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Do testosterone boosters really work? are they safe? there are many people that feel left in the dark on this subject. When we get to the forty year mark, our testosterone levels start to diminish and we start to look for ways we can increase those levels again, everyone wants to feel younger and have the vitality that they once felt.

Today I would like to cover one of the leading brands that people have came to me and asked, does Omega XL really work, I’m going to shed some light on this testosterone booster and find out just how well it can work for you and if it’s really safe to use. READ FULL AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE HERE.   Shop at Amazon for Omega XL


This product review is an endorsement for Amazon, if you click on the affiliate link and purchase a product I will receive a small commission, but at no additional cost.

A powerful omega-3

Omega XL capsules.
Omega 3 fish oil for better health.

omega xl is a powerful omega-3 joint health supplement READ FULL AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE HERE. with a patented complex of 30 healthy fatty acids, this includes DHA and EPA and have been demonstrated in over 30 years of clinical research to relieve joint pain due to inflammation.

Omega xl is safe and comes in soft gel caps, omega xl makes it easy for you to get back to your daily routine with out the pain and discomfort that’s limiting you from enjoying your life to its full.

This unique omega-3 complex contains as much as 22 times more free fatty acids than regular fish oil. Omega xl  is a concentrated omega-3 supplement extracted from the New Zealand Green-lipped mussel. This omega-3 complex contains 30 healthy fatty acids and is proven to be safe for people with allergies to shellfish because of all the proteins have been removed.

What makes Omega XL better?

What makes Omega XL  better than standard fish oil? Unlike the many fish oils that don’t acknowledge their place of origin, omega xl does identify  it’s source of origin which is important if you plan on trusting it enough to put in your body.

Omega xl comes from the Green Lipil mussel, from the pristine waters of New Zealand which is also known to be the cleanest waters on earth. There has been over 30 years of research invested in Omega XL.

Omega XL is also served in a small gel capsule which makes it easy to swallow and the Omega XL leaves no aftertaste.


The ingredients used in Omega class are lipped mussel extract, it also contains olive oil, it is also believed to have anti-oxidation properties also used in herbal medicine for various ailments. Omega xl also contains vitamin E.

Omega xl contains a compound named pc so-524 which is extract from the Green lipped Mussel, it is composed of many fatty acids that work together to relieve pain and fight inflammation found in lipoxygenase and cycloaxygenase pathways in this complex process. The fatty acids compete with arachidonic acid for entry to the pathways, this displaces the inflammation causing agents by breaking down inflammation, pain is reduced.


Recommended dosage is two soft gels a day. You can take them in one or two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, or you can take them both in the same dosing, your personal preference. Take them with a meal with water, make sure you try to drink plenty of water throughout the day, this will also help your joints.

Scam or not

Omega xl are a very legitimate product, omega xl is not a scam, they have spent years of research on omega xl and they are also rated “A” by the BBB, so it would be pretty safe to say omega xl is a safe product to take for joint pain.

Are their side effects

Their are no know side effects from using omega xl  and they don’t interact with blood thinner medications. Although omega xl does not contain EPA and DHL which have been known to interact with blood thinners, it is best to be cautious so seek advice from your caregiver in case you have any side effects that may have you a little concerned.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, it’s highly recommended that you should seek advice from your doctor first.

Joint relief for sore joints
Omega 3 for joint pain from working out


Omega 3 fatty acids are not new.

This product review is an endorsement for Amazon, if you click on the affiliate link and purchase a product I will receive a small commission, but at no additional cost. Read full affiliate disclosure here.

For your overall joint maintenance and care, through popularity they have been used to calm inflammation and ease joint pain. The fatty acids are safe and pretty well effective. When taking joint pain relief medicine, you should fortify it with minerals that support bones and muscles.

Bones are connected to joints that will allow us to move with ease. Joint damage causes pain, which will then prevent you from doing the things you love, including any form of training with weights or any form of cardiovascular.

Many things can lead to joint pain, from ageing to untreated sports related injuries.

A quality joint product can help to repair any existing tissue damage and can also promote stronger joints which will lead to less susceptibility to any future degeneration.

For me, it’s always been some form of training that has kept me going throughout the years, I couldn’t imagine slowing down any time soon. Between staying busy with training, work and family, I find it a necessity to be pain free.

If the situation is anything similar to your own, I would recommend you try omega xl for joint pain relief to help you through all of your day to day necessities, all the things you love to enjoy in your free time, your own personal journey to a more physically fit body and simply for your own peace of mind. If you have any question’s or comment’s, feel free to leave them below.

Train smart and keep reaching for your goals.


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10 thoughts on “Does Omega XL really work?-Testosterone Boosters-Review”

  1. I workout very often , four to five days a week and I really need Testosterone boosters. My parents have these Omega 3 in theirs room and I always wonder if they were a help for me. After reading the article I found out that it is actually better and there is a reason my parents had it. From now on I’ll be taking them regularly. How much should we have per day?

    Looking forward to your response. Thank you so much.

  2. Hey Neil! How are you doing? I’ve enjoyed reading this article on “Does Omeage XL really work?” as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. From my perspective, I tend to think that Omega XL is probably the best testosterone booster in the market as its a trusted brand and does not contain any side effects. I’ve consumed it over a period of 4 months and it has really helped me. I guarantee that it works fine but this is something which has been recommended by my doctor.

    Thank you taking your time in writing this post. Keep up the good work!

  3. You reminded me how good is Omega 3 for my knee pain, wow! but Omega xl sounds to be better. I am 63 yrs, like the gym but my knee pain doesn’t stop, which one do you recommend; omega 3 or omega xl?                                                    Thank you for this review 🙂

    • I would recommend trying omega xl as it is a reputable brand that has been trusted with no side effects. Before you go on it, i would still check with the doctor first. I wish you the best of luck.

  4. Hello and thank you for this informative article. I really enjoyed reading it. I am still using Omega-3 capsules with my everyday meals. I eat those because of the amazing benefits it has on our body and system. I am glad you introduced me to Omega XL. I was not familiar with this product before.

    Also, I was not familiar that Omega-3 helps with boosting testosteron. That is really great.

    Omega XL is definitely looking amazing and even better then regular Omega 3. I am going to try it this month, just as an experiment.


  5. Hello, Neil! It’s great that you reminded the reader about Omega XL. I have not seen for a long time (about ten years) messages about this necessary means of healing and maintaining. 

    You wrote professionally exactly as a doctor and trainer, observing medical ethics. 

    I personally take two capsules daily for twenty years. And I see only positive results (painless joints and good condition of the digestive system).

    Omega XL-absolutely necessary for young people and middle-aged. They withstand great physical and nervous stress. Thank you for the useful publication. I will refer to your opinion. Mark.


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