar.

Should diabetics avoid high energy drinks ?

When a person has diabetes, that means they have to be aware of everything they eat and drink. The American diabetes association recommends low calorie or no calorie drinks, this is to prevent a spike in low blood sugar.

Below I have a list of the best and the worst things a diabetic can drink, starting with the worst.

The worst things a diabetic can drink                 The best things a diabetic can drink

1. Regular soda                                                    1. Water

2. Energy drinks                                                    2. Unsweetened tea

3. Diet soda                                                           3. Unsweetened coffee

4. Sweetened fruit juice                                         4. Sugar free fruit juice

5. Alcohol                                                               5. Low fat milk

Death’s linked to high energy drinks   

Aside from people overdosing on high energy drinks and ending up in the emergency room, a growing trend of combining energy drinks with alcohol is a big thing among teens and young adults. The dangers of consuming a stimulant are magnified when combined with a depressant such as alcohol. Energy drinks can mask the depressive effects of alcohol by making the consumer feel more alert, because of this, individuals who combine energy drinks and alcohol can’t determine their level of intoxication.

Best, all natural energy drinks

After shedding a little light on the well known energy drinks, I’m sure you can agree with me on how theirs a lot of high caffeinated hype, like the big name rock star, monster and red bull, they give energy drinks a bad name.

A much healthier safer route to go when it comes to high energy drinks are the organic brands. But now your wondering where to get them, all that’s ever on the store shelves are the big name ones, Wall-Mart used to carry one or two of them, but they however don’t anymore.

If you would like to get some more info on them and see what they’re all about, you can check them out on Amazon.

One concern people might have about them is consumers don’t believe they actually work. The second concern a consumer might have is there not going to taste any good, they think, who’s going to get excited about drinking something that tastes like seaweed.

I have a list of the five best tasting organic energy drinks that actually taste pretty good.

1. sambazon Amazon energy

This energy drink is one hundred percent vegan. Sixty calories per can.

2. scheckter’s organic energy drink,

It’s made with elderberry and pomegranate juice.

3. Brain juice

A nootropic green tea made with organic and natural ingredients, it gives your mind clarity and allows you to feel focused.

4. guayaki yerba mate organic energy shot,

It’s a blend of all natural organic super food extracts

5. Dark Dog organic energy drink

It’s made with organic cane sugar, coconut sugar, lemon juice and a multiple of vitamins.

These organic energy drinks you can order them online with Amazon. They may be a little more expensive, but in the long run your going to be doing yourself a justice by feeding your body the way it was intended to be cared for.

Going all natural

The list can go on with all the options you can dream of in designing your own healthy and energizing homemade energy drink, there not only tasty but also can safely boost your energy levels throughout the whole day, and there also fun to make.

You can design your own to fit your own mood and taste, all you need to know is just becoming a little more familiar with what the benefits  are from the different ingredients you add to make your own energy boosting all natural energy drink.

Unlike all these big name companies that promote their idea of energy drinks that they push on to the public deceiving them into believing that some quick fix in a can is going to keep them brimming with energy, when in all reality, all these quick fixes are doing, other than lining the big companies pockets with money, is giving the consumer a false sense of energy that’s just going to lead them to a big drop at mid day, just like running into a wall.

All people need to learn is a healthy diet and what you put into your system is not only going to give you energy but an energy that’s going to stay with you. To a lot of people it may seem like a lot of work to blend your own energy drinks, but in reality it just becomes a way of life, it all just depends on your mind set.

It depends on how you look at it, do you want to fix the never ending battle of having enough energy to get you through the day, or do you want a quick fix that’s not going to stick with you and drain your pocket of your hard earned money on overly priced cans of sugar water. Basically what your doing is just putting a bandaid on your problem.

Homemade energy drinks

Fresh lime drinks macro shot

Now that your taste buds are getting excited about trying something new that’s also going to be a new beginning to a healthier more energized you. I would like to get started on some different ways that ingredients boost energy.

Berries contain natural sugars that will slowly release energy into your system throughout the day. You can combine different types of berries with fresh squeezed lime juice and mint for a fresh burst to get your day going.

Another very beneficial ingredient you can add to your energy drinks is honey, there are many wonderful benefits of honey, some you may have never heard of. First of all, honey has a lot of  energy boosting capabilities.

Then there’s blood sugar regulation, it’s a great immune booster. Honey also has antibacterial properties that benefit the digestive system, wound healing, anti allergy, sore throats and honey even aids in a cough.

Other super foods to add to your energy drinks are coconut water and bananas. They contain high amounts of potassium to regulate and maintain healthy cell activity and to also boost your energy. Also fiber and antioxidants in oranges contribute to our general well being.

Another product that’s good to add is vegan milk and matcha powder.                                     matcha powder is made from green tea leaves and contains caffeine and L-theanine, booth have energy boosting effects. matcha powder is the presence of an amino-acid  that slows the release of theanine and caffeine, giving you energy for a long time.

Now that maybe I have broadened your ideas on creating a delicious and nutritious energy drink, I’ll bring this article too a close so you can get started on your new creation and a healthier more energetic new you.          

Till next time, keep your train-on like a superhero.

10 thoughts on “Dangers of high energy sports drinks, and their effects on you”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your article on energy drinks and would like to present my personal experience with them.

    I will confess to using sugar-free energy drinks for – well, extra energy and focus usually in the morning and early afternoon.  I had been doing that for several years until last year when I had a heart attack.

    It is difficult to say whether the energy drinks were responsible for the heart attack, but they certainly did not help.  Also, I found out quickly that any significant amount of caffeine after the heart attack causes arrhythmias so I now have to be very careful with any caffeine during the day.

    I particularly enjoyed the section on natural energy drinks – many of which I had never heard of. 

    I agree with natural energy will come from a more healthy lifestyle – just like you say.  Getting more physical exercise and avoiding sugary drinks and caffeine should help to improve energy levels considerably.

    • Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated. I’m sorry to hear about the heart attack, following a healthy diet is never one of the more popular choices but it’s sure to be a better option than suffering any future consequencess than not following one.

  2. Oh my very good information on the dreaded energy drinks.  I hear so many young people saying they go to parties and mix red-bull and liqueur it just scares me to hear that this is happening.  My kids were drinking red bull years ago and other energy drinks for a while and I was so happy that that didn’t last long. It made them not feel very well and they decided to stop and look for a healthier alternative. 

    I drink matcha tea and match lattes and I really enjoy the taste and as I had to stop drinking coffee, I now get a light caffeine buzz (not as harsh as I use to from coffee) from my matcha lattes mixed with almond milk, my go to start the day drink.


    • Thanks for the feedback, it’s really some scary stuff what some people put in there bodies, but I’m glad to hear you’re kids made the change to a better alternative.

  3. Hi there

    I found your article very useful!

    One of my friends drinks a lot of these energy beverages and I knew it is not healthy but every I tell him to stop drinking these, he laughs at me. Now I will show him this article hoping he will truly stop this time! I didn’t know that these drinks could kill someone. How many drinks a person can drink until it become a threat for his life?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Thanks for the feedback, your in the right direction in helping a friend out. These sugar coated drinks can not only effect your health over time, but they can also effect your dental health, I’m sure no one likes the idea of paying more dental bills.

  4. Very helpful and informative post on Dangers of high energy sports drinks. 

    On seeing the advertisements of these energy drinks people are attracted to it and they are believing it. You have shed light on the dangerous effect these drinks can cause. I got great insights from your post.

    Last year I quit drinking these drinks and I am only taking home made fresh juices. And “Fresh lime drink” (Vitamin C) is my favorite and I don’t use sugar, as you mentioned I use honey.

    Going natural is a must since the foods we intake became like a poison. In India there is an old saying on how our ancestors lived and ate “Food is our medicine and medicine is our food” 

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you great success!


    • Thanks for the feedback, it sounds like you have already been heading in the right direction. Keep up the good work, The wonders you do for your body with all natural foods is a difference of day and night compared to the short burst of energy you may get from the sugar loaded stuff.

  5. Like everybody else, I dread ill health and to think that energy drinks predispose me to heart problems, arrhythmia, increased blood pressure and cardiac arrest among other health problems is a lesson and an eye opener to me. Interesting statistics and facts; that a typical energy drink is equivalent to 3 cups freshly brewed coffee is quite something, scary actually. No wonder I often feel very hyper whenever I gulp my favorite energy drink.

    And to think that by just blending readily available ingredients at home can save me the risks above (and save me the dollar)!  Surely the likes of honey, berries, lime juice, coconut water etc are readily available to me. I am an action taker and I am going to go natural as advised by yourself.

    Many thanks this is a very helpful article

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, real energy drinks go a long way, the positive outcome from drinking them will stay with you, and actually they taste pretty good too.


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