Dumbbell exercise program-dumbbells aren’t so dumb!

Versatility is a major component to look at when it comes to weight training, looking at the big picture of versatility and weight training, it’s a good idea to be as versatile as possible, free weights and weight machines, the combination of the two can make for a well rounded killer workout.

But to break things down a little bit, dumbbells can really add a lot of versatility to your training program. Today were going to discuss some advantages in using dumbbells and even following a dumbbell exercise program, dumbbells aren’t so dumb when it comes to taking an in-depth look at all the advantages in incorporating dumbbells into your training program.

Versatility is important 

Its a good way to get stuck in a rut with your weight training and come to a halt with your gains is by doing the same repetitive thing over and over again, but if you keep things fresh in your workout will help with avoiding muscle memory boredom.

Incorporating dumbbells in your workout is a good way to mix things up and keep your workout routine fresh. There are so many angles and variations a person can engage in any exercise and when making these small changes to an exercise can stress your muscles in different ways targeting different areas.

You are at an advantage

Training with dumbbells gives you an advantage of more mobility as well as variation with targeting a specific muscle and gives you the ability to rotate and stretch your muscles further than if you were using the standard barbell or weight machine.

When training with barbells you can use more weight and it is necessary to overload your muscles in a progressive training sense and you can do this better with barbells than you can with dumbbells, that’s why you still need to include barbells in your workouts but with the combination of using dumbbells will target your muscles at more angles.

For example if you are training biceps, one workout you can do the standard dumbbell curls with the palms of your hands facing up, in your next training session you can do alternate dumbbell curls, this variation you are alternating between your left and right arms and you would typically rotate your wrists stressing your biceps in a different way.

There are many other variations that you can include in your program to shake things up a little bit such as the hammer curls or concentration curls as well as the inclined dumbbell curls. Reverse grip dumbbell curls are when you keep your palms of your hands facing toward the floor, these are a great exercise for stressing your forearms.

Biceps are just an example but you can implement these small changes when using dumbbells in your training with virtually any muscle group.

Dumbbell exercise programs

In this next section I will go over some exercises that you can incorporate in your training program, this is not to say that your workouts will only be limited to using just dumbbells, the point behind this is to give you an idea of something various dumbbell exercises to incorporate in your regular training program along with the use of barbells and weight machines.


standard dumbbell curls , alternate dumbbell curls , hammer curls , concentration curls , incline dumbbell curls , reverse grip dumbbell curls .

All of these exercises you can use some form or variation of rotation of the wrists, and don’t try to use all of these exercises in one training session, I would suggest using one or two of these exercises accompanied with barbells and weight machines and one workout and then rotate with other exercises for your next workout.


dumbbell skull crushers , one arm dumbbell skull crushers , dumbbell kickbacks , any various form of overhead dumbbell extensions ,

dumbbell kickbacks can be performed one arm at a time or both hands together, various forms of overhead dumbbell extensions could include one arm at a time or both arms together, and does not limit performing these exercises strictly keeping your palm facing in one direction, any of these exercises can be performed rotating your wrists to stress your triceps in various angles.


seated or standing dumbbell presses , front laterals , side laterals , rear laterals , Arnold presses , wide grip upright rows.

these are all good exercises that will stress all three heads of the deltoid and are all performed with dumbbells and I would select one to three of these exercises to be performed with a combination move for shoulders performed with a barbell and could also include the use of weight machines in your shoulder training program.


Dumbbell rows performed with both arms , one arm dumbbell rows , bench pullovers performed with a dumbbell , this exercise will stress the lat muscles.

To arm dumbbell rows can be alternated with barbell rows , this will give the opportunity to mix things up in your workout and keep things fresh and pullovers can be performed with a barbell as well but to keep things fresh I would suggest throwing in a workout here and there performing bench pullovers with a dumbbell.


Dumbbell deadlifts , deep knee bends holding a pair of dumbbells , lunges holding a pair of dumbbells.

All of these exercises are typically performed with a barbell , lunges you can perform with the barbell or without any extra weight , but to keep your workouts different so that you are not performing everything in the same manner from workout to workout , it is a good idea to mix things up and keep things fresh by performing exercises in a different manner.


standing calf raises , single leg calf raises , seated calf raises, or any other Caff exercise you can think of or that you enjoy doing are typically performed with weight machines and can also be performed with barbells but to keep things different and not always being drawn to do things the same way, it is a good idea to perform exercises alternated in different methods instead of performing them in the same fashion workout after work out.

What’s most important to you?

After what I have covered this far what is most important to you ? Getting the most out of your workout and that is by putting everything you have into your training, that is not to say all of your energy, but putting some smarts behind the muscle , and that is switching things around and not always doing everything the same where after a period of time your workouts seems as though it has become just one big repetitious cycle that is eventually going to lead to burnout.

It is always best to put your best foot forward and keep your workouts progressing in a steady motion continuously moving forward and not finding yourself stuck in a stagnant workout it is giving you no results.


If you are interested in receiving the most from your efforts and to keep moving forward and not getting stuck in a rut leading you to nowhere except discouragement , it is good to make sure that you are following a proven path , the past that has been followed by many before you and that has shown promising results.

in order to keep moving forward there are some specific practices you will need to make sure that you are following by , and that is to keep your workouts on a regular basis training each body part two times a week and to keep motivated.

In order to stay motivated for your workouts to see results and to keep making it to the gym and giving it all your best it is important to stay motivated and one of these ways to keep motivated is to keep your workouts fresh and not stagnant , and this is through a repetitive cycle of switching your exercises around on a regular basis and not performing the same exercises in the same way workout after work out, week after week, year after year.

Another proven path that you will want to make sure that you stick close to is following the appropriate diet for whatever your goals are, eat lean healthy meats like poultry and fish and always eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables , rice is a great option to include in your diet and make sure that you stay away from foods that are high in sodium and fat.

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