Get big shoulders fast-with these muscle building exercises

It’s always impressive to watch these massively muscled guys pounding out reps with over head presses with mammoth sized weights, or cranking out unending reps of side laterals, but just how much work really goes into building a set of deltoids that are the size of bowling balls?

First of all were going to look into what exercises it takes to build a set of deltoids of this caliber, what kind of set and rep scheme is used, just how frequently they should be trained and the importance of keeping your training program fresh.

Today I will be covering some important information on how to get big shoulders fast with these muscle building exercises that I am about to reveal as well as other important factors that you should be aware of if building hulking shoulders is what you desire.

How the shoulder is designed

when it comes to how the shoulder is designed, first of all there is your front head of the shoulder which is called the anterior, second there is a side head of the shoulder which is called the medial, and third and final there is a rear head of the shoulder which is called the posterior.

What exercises build the most muscle

When it comes to training the front head of the shoulder which is referred to as the anterior head, you have overhead pressing movements such as the military presses, press behind the neck with the barbell, dumbbell presses, and front laterals.

Then you have the side head of the shoulder which is referred to the medial head, and for this head the typical exercises that work the best for building the medial head are side laterals and shoulder width grip upright rows with a barbell or shoulder width grip upright rows with dumbbells.

And then finally for the rear head of the deltoid which is referred to as the posterior head of the deltoid, typically the best exercise for developing the rear head of the shoulders would be rear laterals with dumbbells.

How many sets and reps

When it comes to how many sets and reps you should use, first of all there is the type of training that induces weight-loss, and for that system of training would be lower weights and higher reps such as 20 to 25 reps per set.

Then secondly would be for building strength, and for building strength the best rep system for that would be using heavier weights for lower reps such as 1 to 6 reps per set.

And then finally for what the basic idea of what this blog is about is to build muscle size and for that would typically be a moderate weight for midrange reps which would be the amount of reps that you can do between 8 to 12 reps per set.

As for the amount of sets that you should perform per body part I would suggest for a beginner to weight training which is between no training time to six months you should follow anywhere  between 3 to 5 sets per body part.

For an intermediate to a training which is anywhere is between six months to a year, I would suggest following between 6 to 10 sets per body part.

And for the advanced trainer which would be anywhere between one year of training on up, I would suggest following between 12 to 20 sets per body part.

Naturally larger muscle groups would get a higher amount of sets per body part than smaller muscle groups, for example larger muscle groups would be chest, back and thighs, smaller groups would include triceps, biceps, shoulders, calves and abs.

When training smaller muscle groups I would target them between 12 to 15 sets per body part, and when targeting larger muscle groups, I would target them between 15 to 20 sets per body part, I would follow this system of sets no matter if you are training with a higher Rep scheme to lose weight or if you are using a moderate rep scheme to build muscle or if you are using a lower rep scheme to build strength.

This should be a basic outline as to how many sets and reps you do for each body part, but for the jist of this blog and what I am talking about today is for building shoulders.

So for developing muscle size for your shoulders which are considered a smaller muscle group, if you are for example an intermediate trainer which is for six months to a year of training looking to develop muscle size to your shoulders, I would recommend 6 to 10 sets for shoulders and 10 to 12 reps per set.

How frequent should shoulders be trained

Typically for training shoulders, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainer I would suggest training your shoulders two times a week.

Keeping your training program fresh

It is important to keep your training program fresh, and what I mean by this is not to continually do the same exercises over and over again from work out to work out, it is necessary to switch things around mix up your exercises and always keep your muscles guessing.

For example if one day you go in and work your shoulders first you start out with the military presses and then you move on to side laterals and then rear laterals and then you finish off with shoulder with grip upright rows, it would be a good idea to switch things around for your next workout so that you are not following the same thing all the time.

And then maybe the next time you go in to train shoulders, first of all instead of starting out with the military presses, instead you do dumbbell presses first, and then instead of doing shoulder width grip upright rows with a barbell this next time instead you can incorporate shoulder width grip upright rows with dumbbells.

And another important factor to look at also is when you should do combination moves for your shoulders, for these I would recommend doing them first in your training because they are working more than one muscle group at a time and they should be performed at the beginning of your workout when you have more energy.

And then after you have started your workout off with combination moves, follow up with isolation moves which would be side laterals and rear laterals .


If you have found this blog post on training shoulders, whether if you are a beginner trainer all the way to an advanced weight trainer, I hope that you have received some benefit from this. It is always in my best interest to help the reader to the best of my ability so that you can gain accurate knowledge to what is a most beneficial system of training to reach your goals most effectively.

And when building muscle it is always important to follow up your training with a healthy diet, one that is high in protein for building muscle and has an adequate amount of carbohydrates for energy, such as rice and potatoes are two excellent staples as well as fruits and vegetables.

If you are interested in supplementation for your muscle building goals, check out this product review on muscle building supplementation.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment in the box below.  

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