Leg workout without squats-for tone legs

When it comes to leg training you generally see people squatting because it’s one of the best muscle growth exercises for developing the quads, but not everyone is into building large bulky thighs.

There can also be other reasons why someone would leave squats out of their workout program, if someone has a back issue squatting would be a bad idea, some people are into working out at home and they don’t have the equipment to do squats.

Whatever the reason, maybe could simply be a matter of preference. Working out isn’t just about bulking big muscles, many people are just interested in the fitness level of training, in today’s subject I will be covering some good exercises for a leg workout without squats for tone legs.

Leg presses

Leg presses have always been one of the best exercises for not only adding muscle to your thighs but are a good exercises for developing shapely toned thighs as well as strength and stamina.

Since the subject of this post is about toning the thigh muscles, the best way to perform leg presses would be with slightly higher reps, within the range of 15-20 reps.

There are different styles of leg press machines, some are in a seated position where you push the weight with your legs straight out in front of you, others may be at a slight angle upwards that you press the weight and there are other variations where you lay on your back and press the weight straight up.

Whatever style of leg press machine that you use, they are all basically going to do the same thing and perform the same function, from one style to another you might get a different feel to the exercise but the most important thing is that you perform the exercise with good form.

Squeeze the thigh muscle when your legs are extended and don’t bounce at the bottom of the move. Pay attention to how they make your thighs feel, if you are getting a good burn after 15 reps then they are doing their job, if not shoot for 20 reps.


Lunges can be performed with or without weights, if you choose to use weights, you can hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides or you can hold a barbell over your shoulders.

Stand with your feet together, take one large step forward squatting forward with your leading leg and then power yourself back with your leading leg until both your feet are together and then repeat with the other leg.

Perform this exercise alternating between both legs until you have completed between 15-20 reps with each leg. If you are new to lunges, it would be best if you perform this exercise without weights just using your bodyweight.

Once you have mastered performing the lunges then you can increase the resistance by adding weight.

Another variation of the lunges if you have plenty of room would be to take one large step forward squatting deep with your leading leg but instead of returning back to the starting position, you keep progressing forward with each lunging step you take.

Leg extensions

Some exercises are best for building muscle while others will develop the muscles to a degree, leg extensions are a exercise that are best for firming and toning the quads.

If your not interested in building big muscular thighs, leg extensions are an exercise that you don’t need to worry about. People who are into developing large quads often included leg extensions as part of their training regimen, they can add muscle size but they are more for obtaining a pump and add shape to the localized region.

For obtaining a physical fitness level of training and producing a pair of attractive thighs that are well toned and will make heads turn, leg extensions are a great option for achieving those results.

To achieve these results 15-20 reps are what you should shoot for, if you are not feeling a good burn after doing the said amount of reps then shoot for 25 reps, if you can do more than 25 reps then increase the weight until you can do no more than 25 reps.

Leg curls

Leg curls are a good exercise for developing the hamstrings or the back of your thighs. Leg curls are generally done with both legs simultaneously but can be done with one leg at a time, if you are using a home gym system they would naturally be done with one leg at a time in the standing position.

Leg curls you would perform for 15-20 reps curling your legs back until your heels reach your butt or as close as you can come and return to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner so that you are not bouncing the weight at the bottom of the curl.

Bouncing the weight when your legs are fully extended can pull or tear a muscle, if that happens you will be out of the gym for some time, so it is always necessary to make sure that you are following good form and a slow and controlled movement for best results.

Putting it together

Now that I have laid out an idea for you too assemble a training program, some of the best exercises to achieve your goals of firming and toning your muscles, you can now get started on a regimen that will not only give you the legs that you always wanted but will also invigorate you and help you to feel more energized.

Everyone is interested in feeling better and more energized but what it takes to truly get you on your way too heading down a path of feeling more energized everyday and through every task that you perform everyday is by doing something good for yourself like engaging in a program that will raise your heart rate and burn calories as well as improve your cardiorespritory system.

When following through this program try to do leg presses first in your training session because this is an exercise that will take more energy to perform, after you have finished leg presses move onto the lunges, lunges will take a good amount of energy to perform and will definitely get your heart rate moving.

After you have finished these first two exercises then move onto the leg extensions and leg curls. Perform each exercise for 15-20 reps but always aim for getting a good burn in your muscles, if it takes more than 15-20 reps then shoot for 25 reps and make sure that the weight is heavy enough that you can only perform the desired amount of reps.


After you have made the decision to get yourself on the way to a healthier lifestyle, a physical fitness weight training program will do wonders for your health and self-esteem but also if you haven’t thought about it, cardio would be a good option to add to your program.

A physical fitness program and eating healthy has worked wonders for countless people, it takes a lot of work and dedication and a mindset of sticking with it and seeing it through but you will thank yourself for it.

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