How to be a motivational coach in the gym

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Generally when someone is inspired enough to read a blog about motivation for weight training or fitness goals, it’s to motivate themselves, but have you ever stopped and thought about how much you might be motivating yourself when you are spending time motivating others to lift more, push harder and bust out another rep?

That’s what I am going to talk about today is the importance of motivation and not only how important motivation is for us on our own journey to bettering ourselves but the importance behind motivating others and the effect in can have as a whole. How to be a motivational coach in the gym will not only benefit the one you’re motivating but it will also benefit yourself.

Finding a training partner with similar goals

First of all its important that if you are going to be putting the time and energy into building your dreams and goals and you have someone training with you side by side, they should have the same level of motivation and drive as you do, otherwise they’re going to be a big hindrance to you.

If you are going to be putting the effort into being a motivation for your training partner, you have to get something back in return. Don’t sell yourself short by hooking up with someone you work with as a training partner who has the gift of gab, if all he does is talks your ear off at work you know full well that’s all he’s going to do in the gym.

The chances you have at succeeding in the weight room improve when you have a good training partner, there is nothing wrong with training alone, many people are successful at achieving their goals on an individual level, but for many there is great benefits in having a good training partner.

Inspire your partner to be on time

To be a good training coach you need to inspire your partner to be on time every day, you can’t be a good coach if you can’t be taken seriously. Remember, this is your time and if you’re anything like me your time is valuable.

You need to get in the gym and train hard, if you have any plans of succeeding with your goals, you need to find someone who wants to do the same so you can push them to the max and achieve greater results every time you go to the gym.

Knowing how to coach when lifting

I have known some guys that didn’t have any idea how to spot on the bench press, a guy would be pumping out some reps and when he would come to his final rep and hesitate a bit in the mid range of motion and the spotter would grab hold of the bar and jerk it up, it’s as though the spotter decided to take over the final rep as his own personal dead lift.

Some people don’t want any assistance until the final rep, others feel a little more assurance when the spotters fingers are under the bar through the entire set.

The best thing to do is to find out which way your partner likes to be spotted and likewise let them know how you like to be spotted. Doing this will ensure both you and your partner a safer lifting journey which will lead to good things down the road.

Coaching for good form

One very important aspect of being a good coach in the gym is watching for good form. If this isn’t given attention it’s not only affecting the lifters odds of achieving the gains that he or she so rightly deserves, but it is also putting the lifter in danger of injury.

Instead of wandering around bouncing your pecs trying to impress the woman nearby you should be taking note of your partner’s training form and let them know if they are doing something wrong so they can benefit from this constructive criticism.

Likewise when you’re turn comes around they can offer you some constructive criticism, it may just save you from a back injury when performing something of the nature of squats.

Accept constructive criticism

This may be a tough one for some people but accepting criticism is an important factor. No one likes being told that they are doing something wrong but don’t hold back from making a correction for fear it might hurt their feelings.

That’s why you and your partner are training together so you can both benefit together and take the good with the bad, no one is going to benefit and get better if any key points that need to be brought to attention aren’t going to be raised.

Motivate your training partner

Knowing each other’s goals is important so you can inspire upon each other the motivation needed to achieve your goals but you should also know what the why is in your partner’s training, knowing this can be of benefit when inspiring your training partner to get out that extra rep.

Share a positive attitude

Don’t come to the gym in a bad attitude, it can affect the level of success of your workout. If you’re feeling tired and stressed it will have a tendency to bring your partner down to that level.

If there are difficulties going on in your life outside the gym, try to leave them behind you as soon as you enter the gym doors.

It’s important to have a positive energy and to be a good influence and enthusiastic in order for you and your training partner to benefit to your fullest.


Just remember that when you help someone else out in achieving their goals that is also a major success for you, they may have never been able to make their success become a reality without you, likewise when you succeed with your goal, don’t be afraid to give your training partner due credit for helping you in achieving your success.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box.

Keep training like a superhero.

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