Improve motivation skills-how it can benefit you

Have you ever had a hard time getting motivated to get to the gym and get a good workout in? Do you find it hard to stay motivated so that you can accomplish all of your goals or even in a timely manner?

Today I am going to talk about how to improve your motivation skills and how this can benefit you. Like many other people that have achieved greatness in their life you too will need to follow a distinct set of rules to help you along the path of achieving your goals.

Goals can be from what type of foods that you eat to changing your whole diet if need be, they can be small or large, daily, to life changing, whatever it is in life that you need greater motivation for, you can achieve it if you truly have the desire to do so.

Below I have a list of three key factors that will help you in achieving greater motivation and will give you the guidance you need to direct you on the path to a brighter future and success.

Loss of motivation

Do you ever suffer from a loss of motivation? maybe it could be a lack of motivation simply to get out of bed in the morning and get your shoes on and get off to work or school, or is it that you have too many other things going on in your life and this makes it difficult to stay motivated on one particular task like your self improvement.

Sometimes life can become bogged down with all the daily tasks that we all need to keep up with, like work, school, family matters and a whole mess of other things that can become intertwined to make our lives more complex.

Well today I would like to take a look at some steps that you can do to help with increasing your motivation, whether it be to get too the gym and get a good workout in or motivation to lose weight or simply just to get into better shape.

Keeping a journal

I have always found that it is very important to keep a daily journal of your goals and daily plans as to how you want to achieve your goal each little step by step process that reaches the ultimate achievement that you are seeking for.

It is important to keep this journal so that you can track your records, whether it be weight training and muscle growth, or for weight-loss and tracking your daily food intake or your calorie consumption.

Simply keeping a record of these things will help you in achieving your goal because if you don’t keep these things written down then then what will you use as a guide, it is necessary to have these little things as guidelines to follow or like little markers to help you along your trail that is leading you to your victory.

Who you surround yourself with

It has always been a common knowledge thing that who you surround yourself with will rub off on you and be the factor in which direction you will head in yourself.

Surround yourself with others who are motivated and do well in their own accomplishments, this will serve as a great motivation as to what you want to achieve and how well you will see results, as well you will need to keep a positive mind set and always believe in yourself and your own abilities.

All the people out there that have made great accomplishments in their life, they haven’t reached the point that they have by finding themselves around negative people, they have found themselves where they are at today because they have not only found themselves around positive minded people but also used other guidelines that I have laid out like keeping progress reports and keeping a list of goals.

Keep a list of your goals

Keeping a list of your goals has always been the key principle in achieving whatever it is that you desire in life.  If you keep a list of goals to refer to every day, this will help you in having a clear vision of where it is that you are heading.

Now if you take a person who has had a clear and concise list of goals that he or she followed by every day, they would have been using goals as a tool to keep the direction that they are heading, clear in their mind and use that as a guiding light.

But then if you took that list of goals away from that person that had been used to using that as a guiding light, they might find themselves a little distracted or even lost without having that guidance, especially if they become accustomed to using goals as a metric for guidance.


I hope that this information I laid out for you here today has helped you in boosting your motivation and given you some direction as to how you can achieve your goals, just remember that if your goals are important to you, then it is important that you be persistent and follow through with whatever it takes that will help you in achieving your goals.

It has always been in my best interest to not only help with giving people guidance and better techniques to build muscle faster as well as losing weight but also to help guide them with motivation through their journey.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the box below.

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6 thoughts on “Improve motivation skills-how it can benefit you”

  1. Well, motivation is very important for anyone who wants to go into anything. Be it a business,  a training, a gym or yoga session, a competition or what ever, motivation is one of the keys of success and keeping that key up is really important. Having said that, it is very true that many people fail by not preparing and getting themselves motivated. I believe that preparing a list is really important. It helps to set a goal. This is a good post and I agree totally with you. Awesome!

    • Thanks for commenting, sometimes motivation can be low but it’s always a good idea to have some tools at your disposal to help with giving motivation a boost, you have a great evening.

  2. This does not just provide an interesting article to me, I got really motivated too. I do lose motivation most times especially when a new challenge surfaces and everything I have tried is just not working out but thankfully, I have people with positive mindsets around me who always help me back up whenever I’m down. Also, the part of keeping a journal of growth is the takeaway for me from this post. I will kickstart with doing that from tomorrow henceforth. Thanks

    • I’m glad you found some motivation, that’s what it’s all about. Surrounding yourself with positive people will always result in positive energy, thanks.

  3. Hello; I do believe that motivation is a key to moving forward. It might not matter how brilliant the idea is and how lucrative the business can become if there is no motivation to start there will never be a real business. 

    If I have an idea to have a business without a goal set to see a tangible result within the next three years and I am not motivated to start a business well there will be no business. It will be an empty idea at the end of the period.


    • Pretty straight forward isn’t it, you need goals and motivation to move forward with anything worthwhile in life, some people may even need a little motivation just setting a goal.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope you have a most awesome day.


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