How to stick to your weight loss goals-even when discouragement hits you

Losing weight can be a difficult to to get through, and even when you think that you are finally starting to get somewhere with your weight loss goals then that dreaded plateau can tend to creep in and give you nothing but discouragement.

But don’t despair, their are many people that are facing the same issues as you. The drug market is flooded with an endless supply of weight loss pills and most of them do little if anything.

Today I am going to be talking about weight loss, weight loss goals and how many people are facing discouragement, but in this post I am going to cover how to stick to your weight loss goals even when discouragement hits you.

Today’s age

I’m sure you have noticed that in today’s day and age the food we eat is getting to have higher and higher fat content and with everyone being in such a big hurry to live their lives between work and school as well as house chores and family, not many people are spending much time on paying attention to their health and their diet.

Long ago are the years when the man would go out and work to support his family and the wife would be at home taking care of house hold duties and cooking and have a nice hot home cooked meal ready for when her husband gets home from work and the kids get home from school.

But in today’s day and age one income just doesn’t cut it to support a family of three or more. Now that leaves today’s families with both parents having to work and with the hustle and bustle of so many things going on in people’s lives it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

You can do it

Being so busy with everything in life between work and our own personal lives it can be difficult to spend much time worrying about eating healthy much less having an effective diet plan that is seeing us through to achieving our weight loss goals but don’t despair.

There are different ways that you can cook healthy meals with little effort while you spend the majority of your day away from home. Simply using a crock pot can make your life much easier all while cooking a healthy meal.

There are products on the market that are designed with that idea in mind of making meals simpler and healthier with people like you in mind because they know it can be difficult to juggle work and family and still cook healthy, but just because you eat healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that the pounds are coming of any easier.

Another plateau

Oh no, you have been trying real hard to lose those extra pounds, you took the time to go out and buy one of those crock pots and you have been real faithful sticking right to using every day so you could have enough time to cook a nice healthy home cooked meal and you have been watching your calorie intake but it’s been another two weeks and you still haven’t lost anymore weight.

You have hit another one of those dreaded plateaus, but you complain that the last weight loss stretch you had you only lost one pound, how could it get anymore discouraging than that?

What about cardio?

You what? you just heard me mention cardio? you ask, how am I supposed to fit cardio into my already busy schedule?

I know, I already talked you into buying that crock pot so that you can eat healthy with less time spent cooking because of your already busy schedule, now I’m trying to talk you out of more time to exercise when you are already out of time and energy from everything else that has already consumed your day.

You would be surprised to know that how little time you really need to spend each day exercising and just that little bit of exercise like taking a brisk walk with your spouse for just a half an hour can really accomplish a lot when it comes to weight loss and helping you feel better.

Things to leave out

We have all heard about you are what you eat and that’s true, if you put too much of the wrong stuff in your diet, all it will do is sabotage your diet if you’re not careful.

That’s not to say that you can’t have a little cheat meal here and there, but it’s a lot of these extra little things like soda, sodium filled foods like canned soup and canned vegetables as well as too much bread, many people have a weakness with bread but it’s one of those things that can really effect your diet with too much of it.

Ideally you should keep your bread intake to no more than one slice a day, try to avoid sodium as much as possible, if you have the willpower and with the help of reading food labels, if you have the time for that, try to cut sodium out of your diet all together.

What to put into your diet

It’s important to try to keep your diet as lean as possible and avoid things that have to much sugar, even too many carbohydrates in your diet can make losing weight almost impossible.

Its also important to take in plenty of protein, and the best sources of protein is white meat as well as nuts, legumes and poultry.

Try not to consume too much red meat which can tend to be much higher in fat, I know, it tastes so good, just try not to over do it.


I hope that I have helped you to uncover some helpful gems in weight loss, it all starts with you and what your goals are and how bad you want to lose weight, but with a little will power and the desire to stick to it, you can do it, you just need a little time to get through it, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

One final tip is when it comes to supplementation, it’s important to keep your protein levels higher and keep your carbs low, but with the aid of protein powder supplements can really help you with your weight loss goals much better than many of those diet pills on the market.

If you are interested in supplementation through protein powder, check out this review and click on this link.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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4 thoughts on “How to stick to your weight loss goals-even when discouragement hits you”

  1. Weight has always been an issue for me and I was brought up in a family who’s events always centered around food.  Yu never left the table without finishing what was on your plate.  You got asked if you were sick if you didnt have a second helping.

    My goal for right now is to maintain my weight instead of losing it.  If I am lose some unwanted pounds then so be it but for right now, I am satisfied with maintaining.

    Sodium is a big factor for me – almost an addiction.  Can you explain more why it is preventing me from losing weight?

    • Sometimes maintaining bodyweight can be as much of a chore as losing it.

      As far as the sodium consumption, when a person generally thinks about losing weight it is referred to as fat loss, actually a high sodium consumption has nothing to do with the loss of fat.

      In reality, to much sodium in the diet retains water in your system and causes fluid retention in the blood and surrounding other cells.

      A diet high in sodium retains water, therefore the water weight is why you don’t see the reduction of bodyweight. A good amount of sodium intake should be 1500 mg daily for a healthy diet.

      It also depends on what source the sodium is from, if the sodium content is from foods such as processed meats, those types of food generally tend to be high in fat content.

      Thanks and my best to you.

  2. Losing weight can be a challenge especially when you reach a plateau. Having too much of everything will no doubt affect your diet; moderation is key.

    Protein is very important in building muscles and tissues and I would encourage having vegetables and fruits incorporated into your daily diets. It is good to also have water which will hep to maximize physical performance.

    Thanks for sharing this review and I have no doubt it will be helpful in assisting people who are desirous of losing weight.


    • Thanks for your feedback, eating healthy is important for your health and losing weight but it’s a sure way to give you the energy needed to get through your day.


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