How do you change your life for the better? Live for your fitness

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Today I would like to shine some light upon the positive aspect of having a physical fitness regimen and not only using it to build up on your own goals and motivation factors, but also for the benefit and encouragement of others. Exercise and a wellness of being are not only beneficial from our own standpoint, but also for the benefit of others.

It is when we can do little things that can inspire others is when you are making your fitness journey a positive aspect for others. This can also not only be beneficial for the other person that may benefit from your guidance or motivation, but it is also a beneficial factor for yourself because you are not only improving your own physical fitness, but also your heart health and mental well-being.

How do you change your life for the better? Do you live for your fitness and training? do you use this to help benefit others? if you find that you are a motivating factor in someone else’s life, it can be one small step in changing your life for the better.

How can we benefit others?

This can seem like a pretty legitimate question! how can we benefit others with our fitness training and healthy lifestyle? it should be pretty straightforward, if you spend much time in the gym at all, you will probably notice how some people train together, this it is always a big thing when it comes to motivating someone else and helping them out with their fitness journey.

Another way that you can help to benefit someone else’s fitness goals for motivation is simply helping them out, whether it is verbally or through an example. First of all if you were to help someone out verbally, you might see someone that looks like they just are not feeling the motivation, and that can be present in the way they work out or simply their demeanor.

If someone appears like they could use a little motivation, simply go over and compliment them on what a good job they are doing just simply by showing up at the gym every day, you can tell them, “that is an incentive to me”, I bet if you tell them that they inspired you, their motivation will start showing.

When you give someone else positive feedback, how does that effect you? I bet that it gives you a positive feeling. Of course if they don’t come to the gym everyday you won’t want to compliment them for showing up every day, just be creative in how you give them feedback and see what kind of difference it makes in their motivational esteem and it will help to boost your feel-good mood.

You can also benefit others by setting a good example. Do you always give it all you have in the gym and train hard? If you pour everything you got into your workouts and let your motivation shine through, you will be sure to inspire some, maybe not everyone but even if you set a good example and inspire just one person, you will walk away after your training session knowing that you have been an inspiration in someone’s life.

Do you make it your aim each day?

Life can be a prosperous journey and it is up to you what you do with your life every day to make it like a well oiled machine, one that works in a better than functional manner and continues to function in a way that will produce productive results, both for your physical health and mental health.

Do you make it your aim every day to improve upon your physical health? do you set aside at least 30 minutes three days a week for exercise? or maybe you dedicate more than 90 minutes to your physical well-being every week, if so, that’s great, but if you are skimping by on giving your physical health the attention it needs, you will feel it in your other daily activities.

When you set an adequate amount of time for your physical health every week, I would recommend at least 90 minutes per week, you are not only benefiting your physical health but also your mental health, likewise if you improve your mental health by setting goals and keeping a daily planner, this will help to motivate you to improve upon your physical health.

The minimal 90 minutes per week that I recommend for exercise should be at least three 30 minute sessions per week.

The mind and body work together, and when trained together on a daily basis, this can promote optimum results, similar to a well-oiled machine, one promotes stimulation for the other and vice versa, or for example when washing your hands, your right-hand wash’s the left-hand and the left-hand wash’s the right, the mind and body work best when trained to strive for similar purposes.

Physical training for the body helps to stimulate the mind, whereas specific tools for the mind help to promote better physical fitness. These tools for the mind are known none other than goal’s and a daily planner.

Goals and daily plannerFood journal with pears Apple's juice, bread and other food.

Goals are an essential part of everything we do that requires a desired outcome. There are short term goals and long term goals, short term goals are for a desired outcome for a relatively short period, commonly one week, one month or three months.

Long term goals are for a desired outcome in terms of for example, one year, three, five or ten years. Typically, if you are going to set a long term goal, you will need to set short term goals in order to achieve a long term goal.

For example, if you want to lose weight and you weigh 300 pounds but you want to get down to 180 pounds, you would need to lose 120 pounds, in order to reach this destination it would be a long term goal, but in order to reach this long term goal you will want to break it down into small goals in order to reach your long term goal?

A good idea of what is a good amount of weight to lose, typically two pounds a week is very achievable, much more than that and it may be difficult to obtain. To calculate this out at two pounds a week by 52 weeks in a year, it would take 14 months to lose 120 pounds.

Losing 120 pounds in 14 months would be considered a long term goal, but it will be hard to stay on track if you say you want to lose 120 pounds in 14 months? your long term goal will become much more achievable if you break it down into smaller goals.

Looking at this scenario becomes much more achievable when you say you want to lose two pounds in one week, or eight pounds in one month.

When you set up a goal plan such as this weight loss scenario, simply saying that you want to lose so much weight in xx amount of time isn’t going to be very helpful, you will need to keep a daily planner stating how much weight that you want to lose in a specified time and exactly how you plan on doing it.

A daily planner, you will want to keep record of your desired weight to lose, how much weight was actually lost, a daily plan for each meal and try to stay within this meal plan as close as possible, a weekly workout regimen and try to stick with your minimum allotted training time for the week which should be at least 90 minutes per week, three, 30 minute training sessions.

With these tools set in place, you should be able to accomplish your short term goals, providing that you maintain persistence. These short term goals will be used as stepping stones to accomplish your long term goals.

Achieve great things

It has always been in my best interest to achieve things in life that will make my life better and being a greater influence on others to help them in achieving their goals and putting the ability in their hands to help them achieve greater things in their life.

A while back I set out on a mission to take the knowledge that I have gained over the years and compile it into a website so that I have the ability to put my knowledge and experience into the lives of others so that it gives me the ability to help others in achieving their goals and making their lives a better place.

Through my hard work and dedication to bring my knowledge to help you with your fitness goals, I have benefited a better place in my standing by finding that my blog is in the top 200 fitness blogs worldwide through feed

It will be in my best interest to continue to bring you the knowledge that I have gained over the years to help you in fulfilling your goals and your weight training and physical fitness needs.


Remember that when you set out to reach your goals and make your life a better place, results don’t happen overnight, to see beneficial changes will take time, hard work and dedication. Never sell yourself short or give up, anything worth having is definitely worth the challenge in gaining and the pursuit of increasing your physical health and well-being.

Stick to a healthy way of living and keep following a healthy diet that will not only benefit your physical health but also your mental health and continue with following a physical fitness program that will be sure to keeping you feeling better and looking better.

Stick to your guns and keep pushing forward, and always remember to keep goals, both short-term and long-term goals, yes, they will help you in making your life a better place.

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