How to find motivation to workout-identifying your motive

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Do you ever feel like you don’t have the motivation to workout? do you feel that you just don’t have the energy or the time? between work and/or school and other tasks throughout the day seems to be consuming your time and energy?

Well today I want to cover a topic that many people struggle with and that is, how to find motivation to workout and identifying your motive. I will be talking with you about a list of things that will help you to identify your motive and will help you to follow through with a successful plan.

Write down goals and keep them posted 

It doesn’t matter what your mission in life is or what it is that keeps you inspired, you need to have goals, clear and concise goals to keep moving you forward on the path to your desired destination. Make a clear detailed list of where you plan to be a month, six months, or a year from now, write down every conceivable step that you can think of that will bring you closer to achieving your goal.

For example if you’re goal is to lose fifty pounds in the next six months, you would need to lose about two pounds a week, that seems pretty attainable, so you can make it a goal to limit your intake of foods that are high in fat, eat all lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables, write down that goal, keep it posted where you can see it every day and keep the outcome of your goal fresh in your mind and how good it will make you feel once you have achieved the goal that you were striving for.

That goes for working out as well, your goal is to lose fifty pounds, you will need to come up with a plan for cardio as well to lose that fifty pounds. Say for example that you plan to go biking for a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening, write that plan down, make that your goal, read your listed goals morning and night and memorize your goals, keep the fire of your desires burning in your heart with such an intensity that you can taste success.

Plan your workout ahead of time 

If you have a hard time staying motivated to workout, plan your workout ahead of time, try changing things up in your workout. If your original routine was to work chest, try doing chest and shoulders, or maybe abs and then chest. If you are accustomed to training by your self, next time have someone to workout with, a training partner.

If you are accustomed to listening to music while you workout, maybe find a different alternative to what you would normally listen to, maybe something with a faster beat to get your motivation going. If you’re workout that you need motivation for is to go for a morning jog, instead of going the normal route, take a different route, or if you are used to being in the city 24/7 take a drive out to the country and have a spot where you know it’s safe and go for a jog.

Be competitive to your prior records 

Being competitive is a natural quality that is ingrained in many of us and you can use that to your advantage when it comes to getting and staying motivated to working out. One thing that I have always followed by is keeping a training log, it helps you to keep track of how much weight you use for every set for each muscle group and it keeps track of how many repetitions you perform on each set.

If you don’t keep a training log, it’s pretty difficult to keep track of every set and rep that you perform, so how will you know how far to push yourself when the next training session comes?

For example, say last time you trained shoulders you did military presses with x amount of weight for 10 reps, today is your next shoulder training session, you will use the same weight you used last time but instead of doing 10 reps, this time you shoot for 11 reps, once you reach 12 reps then you increase the weight and work your reps up from there. Keep track of every exercise you do in your training log, this way you can continue to set new records every, if not most every time you go to the gym and it will keep your workouts more exciting.

Plan your workouts when it works best for you 

I’m sure most of us have pretty busy schedules and it’s hard to balance work/school, house chores, family time and working out, but if training is important to you as it is to me, you should be able to fit a workout in when it is most convenient, even if it’s a short workout would be better than not getting one in at all and even if you are feeling tired or a little stressed, you will always feel better after getting a workout in, or working out at home could be an option.

Try a training partner 

If you have a training partner it can keep your workouts more exciting and it can help with motivating you to push harder. Having someone to train with can also help with getting better results, they can be there to spot you and assist in squeezing out an additional one or two reps than you would have been able to do on your own.

Another option is a personal trainer, they will not only be there to assist you in pushing harder than you would on your own and for motivational purposes but a personal trainer is also educated in the field of training smart and a good personal trainer can give you coaching on  training tactics and healthful ideas for your diet.

Keep a training program 

If you are going to be serious about training and staying motivated, it is important to have a training program that you can stick with. If you workout and don’t have a something to follow by you will be aimlessly shooting for a goal, a goal that will be difficult to achieve with little direction and a training program is the first step that you will need to take.

This is your time 

There are so many hours in the day and time is something that you will never get back, so make the most of the time that you have, make every hour count.

What is your motive? is your motive to lose weight? is your motive to get into better shape? or is your motive to build a muscular frame? what ever your motive is, you need to have a vision, you need to have a goal to pursue, you need to keep your goal written down and keep it in view where you can see it frequently throughout the day.

Keep your goal with you, read it frequently throughout the day, memorize it, sleep with it under your pillow if you have to, but don’t ever let it slip to the back burner, your goal is the big ticket that will give you the greatest amount of motivation to keep moving forward, without it you will more than likely remain standing still.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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  1. Your article not just gave me ideas to keep myself pushing and motivating, it also gave me a lot of inspiration and the boost I was looking for. You are right without a plan nothing can be done in the right way. I think that is the most important lesson I learned in this site today.

    I’m also going to be following your other guides and hopefully redeem myself. Thank you for posting this inspiring and a useful article.


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