How to turn off the TV, and workout

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I am sure many of us have spent a great deal of time sitting on the couch watching old reruns or watching Netflix movies. Do you need some help getting off the couch and working out?

It can be easy to indulge in high fattening snack food while watching these TV shows or Netflix movies, but you are never going to see the muscle gains that you are looking for, or see the scales tip downwards in your favor if it is weight loss that you are after.

Getting off the couch and working out may seem like a pretty easy concept, but it is a rather difficult situation for many to deal with, especially after you have worked a long day or spend all day in school.

It can be tempting to spend hours sitting on the coach without lifting a finger much less going to the gym and getting a workout in.

Today we are going to cover 6 different key points that can get you motivated and keep you motivated to get a workout in, regardless how tired you are, or how much you feel like spending time sitting on the couch watching endless Netflix movies.

How did you feel the last time you looked in the mirror?

I am not talking about just a quick look in the mirror, or checking yourself in the mirror here and there while you’re brushing your teeth. I am talking about taking a serious look at yourself in the mirror, and recognizing the key points that we need to direct our training forwards.

If you notice that your belly seems to be getting a little more pudgy looking recently, maybe it would be a good time to get in a bit more cardiovascular activity such as brisk walk on the treadmill, or maybe going out for a brisk walk or jog on sunny days.

If your goal is to build muscle, it is generally a good idea to periodically take a look at yourself in the mirror now and then to get an idea of how well your muscles are balancing out.

For example if you turn and take a side profile of your image in the mirror, maybe you might notice that the rear head of your deltoids is looking a little underdeveloped, this may be a good time to start implementing exercises that target the back head of your deltoids a little more.

Using the mirror doesn’t need to be a narcissistic thing, taking a look at ourselves in the mirror can actually result in our advantage if we use it as a tool for finding negative or positive points to work on.

It can help us to make decisions along the way on what areas need more work and what areas maybe you need a little less work.

How did you feel the last time you got a workout in?

Are one of your old pairs of jeans fitting a little tighter than since the last time that you tried them on? Well it’s likely that you have not been training hard enough, or you’re not getting enough cardio in.

If you are adding a few extra pounds on, which will definitely show up when you put on one of your old pairs of jeans, you might want to bump up your reps and rest a little less between sets.

If you have been getting in an extra cheat meal a week, you might want to drop it down to one cheat meal per week and eat extra lean the rest of the week and get some extra cardio in.

If you have been sticking to your training program religiously and giving it your best, it is likely that you should be feeling pretty good after getting your workouts in.

Likewise, if your diet hasn’t been up to par, you will not only feel it in your midsection but also in your training. Along with keeping a serious training program and diet program, setting yourself a goal plan will help with keeping everything else aligned.

Do you set goals?

Setting goals is one of the most important things when it comes to training. If you have not been religious about setting goals, it will be difficult to achieve anything that you have been working for.

Simply you will become like a ship lost at sea bouncing from one wave to the next lost and with no direction.

Similar to your weight training or dieting, if you don’t have any serious goals that you are striving to accomplish, it will be difficult to envision yourself in the future and exactly where you want to be.

How do you set your goals?

Athletes, bodybuilders, anyone in athletics and fitness, anyone with a dream from one end of the spectrum to the other set goals. Setting goals can give you a long-term vision while setting yourself up for shorter-term motivation.

Setting goals can help you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your time spent on the activity that drives you the most.

By setting yourself some clearly defined goals, it can greatly help you measure the achievements that you are making and you will see progress in things that you have once never thought achievable.

Goals will also help you to increase your self-confidence, and as you recognize your ability in achieving what you have set out to do, it will greatly enhance the odds of you continuing on with any endeavor with great success.

One way that you might want to start setting up your goals is to look at the big picture and determine where you want to be in five or ten years from now.

Break these goals down into smaller goals that you dedicate yourself to targeting to reach your long-term goals. Once you have set a plan of attack and start working on it to achieve those goals, keep them written down and never out of your sight.

This way they will never be forgotten and brushed off to the side, they will always be there in front of you encouraging you every step of the way.

Where do you see yourself one year from now?

Sometimes it can be difficult to put a picture with a place that we would like to be in a specific set time from now. But as with anything, practice makes perfect.

Practice setting goals, practice writing them and practice envisioning seeing yourself where you will be one year from now, five years from now or even 10 years from now.

Setting a sequence of goals for where you would like to be in a given amount of time will help you to not only get a clear picture of where you want to be, but it will also help in guiding you on a structured path toward meeting that destination that you want to accomplish.

Setting clear and concise structured goals and putting a picture with them of where you see yourself in the future will help with building pride in yourself in achieving something that you have always desired to do.

Never let anyone take this feeling of fulfillment away from you, it is something that you have worked hard for and earned.

Give it your best and never give up

Anything worth having is definitely worth working hard for. If you are working on something that means a lot to you, always remember to give it your best and never give up.

The longer that you have worked and struggled at something and may have made minimal gains, or maybe even plenty of gains, whatever the result is that you have seen from your hard work this far, never give up.

If you feel like the route you have been following to achieve a certain gain hasn’t been working, change the route that you have been going.

Following the same path and not seeing any results is similar to a hamster running in a wheel. It keeps running and looking forward, constantly putting forth energy to reach its destination, but just keeps going around in circles and never accomplishing anything.

Don’t allow this to happen with your training, whether it be weight training and building muscles or following a cardio program to lose weight or to get into better shape.

Whichever goal that you are striving for, never allow yourself to keep putting forth energy that isn’t accomplishing any results.

If you are struggling to find the results that you are looking for, search out content, there are literally thousands of blogs on the internet, or search out YouTube.

Again there are countless YouTube videos that have great content that will help with steering you in the right direction to fulfilling your goals, never give up.

For further reading, you can check out one of my product reviews on supplementation that will help with giving your energy a boost in the gym or at home.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box below, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “How to turn off the TV, and workout”

  1. Wow, what a motivating post! The look in the mirror in different ways you have in the past is a great recommendation. Although I don’t think I’ll be standing on a mirror anytime soon. It’s a very cool photo though!

    I don’t have so much trouble with watching TV, my problem is more work and time on social (as it pertains to my work)

    I agree that setting goals are the best thing you can do to begin accomplishing your goals. So simple, right? Wrong! I’m knee-high in goals and my workout goal seems to be last on my list. But your post is super motivating and I’m going to take it and take some action to love myself and to take better care of myself. 

    The time is now! Thank you for such an informative blog. 

    • Thank you very much for your warm feedback, so appreciated. I don’t think that most people are into standing on a mirror when looking at themselves, lol, but I thought it added a cool touch to the post. 

      I completely agree with you that work and business can make it difficult to get workouts in. Sometimes I have to literally drag myself away from my business to get a workout in, but I know that if I do, I will feel a lot better afterwords.

      I’m glad that I was able to give you a little motivation, that is something that makes dreams happen. I wish you the best and God bless.

  2. Hello there, Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article I know it would definitely be of help to a lot of persons as it has been of help to me. I must say over the years my Tv has really been a hindrance to a lot of things especially my workout sections and with the corona virus pandemic (covid-19) lockdown things got a lot worse…i would apply this tips on the article and video and hope for the best.

    • Keeping a consistent training program can be difficult, especially if you are busy or have things that you enjoy, I have the same problem and it never gets any easier. I still try to push myself to do what I know is right, and that is to get a workout in because it always makes me feel better afterwords.


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