Giant sets workout-for intense training

Have you ever had times you wanted to get in the gym, get done with it and get out, but sometimes our time can be limited when it comes to training and it never works very well when you have to hurry through a workout.

In some of my articles I have covered training systems that will intensify your workouts and can tend to make your workouts shorter, subjects such as supersets and tri-sets, but in today’s article I’ll be covering giant sets, this is a guide to a giant sets workout for intense training.

What are giant sets?

Giant sets are when you perform four to five or even more exercises back to back with little if any rest between sets. this is a great system to follow if you are in a hurry and you need to get in and then out of the gym and be on your way.

Giant sets are a great way to intensify your workout, they can increase your cardiovascular endurance, giant sets can increase the intensity of your workout by giving your muscles overload and pushing them to their limit as well as burning fat and to give your cardio respiratory response a boost.

You can perform giant sets for individual body parts, or you can perform giant sets for your upper body as a whole, and you can perform giant sets for your Leg training day, any way that you use giant sets will definitely intensify your workouts.

Their benefits

The benefits to doing giant sets are many, they will boost your metabolism, they will increase your cardiovascular endurance, they will save you time in the gym, and they will make your workouts more intense increasing the chances of burning more calories.

Giant sets are not only a great way to intensify your workout, but when you perform giant sets for an individual body part they will help to bring up lagging body parts.

For instance an example could be biceps, if you were to use giant sets for your biceps training workout, you could start out with barbell curls, incline dumbbell curls, Scott bench curls and concentration curls.

You can work all four of these bicep exercises within one giant set, resting for only a few seconds if any between each exercise and then once you have finished one complete giant set for your biceps, performing one set for each exercise back back, then take a one to two minute break before you continue with your next giant set.

Using giant sets for upper body

When using giant sets for upper body you can target individual muscle groups or your entire upper body all combined in one giant set. when you perform giant sets working the entire upper body is a great way to burn calories, when performed this way they will speed up your metabolism which is ideal if you are interested in losing weight.

If you work giant sets into your training program targeting individual muscle groups, this is a great way to put emphasis on individual body parts so that you can bring them up from a point where they maybe lagging behind other body parts.

For example if your shoulders are lagging behind the rest of your upper body you can perform giant sets for shoulders to bring them up from their lagging state, you could perform military presses, side laterals, rear laterals and upright rows all combined together in one giant set.

Between each of the individual exercises keep your rest to a minimum of only a matter of a few seconds if any rest at all, and once you have completed all four exercises for shoulders to complete one giant set, then you can take a one to two minute break before you perform your second giant set.

If you are new to training I would recommend between one and two giant sets per body parts or if you are advanced to training, that is six months or more of training, I would recommend no more than four or five giant sets per body part.

If you was to perform four exercises for shoulders at four giant sets , that would come out to an equivalent of 16 regular sets or five giant sets would be the equivalent of 20 regular sets.

Using giant sets for lower body 

When performing giant sets for lower body you can perform thighs and calves in one giant set or you can perform thighs alone for one giant set.

For example if you was to perform thighs and calves together in one giant set you could do squats, leg presses, standing calf raises, seated calf raises, leg curls and leg extensions all in one giant set, that would make for a total of six exercises per giant set, at the rate of six exercises per giant set, that would be the equivalent of 18 regular sets, if you was to do three giant sets.

Or if you were to train thighs alone for your giant sets, you could do squats, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls and deadlifts all for one giant set, at five exercises for thighs per giant set that would be the equivalent of 20 regular sets for thighs if you were to do four giant sets.

Body weight giant sets

Using giant sets with bodyweight exercises is a great way to include compound exercises which work more than one muscle group at a time. Using compound moves are great exercises for the purpose of being able to lift more weight which means building larger muscles.

When performing bodyweight exercises with your giant sets is a great way you can work out at home as well, so on days that you cannot make it to the gym for one reason or another this is a great opportunity to work out at home and it will save time as well when performing giant sets.

Giant sets with bodyweight exercises could include push-ups, bench dips, sit ups , crunches, leg raises , deep knee bends or and any other exercise that you can think of, or if you have use of a chinning bar, you can do wide grip chins or any other variation of chinning.


So there you have it, giant sets are a great way to intensify your training, and they can help to limit the amount of time you spend on your workout and get done with it quicker, especially if you are on a limited amount of time.

Giant sets are also a great way to get your workout in at home if you don’t have the time to make it to the gym, you can perform giant sets in your home with bodyweight exercises, or if you have workout equipment available at home then that’s even better yet increasing the variable exercise capacity that you can perform within your workout.

Giant sets are also a great way that you can incorporate an exercise program to accompany a weight-loss program for greater weight loss results, because when you perform giant sets in your training program, these will tend to increase your metabolism in which you will burn calories at a higher rate.

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