Healthy living, healthy lifestyle-add years to your life

January 18, 2019 12 By Neil Brown

Many people find that changing or improving on their way of life, whether it be fitting a workout program into their hectic schedule or taking the time to fix a healthy meal while on the go is a daunting task or figure it’s way out of their grasp to even bother with giving it the time,

I would like to go over some ways you can incorporate subtle ways into your daily routine that can get you on the right track to healthy living and a healthy lifestyle that in turn will add years to your life, get you feeling younger and give your energy a boost.

Keep energy high 

Keep your diet high in iron, iron can increase your energy and strength which is ideal if you keep a workout program. A diet supplemented with iron will help power you through your workout and give you the energy you need to give it your best, not enough iron in your diet can leave you fatigued.

Eat regular meals  

Many people who are on the  go frequently tend to snack a lot, they don’t take the time to prepare a regular, much less healthy meal. Throughout the course of the day they fill themselves with salty snacks, things high in sugar like candy bars or maybe instead of a healthy breakfast they might head out the door with a doughnut.

The problem with all that snacking is it usually is unhealthy snacks and all those snacks accumulate to more calories than if they had consumed a regular meal. When a person does eat a regular meal, they are often stressed from events throughout the day which can trigger a person to eat too fast.

When it’s meal time, eat slow and breathe between bites and try not to eat to the point of becoming uncomfortably full, if you follow this your digestion will thank you.

Interval training

This is something I have covered in a recent article, high intensity interval training (hiit) this works great for whipping yourself into shape, raising the metabolism and melting the fat away. This is also an excellent option if you have limited time and it doesn’t require any extra equipment.

Drink water

A glass of water macro shot

Make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated and drink plenty of water. Many people feel they need to consume soda or sports drinks to get an edge on energy but all that these drinks do is give you a false sense of energy that will leave you heading for a crash. Consume water and plenty of it and your body and waist line will thank you.

Eat lean meat like chicken, tuna and fish and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and you shouldn’t have a problem with low energy. Another little trick is try some srirach, or maybe spicy srirach, that can increase your metabolism, therefore helping to burn calories faster.

Cooking made simple  

I’m sure there are many people who would love to eat healthy but don’t have the time it takes to prepare those meals. The way technology is changing  things and making the way we live our lives more simplified, it only stands to reason that there are new products on the market that do just that.

For example there are smartphone controlled crock pots that all you have to do is set your evenings meal up ahead of time, set your smartphone to the desired time for cooking, when you come home from work your dinner is ready, it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

There are many other microwavable options that are healthy, especially for those that have little time for cooking. Steam cooked vegetables are an excellent source of nutrition that only takes seconds to prepare, from there it all comes down to what you decide to add, extra salt and butter are good to taste but just keep it to a minimum.


Meditation is another positive idea you can do to help alleviate stress from your day. Before bed is an important time to relieve yourself of built up tensions, if not, you may find yourself tired and sluggish looking for quick fixes to help you through the day such as high energy drinks that contain a lot of sugar that can sit heavy around your midsection.

Meditation can help you to focus and redirect your thoughts which is important for mental health, it can increase awareness of yourself and improve concentration, reduce stress and anxiety and increase your attention span.

Meditation can also help to reduce age related memory loss as well as help with addictions and decrease blood pressure.

A beautiful thing about meditation is you can do it anywhere. It doesn’t only need to be in your home and just before bed time, it’s also a great time to meditate upon getting up in the morning, it can ease and prepare your mind before you start your day.

There can be many circumstances throughout the day that can lead a person to stress, such as meetings or presentations. That’s a perfect time to step aside, take a deep breath and spend some time on meditation.


Health is a very important aspect, if you don’t have your health, then that doesn’t leave you with much, mental health is just as important. A good thing to get started with is write down a list of goals for things that you feel you could really use some work on, make a list of the small steps you need to take to achieve success at the larger obstacles.

You can’t expect all this to happen over night, a lot of times the bigger, more important things in life need a little time and persistence to take shape but I believe in you and I know you can do it, keep pushing forward and you can achieve a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that you can feel good about.

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