Gain one inch on your arms-from one brutal day of training

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Are you ready for an absolute intense arm training workout? do you believe that you can add one inch to your arms from one day of weight training? well if you answered yes to both of these questions, then let me introduce you to one excruciating arm pounding workout that you have ever seen.

This idea was first brought to attention through Muscle and Fitness back in 2004 but I think it’s time to bring it to the attention of a few more minds of enthusiastic weight trainers who may have missed it the first time around on how to gain one inch on your arms from one brutal day of training.

There may have been a few variations over the past some odd years since the original publication but any slight variation leads to the same incredible results if you apply yourself from the information given

How it works

First of all this arm training assault will take you a good portion of the day, from the time you start your first workout to finish, should take a little over six hours. If you plan on giving this arm training workout a try, you should plan it for a time when you have no other prior engagements like work.

The best time for planning this arm training workout would be the weekend or when you have time away from other engagements.

For a full week before the arm workout you will need to follow a muscle building diet. For example if you are a 200 pound man you should consume 3,600 calories, 300 grams of protein and 400 grams of carbohydrates.

Your meals should consist of lean meats fresh fruits and vegetables, your body runs better on premium fuel, not the low grade fuel you would get from serving yourself up a platter of big Mac’s from MacDonalds.

Consume a good muscle building supplement that can also give your muscles the recovery they need before and after workout sessions. Give iSatori Hyper-Gro shake a try.

Training sessions

After you have consumed a good breakfast to fuel your muscles and give them the energy they will need to keep up with the pounding that you will be dishing out on them, start your first training session at 8:00 am.

Each training session should take you no more than 15 minutes, for example if your first session takes you fifteen minutes, then you will have 15 minutes of rest until your next session begins.

From the time you start your first training session at 8:00 am, you should have 8 training sessions completed by 12:00 noon.

At 12:00 noon you will have a half hour break to consume your next meal and shake. Training sessions 9-12 should take you from 12:30 until shortly past two pm.

A training session will consist of one biceps exercise and one triceps exercise for 3 super sets each session with 90 seconds of rest between.

This arm training schedule will take you a good percentage of your day, unless you want to spend all those hours at the gym, I would suggest doing this workout at home, as long as you have training equipment or at least some free weights.

Training exercises set up for this program that include the use of cables you can switch around with a different exercise depending on the equipment you have, but for the majority of exercises that are given in this program are with the use of barbells and dumbbells..

The morning workout sessions 1-4

The first training session begins at 8:00 am, are you ready? Session one begins with 3 super sets of dumbbell curls and triceps push downs. Do a set of dumbbell curls following a slow continuous motion feeling the stretch at the bottom of the curl and squeeze your biceps at the top of the curl.

Sessions 1, 3 , 9  dumbbell curls and triceps push downs, 3 super sets

Sessions 2, 4 , 10  barbell curls and skull crushers, 3 super sets.

As soon as you finish your first set of dumbbell curls, set the weights down and move right into the triceps push downs, follow through with the triceps push downs with a slow continuous tension extending your arms out at the bottom of the move squeezing your triceps and stretching your triceps at the top of the move.

This first session of three super sets should take you from 8:00 am until 15-20 minutes past, then you will take a break until your next session starts.

Your second session starting at 8:30 am will be 3 super sets of barbell curls and skull crushers. Following the slow continuous motion squeezing your muscle at the top of the exercise and getting a full stretch at the bottom.

After you have completed sessions 1 and 2 then repeat the same process super setting the same exercises for sessions 3 and 4.

The morning workout sessions 5-8

Your next training session 5, begins at 10:00 am. This session will be 3 super sets of inclined dumbbell curls and seated triceps extensions either performed with a barbell or dumbbells, which ever is your preference with the extension.

Sessions 5 , 7  Inclined dumbbell curls and seated triceps extensions, 3 super sets.

Sessions 6 , 8 ,11  Cable curls and narrow grip benches

Follow the inclined dumbbell curls through full range of motion, squeezing your biceps at the top of the move and stretching at the bottom. As soon as you are finished with the inclined dumbbell curls, set them on the floor and move right into the over head triceps extensions.

The over head triceps extensions, whether it be with a barbell or with dumbbells, follow full range of motion squeezing your triceps at the top of the move and stretching at the bottom.

After you have completed these three super sets, take a short break and move onto your next session.

Now on to session 6 which will be 3 super sets of cable curls and narrow grip benches. To start of with the cable curls, use a low cable pulley, if you are doing your training at home and don’t have access to a cable machine, you can switch this one with concentration curls.

Follow your biceps move through with full range of motion squeezing at the top of the curl and stretching at the bottom of the move. After you have finished with the biceps exercise, move right into the narrow grip bench press, this is a great move for developing a lot of muscle size to your triceps.

When doing the narrow grip bench presses I don’t lock my elbows out at the top, if you do, it is taking tension of of the triceps and I have always been a firm believer in keeping a continuous tension on the working muscle.

After you have completed all three super sets of the cable curls and narrow grip bench press, then sessions 7-8 will be a repeat of 5-6.

By this point it should be close to 12:00 noon, you have completed sessions 1-8, you have four hours of arm training in and your arms feel like they are nearly ready to fall of, but wait, don’t stop now, your getting close to nearing the end of your big arm training marathon and now it’s time to have your next meal and shake.

The afternoon workout sessions 9-12

Lunch is done, it’s 12:30, now onto session 9 of your arm training. Session 9 and 10 are repeating sessions 1 and 2 and session 11 is repeating session 6.

Session 9, dumbbell curls and triceps push downs, 3 super sets.

Session 10, barbell curls and skull crushers, 3 super sets.

Session 11, cable curls and narrow grip benches, 3 super sets.

Now onto session 12 and your final session of arm training. Session 12 will be 3 super sets of concentration curls and narrow grip pushups.

You can do concentration curls either sitting or standing, I switch it up and do both variations but my preference is standing. Seated you would rest your elbow against your inner thigh and standing you let your arm hang down, I was inspired to do the standing version when I learned of Arnold Schwarzenegger doing them in this fashion.

When doing the concentration curls, let your arm stretch at the bottom position, this way you are getting a full stretch to your biceps and then squeeze at the top position of the curl. Once you have finished with the concentration curls, set the dumbbell to the side and move onto the narrow grip pushups.

With this final exercise, the narrow grip pushups, don’t let your body rest on the floor, this would be taking the tension of your triceps, you want to make sure that you keep tension on the muscle that you are working and when you reach the top of the pushup don’t lock your elbows out as this will take tension of the triceps.

Once you have finished 3 super sets of the concentration curls and narrow grip pushups that should be six hours of arm training and that brings you to the end of the marathon workout. Your arms will be ultimately soar by this point but you have made it, congratulations.


Every exercise in this workout try to shoot for 10-12 reps and always work to the point of failure, if you can’t do 10-12 reps, lighten the weight, if you are doing more than 12 reps then you are using too light of weight, increase it.

Once you have completed this workout, don’t train your arms again until all the muscle soreness has left, this may take 4 days and by the end of the 4 days check your arm measurement, it may not have gone up a whole inch but it should have at least increased by half an inch, if your arms haven’t at least increased in size by a half an inch then you were probably doing something wrong with your diet.

To check out a review on muscle building supplementation, go here.

I wish you the best on this journey, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a response below.

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