How to train for strength-upper/lower body split

Strength training is a different beast of it’s own, performing strength training moves is key in the process of developing strength. Strength training requires making use of compound moves for the bulk of your training, whether it be benches, squats or dead lifts, compound exercises will also help with speeding up your metabolism which will result in better gains.

whether if you are training for competitive power lifting, football or any other sport or activity that requires an abundance of strength, today’s subject has your training goals in mind on how to train for strength, developed around the upper/lower body split.

Set some goals

Goals are important no matter what type of training program that you are engaging in, goals are what set you apart from victory and failure. Whether you mentally repeat positive feedback in a repetitive form throughout the day or if you keep positive feedback written down in a journal that you keep at your side every day, it’s important to have some kind of mental clarity as to where you see yourself in a pre-determined time frame from now.

Compound moves

For strength training compound moves should be the standard for your training program, bench press, squats and dead lift are the three basic compound moves that you will want to include in your program as well as other necessary compound moves like bar dips, bench dips, shoulder presses, leg presses, chin’s and barbell rows.

Compound moves are important because they work more than one muscle group at a time, they will help in speeding up your metabolism and they will help you to burn calories at a higher rate. Compound moves should be done at the beginning of your workout because they take more energy.

For example if you came to the gym to get a leg training session in and you start out with leg extensions and leg curls and then move on to do squats at the end of your workout you would be to burned out to give it your best for an exercise like squats that take a good amount of energy.

Upper/lower body split

Strength training takes a good amount of energy and all those compound moves can really take it out of you, so it’s a good idea to split your upper and lower body into separate workouts. Back, chest, shoulders and arms would be on your upper body agenda and thighs, calves, abs and lower back would be on your lower body agenda.

A good way that I have always liked to pair up body parts would be to follow the push/pull method. On the day I would do pull muscles would be back, traps and biceps, on the day I would do push muscles would be chest, shoulders and triceps and on lower body day would be thighs, calves, lower back and abs.

Day one I would train push muscles, day two I would train lower body and day three I would train pull muscles, the next three days I would repeat the lower/upper body split and on the seventh day would be a day to recuperate.

Vary your program

It’s important to vary your training program every few weeks because the muscles will adapt to the same thing that you throw at them week after week and if this happens you will more than likely reach a point where you won’t see any progress.

So I would recommend switching your exercises around every few weeks, for example if you have been doing barbell presses for shoulders for awhile, switch it up by doing dumbbell presses for a couple of weeks or if you have been doing bar dips for triceps for awhile, switch it up a bit by doing weighted bench dips for a couple of weeks.

Incorporate isolation moves

As important are compound movements for building strength it is still important to include isolation moves in your workout, isolation exercises work just one muscle at a time, for example barbell curls would be an isolation exercise for biceps. As stated earlier you should perform the compound moves first in your workout when you have more energy.

For each muscle group you work, after you have completed the compound exercises you should perform at least one isolation move at the end of each workout.

An example strength training workout program for the day that you do pull muscles would be dead lifts for 5 sets, barbell rows for 5 sets, wide grip chins for 4 sets, barbell shrugs for 5 sets and barbell curls for 5 sets.

Notice how compound moves which involve more than one muscle group at a time are done first when you have your greatest amount of energy as well as the largest muscle group is trained first, in this case would be a combination of back and thighs because they are the two largest target area’s when performing the dead lifts as well as barbell rows and chins work back.

After you have tackled your back training portion of the program then your traps which are as well a target area in your back training and then finished of with the smaller of the muscle groups, biceps.


As with any weight training program it is of key importance that you start every workout after you have had a sufficient amount of stretching. Stretching is important because it will prepare your joints for a heavy workout and will help in prevention against muscle tears and injuries.


When training for strength and power moves requires lifting heavy with fewer repetitions and training in this style can be dangerous so it is of always importance to train smart and use a spotter.

When training with such moves as the dead lift and squats, it is essential to use proper training gear, weight belt and wraps for joints such as the knees to prevent from serious injuries, it is your job to make sure that you are taking all safety measures so that you can achieve your goals and not have to face any setbacks.

When training heavy can create a lot of stress on the muscles and lower back, I really enjoy having access to something that can give me good muscle stimulation for faster recovery time for the next workout, so click on this link and check out a product that I highly recommend that will give you the muscle stimulation that you need for faster recovery time so that you can get back in the gym and give it your all for the next workout.

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