Exercise for health and fitness – keeping yourself motivated

Let’s face it, everybody does not have a lot of time for working out, between work and school and all the activities that keep us busy everyday it can be difficult to find the time to work out much less staying motivated to continue pushing through to achieve our goals in physical fitness and health.

Today’s subject of discussion will be talking about exercise for health and fitness, keeping yourself motivated. Are you staying motivated in your daily schedule for fitness? or are you scratching at the bottom of the barrel for motivation?

I have some tips that might help you with your motivation for a healthier way of living and that just might keep you training longer and stronger for a better fitness level and heart health, so if you have been struggling with motivation in your workouts, then read on.

Finding the time

Time is one thing that many people struggle with too have enough of, whether it be enough time to get your daily chores done or spending enough time with the people that you care about most, or maybe it’s having enough time to get your workout in. For many of us, it may be the workout routine that comes up as the one thing that gets put off the most because we don’t have the energy or it holds the least importance.

Do you ever feel like your workout is less important than the rest of your daily activities? well if you feel this way,  your not alone. Many of us feel like we could let our exercise routine slip to the wayside because after all, it’s only exercise, right?

But look at it this way, if you have felt like exercise was important enough to get started with it in the first place, don’t you think that maybe it should be important enough to stick with? or what about your health, don’t you owe it to yourself to get into better shape or maintain the physical fitness level that you have already developed?

Sure you do, after all, fitness is your health and if you don’t have your health, what do you have? if you don’t have your health it will be hard to keep up with all those little grandchildren in your later year’s.

Finding the energy

This can be a sticky situation for many reasons as well, if you don’t have the energy to workout, it’s going to be difficult to get yourself motivated to get up off the couch and start climbing that stair climber when you would rather be laying down and going to sleep.

There could be many reasons why you might be suffering from a lack of energy.

1. You work too many hours

2. Too many after work chores

3. Bad habits

4. Poor diet

5. Lack of supplementation

Any one of these could be a factor with a lack of energy. If you find yourself getting up early in the morning for work and there simply isn’t the time to workout, it only stands to reason that your workouts will have to drop too the back end of the day when you will have less energy.

Take a look at it this way, if you are eating a proper diet that is rich in healthy carbohydrates and taking a daily vitamin supplement, this will definitely help with getting you heading in the right direction. There is the possibility that it could be a underlying health issue, but if you suspect this could be a possibility it would only make sense that you schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Another guilty culprit could be any bad habits such as smoking or drinking, it stands to reason that if you subject yourself to these chemicals, your system will become like a toxic dumping zone that will affect your health as well as zapping your energy levels.

Set a time

As with anything else in life it is always necessary to set a time to guide you when you want to get started on something, such as when you get out of bed in the morning and when you start work,  typically a person might have a set time that they sit down to eat their lunch or dinner each day.

This rule can be followed as well for a typical guideline for you to lay down a specific time each day that you will start your workout. For example if you work in the morning and you don’t have time to get a workout in before work, you  can schedule an evening workout after your chores are done and after you have finished your evening meal, be sure to allow enough time for your food to settle before exercise, typically you should give yourself at least one hour between meal and a workout.

Make your motivation known

Now when I am talking about making your motivation known, I simply mean that you can share your motivation with others such as your family or people that you will work out around. making your motivation known can help others to boost you in your goals and help you in striving to achieve greater accomplishments in your training.

Another way to make your motivation known doesn’t necessarily need to be with others around you but make it known to yourself as in having it down in a journal where you can resort to looking back at it everyday which in turn will help give you the guidance and the motivation to help encourage you and pushing you further each and every day as you strive to accomplish your daily, weekly and monthly as well as yearly goals.


Today’s post we have covered finding the time, finding the energy and setting a time as well as making your motivation known to others so that they can help you along in your journey to bettering yourself with a physical health as well as a mental state of health of mind, but also making your motivation known with your self so that you can go back and reflect on your goals each and every day.

Physical fitness and working out shouldn’t be viewed as a drudgery that you have to be faced with each and every day, but it should be something that you should look forward to as it will help to increase your physical endurance, strength and energy so that you can continue to do your best in each and everything that you set out to accomplish each and every day.

This is why it has always been in my best interest to help others along the way in achieving their goals so that they can reach a sort of level in their training and healthy lifestyle, as working out has always helped me in my life and goals that I have set forward in path to find.

Also with finding your fitness through motivation, quite often it helps to not only have a healthy diet,  but also following good supplementation will give you the extra energy that you need to give you the boost in your daily activity and workouts.

If you are interested in supplementation for a healthier way of living, check out my review and click on this link.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as I can.

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