Foods that increase muscle growth-upping your gains

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We all love to eat and we all love to eat food that tastes good, finding the right kind of food that tastes good, the right food that will benefit us for whatever the goal is that we are pursuing and something that doesn’t take a good share of our precious time just to prepare.

In this next article, I will be discussing foods that increase muscle growth that will be upping your gains in no time, I will be discussing some guidelines to follow and if you follow what I have outlined you should be on your way to a stronger, healthier new you.

A diet that best fits your needs   

Whether if you’re looking to lose body fat or add muscle size, I will be covering a diet plan that will suit whatever your goals are. There are some key elements that you will need to take into consideration, for gaining muscle size, naturally you will need to take in a much higher calorie consumption.

I will be covering the best choices in protein consumption and ones that you will want to avoid, the importance of taking in the right foods for energy, fruits and vegetables and the best time of day to consume them.

I will be covering foods to avoid and what’s really in them. How to read package labels and knowing what ones to leave at the store. Vegetarian diets and how you can still make it a high protein diet and the all importance of taking enough water into your system and how much you should drink.

Where do I start   

Alright, your thinking, how do I find the diet that’s right for me, have enough time to plan and prepare the food and still enjoy the food enough to stay motivated to stick with the diet and not go back to my old way of eating?

Between work, school and family, it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to really buckle down and get serious about making a change to a healthy diet when you’re used to instant meals that are loaded with sodium or maybe stuffing another pizza in the oven, but there are endless ideas that are quick and healthy and won’t break your budget.

An idea to get you started   

Here’s an idea that is a small portion of the calories that you would get from eating a typical pizza and the fat content in this recipe is just a small portion compared to what you would get in a typical pizza or fast food burger as well. You can try various noodles, as in the picture above.

Creamy herb chicken with bowtie pasta

3/4 cup low fat sour cream

1/2 tsp basil

1/2 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp salt

Nonstick cooking spray

2 tsp olive oil

1 lb chicken breast, boneless, skinned, cut into one inch pieces

2 minced garlic cloves

4 sliced onions

1 cup mushrooms

1 cup carrots, sliced

2 cups broccoli

1/2 cup water

8 oz bowtie pasta, cooked according to directions without salt

1/4 cup parmesan cheese


1. In a small bowl, combine the sour cream, basil, oregano and salt, set aside.

2. Spray a large skillet with non stick cooking spray, place the skillet over medium high heat, and add 1 tsp olive oil. When hot, add chicken pieces and cook four to five minutes or until cooked through.

3. Place chicken pieces on a plate, set aside.

4. Add the remaining 1 tsp of olive oil, garlic and onions to the skillet, saute for 1 to 2 minutes.

5. Add the mushrooms and saute for 2 minutes.

6. Add the carrots, broccoli and water, cover, cook 3 to 4 minutes until vegetables are tender.

7. Add the sour cream mixture, cooked chicken and cooked pasta, mix well and stir for 2 to 3 minutes to heat through.

8. Top with cheese.

9. Makes four servings.

Calories.            Sodium.         Fat.         Protein          carbs.         Fiber

480.                    583 mg.         11 g        39 grams       54 g           5 g

This recipe should take approximately 35 to 40 minutes, it will take a little more work than stuffing another pizza in the oven, but in the long run it will do your body and your midsection a lot more good and you’re going to feel healthier if you continue to follow a healthier diet.

A diet that fills the need   

Depending on what you’re goals are, whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain weight or just lose a few pounds and tone up, following a cardiovascular program or any other goal related program, you need to have a diet plan that will fit your needs.

There are some key elements you will need to do a little research on. There are 3500 calories that are equivalent to one pound of body weight, wether you want to lose or gain a pound, you would have to lose 3500 calories to lose one pound, or you would have to gain 3500 calories to gain one pound.

If you break that down a little bit, you would have to adjust your calorie intake by 500 calories per day, up or down, depending on if you’re looking to lose or gain weight, in order to adjust your body weight one pound per week.

A tool I think is really helpful that you can do research on is All you need to do is type in your age, activity level, body weight and it will tell you how many calories you need a day in order to maintain, lose or gain weight. It also has related searches like (BMI) body mass index calculator, body fat calculator, and ideal weight calculator.

When it comes to a diet, one to lose weight or gain muscle, which ever your goal is that you are shooting for, the concept will be pretty much the same. You will need to plan for a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, try to avoid canned vegetables as they are high in salt and preservatives, besides, fresh always tastes so much better.

Now for the best choices for protein consumption would be white meat, chicken, fish, tuna, they are much leaner than steaks and hamburgers. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with an occasional steak now and then, but for the mainstay of your diet you want to lean toward something leaner.

You should try to consume the majority of carbohydrate rich foods like pasta earlier in the day so you have more time to burn off the extra calories, and after a rigorous workout, your body will be depleted of carbs, so you will need to replenish your system with more carbohydrates, spaghetti is a real good carbohydrate fuel.

If you get the night time munchies and you have to eat something shortly before retiring for the night, the best thing to follow would be something lean in protein.

Reading labels

If you are like me, you like to look at food labels, many consumers don’t understand a share of the information on labels. I’m not going to get to in-depth today, I will be covering more on this subject in an upcoming post.

Today I’m going to go over a small portion of this subject, briefly covering the subject of , intake of saturated fats, trans fat and cholesterol.

As it will be helpful for you to know the importance of keeping your intake of saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol as low as possible is important for a part of a nutritionally balanced diet.

Eating saturated fat such as some meats like, ground sirloin, pork chops, hot dogs and polish sausage, as well as butter, cheese, whole milk and processed foods will increase the level of your cholesterol.

Trans fats are another one you will want to avoid like, doughnuts, cookies, crackers, muffins, pies and cakes, you will need to limit how frequently you eat them. You will also need to limit commercially fried foods and baked goods made with shortening or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Other places to watch out for trans fats are breads, pastas and salty snacks, just to name a few. Your homework is to check some labels out the next time you go shopping and see how many of your favorite foods are high in saturated fat and trans fat.

Now I know, your thinking I’m trying to get you to give up a lot of your favorite foods, you have to make that decision for your self, you have to want to make the change. After you have stuck with a healthy diet for awhile, you will start to feel the difference. If you are trying to lose weight, it’s the saturated fat and the trans fat that you have to watch out for.

The same goes for a diet to add muscle to your frame. For that type of diet you will need to take in a higher amount of calories, but those calories that you take in need to be lean calories or those extra calories you take in will just turn into fat if you are not taking in the fuel that your body needs.

If you went out and bought a fancy expensive sports car and then filled it up with some low grade gas, how long would that car run or how well would it run compared to if you treated that car with love and filled it with the highest grade fuel, it’s the same with your body, if you expect to keep going and feel healthy and strong along the journey, you need to fill your system with the right fuel.

The high protein vegetarian   

The easiest definition for a vegetarianism is a diet free of meat, fish and fowl, a vegan is one who does not eat any animal based products. If someone who is a vegetarian wants to put on some muscle, but doing so requires protein, how are they going to up the amount of protein without having meat in their diet.

Plant based foods provide protein for those who eliminate beef, fish and fowl from their diet, these foods include seeds, nuts, legumes, soy milk and meat replacements like Seligman, Dempsey, textured vegetable protein and tofu. There are also a whole line of protein powder products and protein bars.

The importance of water

Water is the most important nutrient for the body. We all know we need water to survive. Two thirds of the body is water, so we need to make it the most important thing we drink every day. Water is important in helping with digestion, the absorption of food, regulation in body temperature and blood circulation, the carrying of nutrients and oxygen to cells in the body and for the removal of toxins.

Water also helps with movement of joints and helps protect tissues and organs in the body, also metabolic and weight loss. Water will metabolize stored fats and helps to maintain proper muscle tone, and of course, you guessed it, drinking water will prevent dehydration. Water helps to maintain our daily functions.

Are you ready?   

Now we have covered enough material to get you going, you have the basic concept of what it takes to outline a diet that fits your needs, whether it be to lose weight or to bulk up with some lean muscle.

Make sure you always have on hand plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. A diet can be complete without meat, whether it’s beef, fish or poultry, as a matter of fact, it would most likely be a healthier diet if you cut out meat from your diet, but this article isn’t about promoting a vegetarian diet.

What I am promoting is a healthier lifestyle, it’s just going to show that you can have a well rounded diet of great tasting food and still be healthy and still lose weight. You don’t need to worry about cutting out the red meat, just enjoy it in smaller sensible portions but the bulk of your diet through the day should be a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables and always remember to drink at least eight, eight ounce glasses of water a day.

Till next time, stay healthy and keep your dreams alive.









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  1. Hey there! I really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. Personally speaking, I try to consume a recipe that includes both chicken and pasta as chicken provides you with the necessary proteins whereas pasta offers high quality carbs. I’m curious to try the recipe you’ve mentioned. I’ll let you know how it tastes once I finish preparing it. 

  2. There is a lot of great information in this article. I am just now trying to get healthier as I am battling type 2 diabetes. Eating the right foods in the correct proportions is very important to getting and staying healthy. I will also start lifting weights tomorrow and doing some cardio.

    Do you have any suggestions on testosterone boosters. I have low testosterone from some of my diabetic meds that is very frustrating.

    Do you have an opinion of high fat, low carb diets?

    Thank you for the recipe as well. I will be trying that.

  3. I want to comment about the phrase “giving up your favorite foods.” Favorite foods is a common term but I’ve not seen any discussions as to what it means. When people refer their favorite foods are the ones that are convenient, or taste the best, or easiest to prepare, or the cheapest. Two of the tastiest recipes I have had recently were while I was on a diet. A keto diet to be specific. I realized that the concept of favorite foods can be misleading. But post-workout food consumption in the right balance of protein, carbs, and fat is important to muscle repair among other things. So post-workout meals should be everyone’s favorite food.

    • Your right, I was being a little vague in my assumption of favorite foods. What is healthy should be everyone’s favorite food. Usually when I hear people refer to their favorite foods, their referring to things that are high in fat.

  4. Hey, Neil – nice site! As you can probably tell from my profile pic, I am someone who has not had an easy time putting on pounds. I am what you probably refer to as a “hard gainer.” Fortunately, however, I have no difficulty in getting all the definition anyone could hope for 🙂

     I can tell your site is new, so I won’t critique too much! 

    The page site still has parentheses around it… you can modify that right in the web builder; let me know if you need help with that; I had to do it too.

    Your spelling and grammar could use a bit of work, but maybe that’s just something you don’t feel will be necessary considering the topics and/or audience? Language is becoming much more “fluid” in today’s environment of texts, tweets, etc. so I kind of think most people are a little less “anal rententive” about it than me.

    Navigation on the site is pretty lacking – again, I can tell that probably has to do with the recent creation of the site?

    No clickable links. Probably same reason…

    No picture of you in the about page – considering your site is about people achieving the physique they are looking for, they may want something other than pics of food to “sink their teeth into,” pardon the pun 🙂 Even if you didn’t want to put your own pic up, a pic of someone you think has a great physique, or a fond client’s photo, maybe before and after, etc..

    Other than that, I think it looks awesome and I wish you the best! I’m sure you’re aware of all these things already, and I hope you will not take offense – I only intend it to be constructive input, not criticism! Your site is awesome already, and I know it will be amazing very soon!


  5. Hi! Thank you very much for including this recipe in your post! I love pasta! And I will always be happy finding healthy recommendations to eat it!

    And I greatly appreciate your recommendation concerning this calories calculator. I will immediately bookmark it as well. I agree with you on the importance of reading labels.

    I like cars! And I must also say that I have found motivating the example you have made of the fancy expensive sports car filled up with some low grade gas. 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing this!

    I have been working on losing weight for a few months now (since August 2018). I have gotten into working out, but I still struggle with eating correctly. I have lost about 10 pounds already, but I know my diet is holding me back.

    When I saw the recipe, I thought “I want to try this one day.” I like the fact you shared how much the recipe makes.

    When it comes to water, I have heard two different things. One, and my aunt who is a nutritionist, shared this with me: the water you drink should be half your body weight. I have also heard you should drink a gallon of water. So I personally drink a gallon.

    Thanks again for sharing this with us!

    Amanda (Mandy)

    • Thanks for the feedback, the consumption of water I have always understand to be at least eight glasses a day, it’s perfectly fine to drink more, as long as you feel comfortable with that. If you workout a lot, then you would naturally want to drink more water to make up for what your sweating out. Best of luck to you.


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