How to challenge your mind-the motivated bodybuilder

I have always been intrigued by the concept of challenging the mind, if there is never any new challenges to face, life could become pretty boring, don’t you agree? Now I’m not talking about the challenge of getting your mortgage paid or overcoming any kind of life-threatening disease, I am simply talking about the type of challenges that can be brought about in our daily lives that increase our ability to grow in a positive way.

whether you are into bodybuilding, fitness, or losing weight, they all are going to represent a challenge in someway or form and if the challenge feels like it is too great, many people will throw in the towel and give up,¬† that’s when motivation needs to step in, so today’s subject will be how to challenge your mind- the¬†motivated bodybuilder.

What motivates you?

What is it that motivates you? if it is your goal to lose weight, is it simply seeing others that are in good shape? or pictures of healthy fit people in lifestyle magazines? do you keep a diet journal to log all your healthy, or maybe unhealthy habits throughout the day? it can be simple things that you do everyday that can inspire motivation to prompt the best choice to follow in your journey to better health.

When you find something that motivates you, do you act upon its positive message or do you shrug it off and continue on your usual way? Is it that if you feel like you act upon something that motivates you, do you feel like you will be bound for failure so why bother even trying? when a person sets themselves up for failure before ever even trying, they will never come to know success.

Success through motivation starts with you and a desire to achieve anything that you set your heart on. Arnold Schwarzenegger never won a Mr Olympia title without the motivation and the drive, he knew that he had to put all negativity and distractions aside if he wanted to achieve his goals.

Challenge your mind

challenging your mind is a great way to further activate your goals, in order to challenge your mind you need to set laufty enough goals, but not so unrealistic that you would never be able to achieve them.

For example in the bodybuilding realm of fitness goals, if your goal is to increase your bench press, you wouldn’t want to set an unrealistic goal of increasing your bench by 100 lbs in one month, but to take a more realistic approach at this would be to increase your bench by 10 lbs in that month.

Actually a goal of increasing your bench press by 10 lbs in one month would be a pretty lofty challenge, if you were to increase your bench by 10 lbs a month for every consecutive month for a year, that would be a 120 pound increase to your bench press in one year.

The next time you go to the gym on chest training day, challenge your mind to doing one more rep than what you did the last time you bench pressed.

If you train chest two times a week, that would be eight times that month that you would have worked on increasing your bench press, if you were to increase one rep every time you bench pressed, that would be an increase of eight reps that month which would be the equivalent of 10 lbs.

Another important factor that you can take into consideration when achieving this goal is having a training spotter to push you and get you to challenge yourself even further. This example can be put into action with any fitness or health goal that you have.

If your challenge is to lose weight, focus on how much weight it is that you would like to lose in one month, have a food journal to keep track of progress and see if you can have someone like a friend or your spouse to coach you through motivation and prompt you to challenge yourself daily, having someone to encourage you is much better than going it alone.

Focus your goals

When you focus in on something, you are looking at something in particular, whether it is near or far, your goals are similar in this fashion, you are focusing on something of great importance, whether you are near to what you are focusing in on or if your goal that you are focusing in on is a long way off.

When you are focusing in on something closely, you are directing your eyes and full attention to what you are looking at and not anything in your peripheral vision, this as well, is likened to focusing in on a goal.

When you are focusing or zeroed in on a goal, you are not sidetracked by any outside distractions, or at least you shouldn’t be if you are serious about obtaining what it is that you are driven by.

For example If you are driving to a doctor’s appointment in mid afternoon rush hour, it would be a pretty reasonable assumption that you are paying attention to where you are going and keeping your eyes on the traffic and not getting distracted by something that doesn’t pertain to your objective, and that is to get to your doctor appointment safely.

You should be just as focused on your goals, keep your attention on what your objective is and reaching that destination that you are striving for and not getting distracted by other things that could be detrimental to your success. Distractions during rush hour could be disastrous, so can distractions when focusing on a goal.

Strengthen your purpose

You need to have purpose if you are going to be serious about obtaining your goals, if you don’t have purpose it’s going to be pretty difficult to get yourself motivated. What is your purpose? what gives you drive to move forward? To help strengthen your purpose, it’s a good idea to put it into writing.

Keeping a journal for this purpose will give you insight as to where you are now, where you have been and where you are going.

Your journal can be like your own personal diary, it can keep record of where you are now and where you want to be in a given specified time, it can be used to keep track of small daily goals that progress and grow to become your fulfilled monthly and then yearly goals.

Keeping a record of your goals, your achievements, ways you can strengthen resolves and is a great way to strengthen your purpose, all for the purpose of gaining more vision as to where you are now and where you want to be and what you need to do and do better to achieve your goals.

Moving forward

Now that you know what motivates you, ways that you can challenge your mind, how to focus your goals and the importance of strengthening your purpose, now you should be ready to move forward and put your goals into action.

Imagine in the scenario of driving to your doctors appointment in mid afternoon rush hour, the drive can be a challenge, dodging angry drivers, getting around slow traffic all while watching where your going, especially if the route is unfamiliar to you.

Keeping your eyes on your goal can be a challenge especially if there may be a lot of other things going on in your life, they might try to slow you up but you can find ways to get around them, as long as you keep moving forward.

If the goal that you set out to accomplish is something new to you, maybe this is your first time you have tried to lose weight, keep your eyes focused on where you want to be, don’t back down and keep moving forward and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

The drive to the doctors office can be a challenge at times to keep moving forward, but the objective is to reach your appointment safely at a specified time, if you simply give up on your doctors appointment because it’s taking too long or its too much of a challenge getting there, you might end up suffering from the consequences of your actions.

The same could be said for giving up on your goals if it turns out that it’s taking a little longer than expected to reach your destination or if things get a little difficult along the way, if you simply give up you may suffer the consequences of a failed spirit and it will be less likely that you will try to make a go of your dreams again.

It is important to keep moving forward and avoid the negative effects of mental burn out or crash.

Your future

You only have one chance at life, life is all about your actions and taking control of your future, perusing your dreams, so it’s important to make the most of your time and treat your time wisely.

Don’t allow discouragement to creep in and get in the way, this is your dream, this is your future, keep moving forward and make your future something grand and beautiful to behold.

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