How to build a masculine physique

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For centuries men have had an interest in (how to build a masculine physique), but not many want to work very hard, or they lose interest when they realize just how much work it takes or how long it can take. Following a good training program will not only benefit you now, but many years yo come provided that you stick with it and be true to yourself.

Are you one of those people that love a good challenge and is ready to take on new things or new ideas with your weight training and physical fitness activities?

Well if you are one of those people that loves a good challenge, today I am going to be talking about how to grow in your physical fitness journey and be open to new challenges when developing the physique that you desire.

The challenges that I represent could be goals that you are setting, the mindset that you are taking on in a physical fitness challenge or anything that could be setting you back on reaching your fitness goal.

Building a muscular physique is not like the title of this post is apparently representing, building a muscular physique is not just for men, there are plenty of women that enjoy working out and building muscle and strength.

There are women that hold prestigious titles in the realm of bodybuilding as a sport and there are many women strength trainers that have held world championship titles in power lifting.

Whatever your gender is, next we will be taking a look into different aspects of how to build a muscular physique, the dedication that goes into it and an overall snapshot of motivation that you can trigger into your own training agenda.

Setting goals

We all know that in order to build big and macho muscles, we need to spend plenty of time in the gym working out, but how much of a success rate do we have if there are no goals set.

In order to have a clear visual of where you want to be within a given time frame, it is necessary to have clear and precise goals, not only for a day to day or week to week time frame, but for the bigger picture, like six months, 1 year, even 5 your time frames.

To get a good visual of where you desire to be within a specified time frame, it will be necessary to set your goals according to the s.m.a.r.t goal plan. A recent post I have talked about the s.m.a.r.t goal plan you can check out here, this will be beneficial for setting up your goals.

Your success rate for any physical fitness plan will have a much better success rate if you create goals and keep them logged so that you can keep track of them on a day to day basis, this way you will get a better picture of where you are heading now and in the future.

Anyone who has ever achieved greatness in their profession has always relied upon setting sound goals for themselves. Take for instance the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He held the Mr Olympia title eight times, went on to be a blockbuster in the movies, and even held the position as governor of the state of California. With a background like his and all that he has gone on to accomplish, do you think he went as far as he did without ever setting a single goal?

Over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career, he has set a whole lifetime worth of goals, and it’s apparent that he never gave up the fight until each and every one of his goals were accomplished.How to be smart with your training.

The proper mindset

Along with plenty of resistance training and goals, you will also need the proper mindset. Proper mindset is a necessity when it comes to your training, because if you do not have the right mindset, your mind will be far off distracted on numerous other things that can take you away from making the fitness gaines that you long for.

It can be difficult accomplishing anything beneficial in the gym when your mind is on work or a multitude of different tasks at home. We all have an abundance of things bombarding our minds every day, but it is necessary to set yourself in the right mind frame to accomplish your training goals.

For example, when you are setting yourself up for a heavy lift in the bench press, you will need the proper mindset and visualization of performing the exercise in your mind before you do the actual lift. This thing called visualization is an important part of getting your mind keyed into the physical aspects of your training so that you can make the most of your lifting to reap the benefits in the most beneficial way.

If you are in school and preparing for an exam, you will need the proper mindset to accomplish the task of mental preparation and the actual following through with your assignments in finishing the exam.

The same is true for accomplishing your fitness goals, you need to follow through with your mental preparation, the actual prospect of lifting the weight to completion using proper form and technique so that you can excel to the best for your benefit

Are you having setbacks?

One thing that can definitely put a damper on your training is any number of setbacks. Setbacks can set you up for a great disadvantage with making the progress that you long for with your training, whether if you are working out to develop big muscles, developing strength or physical preparation for the sport of your choice.

Setbacks can come in any number of forms such as minor muscle strains, pulls or they can be full-blown injuries or even over training the muscle which will result in the lack of progress if any progress at all.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are at training, if you have been training for a month, six months or even ten years, setbacks and the dreaded outcome from them can strike any one of us at any time.

The most important thing is that you follow a system of goals keeping a proper mindset as well as following safe training techniques, then you should be able to avoid most serious setbacks by following these principles.

If you do suffer a setback, it’s not the end of the world, “what doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger”. Any time you suffer a setback, use that as a learning tool so that you can avoid from making the same possible mistake again.Starting up a weight training program.

Setting up a program

If you have been interested in building a muscular physique and are new to training, the first thing that you will need to do is set up a training program. Setting up a training program can be best accomplished first of all by defining what your goals for physical fitness are.

If you state that you want to develop big muscles, that isn’t enough, you will need to physically write down in a journal precisely what your goals are and have a definitive way that you plan on accomplishing your goal and have a set time frame that you plan to accomplish your goal.

If your goal is to build a masculine physique, this is best acquired through resistance training with a combination of free weights, weight machines and body weight exercises. It is best to perform exercises with a weight that you can achieve with a repetition range of 8 to 12 reps maxing out on your final repetition.

If you can accomplish more than 12 repetitions with your chosen weight, it might be in your best interest to adjust the weight heavier until you can accomplish the rep range of 8 to12 repetitions.

If your goal is to develop firm and toned muscles for that Greek God appearance, you can follow the same principles as stated above, except choose a slightly lighter weight that you can perform a rep range of 15 to 20 reps per set.

Avoid finding yourself distracted by doing things like taking your cellphone to the gym, cellphones are a great piece of technology, but are best left at home or in the car.

Sometimes it can be difficult to pry ourselves away from distractions, but the time we spend at the gym or training at home is for the betterment of ourselves and you will be doing yourself a great service if you give 100% of your attention to improving your physical health and wellness.

Getting positive feedback

A negative thing about today’s world is it can be difficult to get positive feedback in or out of the gym. Have you ever had the opportunity to receive positive feedback while training? If you have, have you noticed that your workout may have increased in productivity?

Ever since we were infants, we have had an innate need to receive attention or positive feedback, whether it be your mother when you were young or from a significant other in your adulthood.

The same is true when it comes to your journey of physical fitness training. Typically, the best way to go about getting professional feedback is to have your own personal trainer.

Personal trainers can tend to be a bit pricey and not everyone can afford one. But if you find it in your best interest to receive the proper feedback that you need to get the best results in the gym, or even at home,

You can check out this free personal trainer app system that can enable you to receive the comforts of having your own personal trainer in your own home.

Maybe following a personal trainer app isn’t for you. You could partner up with a friend with related fitness interests, having a training partner can have many wonderful benefits.

A training partner can give you the positive feedback you need, they will also be there to assist you with exercises that you might need an extra hand with to get that one extra rep or two out.

This final idea is YouTube, this isn’t your best source of positive feedback but it can be a great source of knowledge that you can benefit from to further your own personal experience with training and the betterment of yourself.Develop a masculine physique.


Developing that masculine physique doesn’t need to be drudgery and it doesn’t need to be something that we have to do alone. Don’t be fooled by the name of this article, developing a muscular physique isn’t only for men, there are plenty of women that enjoy working out and developing muscular physiques.

Eating a healthy diet is a major portion of developing a physique that has that magnetic appeal. You can spend hours in the gym working out but have nothing to show for it if you have a layer of fat covering up your muscles.

Eating healthy also gives you the fuel that you need to get through those tough workouts and gives your muscles all the vitamins and nutrients they need to recover and grow.

Another thing that can help to give your diet an extra boost, especially if the food you eat might be lacking in certain areas is a diet boosted by the means of supplementation.

You can check out one of my reviews on protein supplementation simply by clicking on this link here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop a message in the box below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.



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