Gold’s Gym XRS 55 home gym system review


Gold’s Gym XRS 55 home gym system

Manufacturer-ICON Health and Fitness

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Today I would like to talk about a great home gym that I think is a real good piece of home equipment, especially for those days when it’s tough to make it to the gym. Then there are some of you that don’t like working out at a gym and would rather workout in the privacy of your own home.

Well, this durable piece of workout equipment is exactly what you are looking for if you are interested in working out and doing it in your own home where you don’t have to stand in line and wait to get your next set in, then this Gold’s Gym XRS 55 home gym system is just what you’re looking for.

Ideal for strength training

The Gold’s Gym home gym system offers full body strength training if your interested in just toning up your muscles or if you want to give your muscles an all out assault. It features a variety of strength training exercises that will allow you to build strength in your upper body and lower body.

It’s just like training at the gym, you don’t go to only train upper body and completely forget about training your legs, it’s important to get a full workout and train the whole package, that’s why the Gold’s Gym home gym system also comes with a leg apparatus so you can fully train your legs working the quads with leg extensions and the hamstrings with leg curls.

Gold’s home gym durability

There is one thing that I always look for in a home gym, is durability. Gold’s Gym equipment is known for its standard of excellence, they would never sell themselves short by turning out equipment that didn’t stand up to their specifications, precision pulleys and bearings make every movement smooth and fluid.

Padded adjustable vinyl seats offer support and comfort and you can change up your workout with the multi grip lat-bar that comes included, plus you also get the adjustable preacher pad and row plate.

Some additional features are a 125 lb vinyl weight stack, adjustable padded seat, adjustable preacher pad, multi position lat-bar and precision system components.

Gold’s gym background

The bodybuilding authority since 1965, Gold’s Gym is the original southern California bodybuilding gym founded by Joe Gold. Based on that history and experience, the ICON of health and fitness has developed Gold’s Gym home gym’s, weight training equipment, cardiovascular training equipment and more, all of which offer, a gym quality, total body workout.

What Gold’s Gym equipment has to offer can be enjoyed by everyone, yes, those with busy schedules and all in the comfort and privacy of your own home at any hour of the day or night.

Gold's Gym XRS 55


The Gold’s Gym home gym features a combo chest press/butterfly arm, 330 lbs maximum resistance, high and low pulleys, 4 role leg developer, manufacturers warranty included.

Assembled dimensions 77″L x 43″ w x 82.5″h.

*Item may ship in more than 1 box and may arrive separately.

*125 lb vinyl weight stack.

*Combination chest press/fly station.

*4 foam leg developer, upper and lower pulley, padded adjustable vinyl seat.

*Workout accessories included, lat bar, strap with handle, preacher pad, row plate.

*300 lbs weight capacity, 90 day warranty.

*Product information, black/yellow/gray.

Designed for versatility

This makes for a great home gym, you can design a real good workout based around the Gold’s Gym home gym. This home gym comes with a chest press and a butterfly station which are both great for working chest and if you like giving your muscles a workout with super sets, the chest press and butterflies work great together.

The lat apparatus designed for lat pull downs is great for working the back. The lat pull downs give your back the appearance of that v shape. You can also use the lat apparatus for triceps push downs. I also like using the lat apparatus for cable pull overs.

The leg apparatus is great for developing the thigh muscles. The Gold’s Gym home gym comes with the 4 foam leg developer, the leg extensions work the quad muscles (front of the thigh) leg extensions are not a great exercise for building large quads but they give your leg muscles a great workout and they definitely do their job when it comes to creating shapely thigh muscles.

When it comes to developing the back of your thighs (hamstrings) the leg curls do a beautiful job of doing just that. A well developed, shapely set of hamstrings add the finishing appeal to a developed shapely set of quads.

The pros

The Gold’s Gym home gym  is an excellent  whole gym all in one. It’s well constructed and versatile and built to take the impact of my most strenuous workouts. Built with durability in mind, Gold’s Gym products turns out one of their best pieces of home gym equipment yet, they have my satisfaction, guaranteed.

The cons

The Gold’s Gym home gym is a great piece of equipment and I really enjoy training on this one, but the only things about this piece of equipment is it has a low pulley but there is no cable row attachment, so to make up for this little setback, I sit in position, facing toward the Gold’s Gym home gym, grasp the lat pull down bar, lean way back and do cable rows in this manner and I find this does a great job.

One other downfall about the Gold’s Gym home gym is the warranty is for only 90 days, odds are if something breaks it wouldn’t be until after the 90 days and the cables will tend to wear out especially if you use it every day, but all in all, I have never found any equipment for my home gym that didn’t have some kind of downfall.


If you are interested in starting a home gym or adding on to it, I would recommend that you find something that you are comfortable using, that is versatile and durable and from my experience the Gold’s Gym home gym delivers just that.

I believe the price for this home gym is a steal for all that it offers,  but if you are looking to build a massive physique of a pro bodybuilder, it would be best to get a gym membership for a wider range of equipment, but for those days that you just can’t get to the gym or if you simply want to workout in the privacy of your own home, I think that the Gold’s Gym XRS 55 home gym system is an excellent alternative.

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12 thoughts on “Gold’s Gym XRS 55 home gym system review”

  1. I love the versatility and design of this gym. I had one for a long time but it has become old and I guess it looks a bit of an antique. I was thinking of buying a new one and just shopping around for reviews to see what people think about it. Thank you very much for this, you could not have come at a better time. Love it. will definately get it.

  2. Wow this is exactly what I’m looking for for my Dad. He is older but his doctor wants him to do some resistance exercises to build his muscles, but he doesn’t know where to start. He thought about joining a gym because he doesn’t have equipment but it would be hard to get him out to a gym every day and he really needs to be doing these exercises every single day. He has a lot of room in the living room and he would be able to work out and watch his Gunsmoke reruns at the same time. I know he would really enjoy that. I’m super excited to show this to him. Thanks for the great write up about this home equipment. Perfect. 

  3. I have ten years of experience as a fitness instructor.I have worked with many brands of fitness equipment. What I see here can be classified as a professional home fitness system.Almost all muscle groups can be trained – from the legs, passing through the arms to the back. And it looks very durable. This is very important. I think this fitness system is a great and complete solution for anyone who wants to have a small home gym.

  4. I really liked the review. It is very professional and great pics to go with the text. I have always liked home gyms as it is very difficult to get to some equipment to get my workout done. I like how you suggest specific exercises and ways to make the workout easier and more effective. It looks like a very good piece of equipment and would be something I would like in a gym in my house.

  5. Great review. Gold’s is known for their bodybuilding knowledge and techniques and now it extends to their equipment. I have loved working with all their stuff and using their techniques to build a physique in the most efficient way possible. I have tried several machines and being on the shorter side the length of the fixtures has not always been the best for me. I love using machines though for establishing a foundational strength and then moving on to more specific areas like working to focus on specific muscles or methods such as a certain rotation that would cause the workout to build a certain supporting muscle rather than focusing on the major muscle or muscle group the exercise is designed to work with.

    Great article and great research with the equipment though. It would definitely work for a very thorough home gym. for sure.

  6. Thankyou for sharing your website i like it i used to have my own home gym.

    The equipment is set for home use and you have explained what it does and what parts of the body will benefit from using the home gym how it may be easier to use the home gym than race to the gym outside.

    You have clearly explained that the equipment has information on how to set it up.

     The equipment you have has a great set up and explained clearly.

    You have given the pro’s and cons about the system very clearly explained, also explained that if you want the perfect six pack you need to go to the gym to achieve this.

    Again thank you for sharing it is a good website

  7. Thankyou for sharing your website i like it i used to have my own home gym.

    The equipment is set for home use and you have explained what it does and what parts of the body will benefit from using the home gym how it may be easier to use the home gym than race to the gym outside.

    You have clearly explained that the equipment has information on how to set it up.

       The equipment you have has a great set up and explained clearly.

    You have given the pro’s and cons about the system very clearly explained, also explained that if you want the perfect six pack you need to go to the gym to achieve this.

    you have explained how the gym works in detail and how it would be easier to do it from home if you dont fancy going to the gym you are still getting the exercise but without paying out more money as well

    Again thank you for sharing it is a good website 


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