How to stay focused in the gym-your key to success

You take any great achiever in their field, they didn’t get there overnight or by not finding it in themselves to draw out the desire to achieve a greatness that would surpass the abilities of anyone else in their field. Many people who have made a search for success have not found it, it’s not because they aren’t as good as those who have achieved success, it’s because of one key principal that so many people have not taped into, that very important key principal that I’m going to talk about today is FOCUS. 

Focus is such an important part in any undertaking you do, it doesn’t matter if you are a top executive in a big name company or if you are a general labour building bridges, we all long to seek prominence in what we do. This is a topic I would like to put under the microscope and examine, no, we’re not building bridges, but even athletes and health enthusiasts need to stay focused, that’s what my talk will be about today is, how to stay focused in the gym, it is your key to success.

Putting things into focus  

Every morning when you get out of bed, you should ask yourself, what do I plan to accomplish today, you should write down a list of tasks or small steps you can take to accomplish one stride closer to your goal, if you can make one stride closer every day to achieve your goal, before you know it, you will have found your success, but in order to keep making those strides, you need to keep your mind focused on what’s most important to you. Any top achievers their field will tell you how important it is to stay focused and never allow your vision to become blurred.

In order to forge your focus so that it becomes as strong as a hardened piece of steel, you need to have a definite purpose and that has to be backed by a burning desire in order for it to be fulfilled. You need to have a definite plan and that has to be set in continuous action, you need to shut out all negative and discouraging influences and you need an alliance with someone who can give you courage and positive energy and feedback. All these aspects are important for you to focus on in order for you to achieve success in any undertaking.

What determines success  

Knowing what you want and that you will stop at nothing is the first and most important step toward your development of success, naturally there has to be desire, though that is pretty easily acquired, you need to have a definite plan, you can’t ever plan to achieve success if there is no plan set to take action, you need to develop good habits, the mind becomes a part of your daily experiences, fear is the worst enemy and that can be cured by forced repetition by acts of courage.

Once you build focus into your DNA, success will come, it is all dependent on you and how much you want success to become yours. Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation-6 rules of success speech is a good example of someone who understands success and how to achieve it. Anyone who has gained reputable success in any back ground should be taken notice of their dedication and hard work. Success is never just handed over to anyone, it is always earned.

Focus on goals  

Anyone who spends enough time in the gym to achieve they’re desired results, whether it be 4, 5, 6 days a week has apparently established in their mind the desire and drive to achieve their fitness goals, but is their mind into what they’re doing in the gym, or are they merely going through the motions while there mind is on something else outside of the gym. If anyone truly has a burning desire to achieve success in their goals, they can learn to train their mind to leave any thought that is not training related behind, as soon as they enter the gym doors and hit the training floor, their mind should be completely fixed on their training.

To help get your mind focused on your training, before you get to the gym, have it planned out exactly what muscles you plan to train, how many sets, use mental imagery of you training each body part imagining the muscles swelling, pumping full of blood, imagine the intense feeling of an incredible pump and imagine lifting more weight than you did in your last training session. If you follow through this process of mentally preparing your mind, you will be more focused on your training and more likely to increase your reps in a good percentage of your sets.

Your vision for the future 

Where do you see yourself three months from now, where do you see yourself one year from now, where do you see yourself five years from now. These are questions you should ask yourself, and when you have a solid answer, one that is achievable, you need to write it down and focus on it daily, visualize yourself achieving you’re goal before you have actually accomplished it, meditate on your goal daily, focus on positive energy and don’t allow any negative thoughts to hinder your progress, if you make it your focus, you can not fail, success will be yours.


If you use visualization to help you focus on your training, you are that much closer to realizing your goals, focusing on mental imagery is a very powerful tool and it has helped many to achieve success, not only can you achieve your fitness goals, but any endeavor  you seek you can accomplish if you follow through with practicing this powerful tool.

With practice, anything can be achieved, practicing on the things that will help you achieve your goals is always the most difficult part of the battle, because they always take work, it’s in a lot of people’s nature to want to reach their destination with in as little time as possible and with as little effort as possible, but anything that is worth achieving is always worth the effort, if you’re going to take the time and effort on anything, it is best to focus on each step that takes you through that journey and reach that level of success you strive for.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey and keep reaching for the sky, the sky is the limit and who knows just how far you can soar, the limit is up to you.  


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6 thoughts on “How to stay focused in the gym-your key to success”

  1. Focusing on goals is key to success in any field. Having clear goals and working towards them is far more likely to end in those goals being achieved. I write my goals at night before I go to bed for the following day. Then when I get up, I read the goals. It’s a way of making sure they are fresh in my mind before I start my drive into work.

    • That’s an excellent plan you have on forming goals, starting the day fresh with your plan and letting them sink in before moving on to the next task.

      Thanks for the feedback, best of wishes to you.

  2. I go to the gym for several reasons – to keep fit, to get away from the kid’s noise at home and to be able to think alone. My training routine is not exiting, maybe even just boring. So to keep doing it, I prefer to think about other things, like my blog: what I need to do next, what my new post will be about. The body is doing the weight lifting and aerobic training, the mind is at totally different place.

    What do you think about this setting? Would it be better to force myself to think about the exercises?

    I’m not a body builder, just a mid aged woman who wants to stay healthy and fit.

    • Thanks for the feedback, the subject matter I was specifically directing the mind muscle connection to is bodybuilding, it’s to help achieve maximum growth to the muscles.

      For the type of training you do it’s perfectly fine to let your mind focus on other things. Keep up the great work.

  3. Thank you for a great advice on how to stay focused in the gym.I am so impressed with the way you are making people love what they want to achieve by setting goals .

    I am a gym fan but most of the time I fail to continue my work out due to different reasons and stop it when I was about to achieve my goal.From now on I am going to have a future plan .


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