Healthy diets and weight loss-achieving greater results

Have you been dieting for a while now, and have you been on that dieting roller coaster? It’s that time of year now where everybody is trying to get in better shape, but are you seeing the results that you want to see? Or do you keep struggling going back-and-forth with your weight and seeing no real results.

Well if that’s you, have you set goals? do you keep a journal where you keep record of your successes in weight loss? these things are important when it comes to achieving success with your healthy diets and weight loss, achieving greater results may sound easier said than done, so this is what we will be covering today.

So if you’re excited about achieving better results with you’re dieting and weight loss, then read on because I think you will find many great tips and good advice for achieving better success in your results with setting up a healthier diet and losing weight.

Where do you see yourself?

Where do you see yourself? In a month from now? In a year from now? do you see yourself still struggling to lose that excess weight? or do you see yourself trimmed down looking better than ever turning heads at the beach and feeling more youthful and energetic with more energy than you thought you ever had.

That’s where a big part of that lies, is where you see yourself in the future. it’s important to envision yourself in the future as to where you want to be to really achieve the success that you are looking for, because when you envision yourself in the future in this way as to how you want to look and feel this will help open the doorway to you actually achieving those results.

It’s all a matter of knowing where you are going, shooting for that marked result that you are looking for and then actually see yourself achieving it. if you don’t have this vision of where you want to be, it may be more difficult to achieve the results that you’re looking for because when you see yourself gaining that victory, that is helping to eliminate any thoughts of self-doubt that you may have in your ability to achieve the success that you are looking for.

Keeping a journal

I would suggest that one important tool when it comes to losing weight is keeping a journal, you can look at the journal as being like a friend of yours, because you communicate your goals and ideas with a journal on a daily basis, you can keep track of your victories and the areas that you fall short on.

If it’s areas that you fall short on, then you will know what your weaknesses are and the key points that you will need to concentrate on. Say for example if you messed up for a few days with your diet and you keep record of your mood, you can go back and look at what happened and anything you can do differently next time.

Your mood can greatly effect your successes rate when it comes to watching what you eat. In keeping track of your mood changes, you can follow certain patterns that you may detect from your journal and take any necessary action for the next time you notice any similar occurrences in mood patterns.

Set goals

Whatever your fitness goals are, it is essential that you set goals and follow close to them everyday, without goals it is difficult to know exactly where you are headed. Goals can be like a roadmap, they can give you clear direction as to where you are and where you are headed.

There may be detours and road blocks along the way, but as long as you keep your destination in mind, stay focused on your journey ahead and keep moving forward, you will reach your destination.

Similar to keeping a food journal, a food journal is a tool that can be used for tracking your progress as well as other aspects that can affect your outcome either in a good or bad way. There are other tools that you can use that will help you with achieving your goal such as a scale, a mirror which will reflect your results as well as how your clothes fit.

Eating healthy

Anyone with a plan of weight loss in mind knows how important it is to eat healthy and keep their consumption at a minimum. Many people don’t understand what are the best types of food to eat, it is popular belief that what it takes to lose weight is to starve yourself, but this is a misconception.

A person can have success losing weight when they starve themselves, but it isn’t a healthy way of doing things, and after you go off the diet, it is likely that you will gain if not all, at least a portion of the weight back.

There are various types of diets that people follow, but the way of dieting that I was taught and have always followed and makes the most sense to me is eating a balanced diet with good sources of fruits and vegetables as well as lean sources of meat, such as chicken, fish and tuna, as well as a good supplement of vitamins.

It is important that you keep a well balanced diet for optimum nutrition and performance, carbohydrates are important for your energy as well as protein is important for muscle, especially if you are into weight training and building muscle, when you are on the diet cycle, you will need the protein to maintain the muscle as much as possible.

Importance of exercise

Exercise is important because of its many benefits, if losing weight is in your best interest, you will have much more success achieving weight loss if you include exercise in your program. You might find it helpful if I lay out some benefits of exercise and incorporating exercise on a regular basis.

1. Engaging in exercise on a regular basis can increase your mood, after working out people tend to be in a happier mood and more alert after exercise.

2. Engaging in exercise on a regular basis can increase your sleep quality.

3. Exercise on a regular basis can improve your concentration.

4. Exercise helps to reduce stress.

5. Exercise on a regular basis can maintain and improve your mental clarity.

6. Engaging in exercise on a regular basis can help to speed up your metabolism.

There are Various forms of exercise that can help you along the way on your journey, there is a wide array of styles of cardio training that will surely help you with your weight loss.

One of my favorite forms of cardio is the HIIT training, HIIT training or high intensity interval training is an intense form of training where all the time that you really need to spend training in one day is 15-20 minutes.

Other forms of cardio and specific training that are good options in helping you to achieve your goals in weight loss are core training, outdoor activities such as jogging, running, biking, swimming and hiking.

Then there are your indoor activities such as stationary bike, treadmill, other forms of cardio machines such as the Elliptical and home training devices such as the Bowflex.

And last but not least is weight training, when engaging in a weight training program for weight loss you will want to follow a higher intensity form of weight training to promote weight loss which will include lighter weights and higher reps, this form of training will not only prompt weight loss but will also firm and tone your muscles.


So their you have it, a general guide to following a healthy diet that will improve your results in weight loss as well as boosting your energy levels to give you the needed energy to power you through your workouts.

As well as various forms of exercise to boost your metabolism, I have included tools that you can use to help with your journey to better weight loss and management.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment in the box.

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