Fitness and wellness a way of life-keeping yourself in check

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If you are into fitness and keeping yourself in the best possible condition that you can, you watch what you eat, go to the gym and give a workout your best, you know what it can be like to monitor what you eat and feed yourself with the most nutritious food that you can fuel your system with and stay active.

You go to the gym and put in some hard training sessions, and maintain this lifestyle of achieving a better fitness level, then you are probably doing pretty well for yourself, but many people have a difficult time maintaining a sense of direction when it comes to improving their health and maintaining this sense of direction.

In today’s post I will be talking about fitness and wellness a way of life and keeping yourself in check, if you are having a difficult time maintaining this type of lifestyle, I will give you some pointers that should keep you moving in the right direction.

Keeping a routine for training

It is quite essential that you keep a routine for your training, whether you’re training is weight training or cardio it is necessary to keep the routine, this will help keep you in check with where you are heading with your fitness goals.

For example if your training schedule involves weight training, it is important to keep a routine for your weight training because if one is not kept it will be difficult for you to keep the route of where you are heading in your training and what kind of schedule you are keeping for your training.

Many people keep a training routine to keep their workouts segmented from one another meaning one day they may train arms the next day they may train back and on the third day would be leg training day and if you don’t keep some form of training schedule, you may be putting more time and emphasis into one certain area of the body over another.

Keep a journal for a balanced diet Food journal with pears Apple's juice, bread and other food.

Keeping a journal for a balanced diet is a necessity because it works as a form of a written agreement with yourself as to how many times a day that you eat as well is what you have mapped out to eat in each meal and it will keep track of your calories, carbohydrates and protein for each meal.

When you keep your daily diet intake registered in your food journal it helps you to keep track of what you have eaten and what you will be eating throughout the day and it keeps an overall record of where you stand for your food consumption, this will ensure you that you will stay within your recommended daily allowances and not go over.

Make a list of goals

Keeping a training program and registering your daily intake for food in a journal all work in a similar manner as keeping a goal, but it is also necessary for you to make a list of goals that you plan on achieving over a period of time whether it be a month, three months, six months or a year.

Keeping a list of goals can be set for a pre-determined time for however far you decide to map out your goals, you could map out your goals for two, three or even five or 10 years from now. The important thing is to keep a record of your goals and where you are headed so that you have a pre-determined point as to where you want to be, it’s all in a way of tracking your performance level.

Keep a checklist of your accomplishments

It is also necessary to keep a checklist of all your accomplishments, if you only make a list of your goals and what you plan on achieving, this is a great thing in itself but if you keep a list of what you have accomplished it makes it easier for you to see where you have been and exactly just how much you have accomplished.

If you have a way of keeping track of your accomplishments and you can see them written out clearly to take notice of at every opportunity you have, it makes it more easily recognizable to see exactly how much you have accomplished, thus helping you to pursue pushing forward, it works as a form of motivating you for further progression.

Reward yourselfMan standing on rock pillar looking out over the mountains.

When you reward yourself after you have seen an accomplishment, it makes it seem like less of a drudgery pushing on to your further goals, this can be used as a form of motivation and a way that will ensure you further progress down the road.

Rewards can come in the form of things that you enjoy, for example a night out to a movie or maybe a trip you have been wanting to go on with the kids for sometime, what ever the reward is it should be something that you enjoy and makes your fitness journey seem all the worthwhile.


When it comes to setting up a training goal or a journal to keep record of your daily food intake, if it doesn’t need to feel like a chore or a drudgery to do this, it can actually be fun setting up a plan to further increase your fitness levels and for weight-loss.

Goals are important for no matter what path you are on, whether if it be weight training and weight-loss or maybe you want to set a goal to look younger each year of your life, I don’t know how well things will go for that kind of goal, but when it comes to setting goals, the sky is the limit.

Keep a checklist of your accomplishments and by all means reward yourself for your achievements, it makes it so much easier in achieving your goals if you can recognize where you have been and how much you have achieved.

When you can see these achievements, it makes it so much more rewarding when you do reward your self, it makes it a lot easier to write new goals and achieve them, so I wish for you continued success and keep moving forward, don’t ever look back, except for the checklist of accomplishments that you have achieved.

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