Gym workout clothes – Tough sportswear review

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Right now with the current status of things there isn’t a lot going on outside right now, like such as your local gym that you like to train at, but sooner than later this covid-19 stuff will hopefully come to an end and we can get back to our normal routine working out in the gym.

Today I am going to talk about tough but yet comfortable sports training wear so that when we can get back to the gym, we can train in comfort and style with some of this tough training wear from the company Born Tough.

This is a product review for the company Born Tough, if you should click on an affiliate link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission but at no additional cost to you.

Born Tough Men Crucial Bounty TD Tank Black


A classic-fitting Tank-Top, The Crucial BounyTD Tank is a traditional fitting tank-top that is made from our light-weight Swift fabric which has been specifically designed for base layers. The Tank is breathable, stretchable and durable.


SIGNATURE BLEND Absorption evaporation technologies create a fabric that remains 99.9% bacteria free
SWIFT FABRIC Fabric specifically designed for base layers and athletic performance
EXTENDED SCALLOP HEM Ergonomic extended hem cut to negate shirt ride up when training
MILITARY DETAILING Military style logo detailing on both back and Front


Our Signature Swift blend is a light-weight fabric with 93% cotton and 7% spandex. While the cotton ensures softness and comfort, spandex adds stretch ability to the fabric, making it a perfect blend for base-layers such as shirts and tank-tops.

Born Tough Momentum Track Suit Jogger Military Green


The bottom part of our Momentum TrackSuit series, the joggers are made from our highly stretchable Momentum fabric. The joggers have elastic waist with drawstrings as well as elastic bottom cuffs. The joggers boast side pockets which have been ergonomically placed towards the top of the hip to minimize pocket movement and mitigate obstruction. An added feature of our joggers is the waist loop designed to hold shirt or towel.


Momentum Fabric 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
Two-Toned Design Unique dual colored design
Slim-Fit Athletic Fit for aesthetics and comfort
Ergonomic Side-pocket High on the hip to mitigate obstruction
Elastic Waist Elasticated waist with drawstrings
Waist-Loop For hanging towel or shirt on the waist


Momentum Fabric is our signature fabric for more heavy-duty use. Thicker than our other blends, the fabric is still breathable and is stretchable for comfort.

Born Tough Women Core Shear Halter Top Black


This perfect fitting Core Shear Halter is breathable, comfortable, lightweight and made to handle the athlete and workout beast in you. This is the most comfortable Halter you have ever owned because it’s not only comfortable but will withstand workouts of any level.

FLEXIBLE FABRIC Lightweight, breathable, and soft fabric made of 95% viscose and 5% elastane.
EXTENDED SCALLOP HEM No extended hems at front and back
DETAILING Best style wear for workouts and fashion with VINYL Born Tough logo
FIT Short and comfortable fit above waistline with tank top style


Our signature SWIFT sheer Halter is a blend of 95% viscose and 5% elastane lightweight and soft fabric. The elastane gives it a soft, comfortable and elastic feel which will fit your body accordingly. You can wear these as a base layer or wear them as you workout.


Born Tough Women Limitless Shear Muscle Tank Top Pink


The limitless sheer muscle tank is a comfortable piece of athletic wear you definitely want in your collection. Its design and material were specifically crafted for the female body. Extended hems and side seams were added for maximum comfort and flexibility. This lightweight, elastic product is not only form fitting and a perfect fit to your body, it is also great at enduring long workouts.


FLEXIBLE FABRIC Flexible 95% viscose and 5% elastane lightweight and soft fabric
EXTENDED SCALLOP HEM Extended hems cut for added comfort and to reduce shirt ride up during training
WEAR Perfect tank top best for daily fashion wear and workouts with Vinyl Born Tough logo


Our signature SWIFT blend fabric muscle tank is made of 95% viscose and 5% elastane fabric making it truly comfortable, lightweight, and soft. Because of the lightweight and soft comfort this muscle tank top is the one you would want to wear daily as a fashion statement and for your workout. The extended and cut hems are to adjust the tank to your body making you more comfortable.


These products showcased here are new arrivals through Born Tough and if you should purchase one of these products, I think you should be pretty satisfied with their durability and comfort.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy being able to have free mobility as well as comfort when working out in the gym or at home, I think that you should find any one of these products comfortable and dependable.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below as I enjoy hearing from my readers. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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