Get bigger biceps fast-6 training tips

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Biceps have always been the big show piece and I have always loved talking about building bigger biceps almost as much as I love training biceps. I’m sure there has been an endless number of writers covering this subject but when the passion is so high for a subject such as training biceps, readers can never get enough of something that there is always a hunger for.

People are always looking for an answer to their questions and that is, how can I build bigger biceps? how can I build them faster? what are the best exercises to build my biceps in the shortest amount of time? well today I am going to discuss how to get bigger biceps fast with these 6 training tips.

Barbell curls are #1 for mass building

Yes you have heard it right, barbell curls are number one for packing the muscle on. The barbell curls will allow you to overload the biceps more than doing dumbbell curls.

One slight variation to the barbell curls are doing EZ bar curls, some people swear by this as the all time best mass building exercise for biceps, they engage the short and long head’s of your biceps and with the angle of the bar a lot of people find it to be more comfortable on the joints than the straight bar.

Barbell curls with a wide grip is another good angle to target your biceps with. Taking a wider than normal grip, wider than shoulder width will cause you to rotate your shoulders which will prompt more involvement with the short head of your biceps.

Put your mind in your muscle

This may be a difficult problem for some people to overcome is getting their mind into what their doing and exactly what it is that they plan to achieve as soon as they enter the gym doors, their mind wanders adrift worrying about getting through their work schedule the next day but if you allow this to take over your training time it’s going to cut your results in half if you see any results at all.

Your brain controls every thought you have and every move you make, the first step towards a muscle contraction is a signal sent from the brain telling your muscles to contract. By improving your mind and muscle connection you are increasing the number of muscle fibers recruited every rep you pump out, this makes for a better quality muscle contraction and a much better workout.

It is always important to put your mind where your muscle is, especially for a smaller muscle group like your biceps because in order to feel the continuous tension that you are applying to them and to get the full feel of the blood pumping into that muscle and to work them to failure you must be able to fully isolate them and this requires making full use of your mind muscle connection with no distractions.

Train with intensity

When training intensely it is all about what you put into your workout, you get out of it what you put into it. Increasing intensity in your workouts will help you to burn more calories but it will give your cardiovascular system more of a workout.

Using heavy weight in your biceps routine and increasing your time under tension will increase the intensity which will keep your muscle mass high and your body fat low.

If you keep the time high when putting your biceps under tension will help to increase your gains. A good rule to follow is the time under tension that you spend should be 20 seconds per set for strength gains, 40 seconds per set for hypertrophy and 70 seconds per set for endurance.

Increase the eccentric portion of each lift to lengthen each rep and you can pause at peak contraction and hold for 1-2 seconds instead of lowering the weight right away. If you spend 4-5 seconds per rep you should get some pretty good gains from doing 8-12 reps per set.

Another good way to increase the intensity in your biceps workout is to decrease the amount of rest time that you spend between set’s. If you typically spend 2-3 minutes recuperating between set’s you might want to drop the recuperating time down to 30-60 seconds between set’s, as long as you don’t rest so long that your heart rate drops back down to its normal beating level.

Incorporate free weights and machines

Free weights have always been an important key for developing muscle size. One major benefit that free weights give you is the muscles that it takes to balance a weight come into play which is something that you don’t get when you use weight machines.

Weight machines pose less of a risk as do free weights, weight machines help to regulate range of motion, besides weight machines help to add variety to your training and that’s an important thing when it comes to training your biceps as with any body part, variety helps to reach all possible angles in your biceps training.

Setting goals

Its going to be difficult to reach any given direction when you don’t have your sights set on any specific plan in obtaining a favorable outcome. Setting a goal for yourself is a way of fueling your ambition, setting a goal isn’t only about creating a plan to follow through with and then holding yourself accountable for it but it is also about giving inspiration for something to aim for that we once thought was never achievable.

Goals can guide you in a forward mental projection, goals can take insurmountable mountains and transform them into a more favorable path, goals can help us to believe in ourselves, goals can help you to decide what is most important to you, a goal can hold you accountable for any possible failures, a goal can help you live your life to its fullest.

Eat for size

Throughout the day your body breaks down its own tissue and replenishes it with new, it is important that you take in enough of the right kind of food to replenish your system. To eat clean, the kind of healthy muscle building food that you need to pack on the muscle you will need to eat more of it.

A good way to do this is to have a journal of your meals to keep track of your daily average meals and caloric intake, perhaps the best way to increase your caloric intake for packing on more size is to add an extra meal in per day, the best recommendation would be to add that extra meal in the earlier stage of the day, if you consume that extra meal later in the day those extra calories are not getting burned up in your more active hours.

It is best to keep your calorie consumption lower in the evening and if you need to eat something shortly before retiring for the night it would be best to stick with protein.

It is important that you keep a caloric surplus so that you can provide your muscles with the materials it needs to repair any tissue damage brought on by heavy lifting. Following with the extra meal it should be kept small I would say an extra 300-400 calories of clean fuel for your system.

Use the scale as a tool to help you in achieving your goals, following a food journal and inserting an extra small meal a day if you still don’t see an increase in weight add an extra small meal a day, if you are training hard and adding muscle on its a sure good bet that when you strap that tape measure around your arm you will see an increase in size.


If you follow by these 6 steps you should be adding size to your biceps in no time. Train hard and stick with it, hit your biceps from all angles, train heavy and incorporate size building moves like barbell curls.

Put your mind into your workouts and your mind into your muscle, keep strict concentration on what you are doing and don’t let your mind wander onto other non related issues.

Make sure that you keep your workouts intense and train with the utmost of intensity, keep your rest periods low and don’t allow your heart rate drop to normal target rate between set’s and practice time under tension, to build muscle try to spend roughly 40 seconds per set and 30-60 seconds rest between set’s.

Don’t just stick to free weights alone or just machines alone, a good well rounded workout should involve free weights, weight machines and cables for best fully targeted results.

Set goals, if you have goals already keep a record of your results and if you see any areas that are lacking be sure to make any adjustments where necessary as so to keep progress moving forward.

Along with training smart you also have to fuel your system with the proper nutrients and plenty of high quality protein so it’s also important to eat smart.

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