Natural versus synthetic supplements, which is better?

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Have you ever been faced with the question as to which is better, natural versus synthetic supplements, which is better? Well if you have ever been asked this question and have tried to face making a decision as to which one is a more sound choice to go with, I have put together some information that should make things a little more understandable and straight to the point.

Many people often wonder exactly what is the difference between natural supplementation and un-natural, many are curious as to what un-natural means and how is the supplement made or what is it made from.

If a product is un-natural, does that mean that it is something that will do you harm or is bad for you? so if something that is un-natural is being posed as something that will do you harm, then is an all natural product something from the plant food chain? If it’s made from plants, the question has even been posed to me, are these all natural supplements therefore made from poisonous plants?

That would be a little ridiculous

To say that these manufacturers would go out and put products on the market that are made from poisonous plants just because poisonous plants are from the plant category, or “all natural”. So does this mean that all natural products are made from plant choices that would stem from bad choices?

I have found that when putting information out on products that are all natural, there is much skepticism that comes into play and I think that it may be a little unfair for people who have not necessarily had good results from taking supplementation products that are considered all natural to judge them as something related to a shiny object syndrome or a marketing ploy.

Live healthy
Most nutritionists prefer all natural because they care about what they put into their system.

Either way, this general skepticism may not be taking away from products that may be endorsed by these supplementation companies or the marketers that put them out on the internet, but these products that are being put out into the market are scientifically tested and would not be otherwise put out on the market intentionally if they had ingredients in them that would cause a person harm.

There may be instances

Where there are supplementation products on the market that might have an adverse effect on one individual while not on the other, but this is generally due to each person is different, and their systems react differently to products or ingredients than others.

Another scenario is when a person who takes a specific product, there may be certain ingredients in the product that interact with other drugs or medications that a person is taking.

Natural supplementation.
Before purchasing a supplementation, always read the label.

If these products that interact with other medications do come into question, the supplementation products that have an adverse effect on individuals shown to be put into the crossfire and targeted as necessarily a bad product that is bad for people in general.

There are always ingredients

And reactions listed on supplementation products that should be taken into consideration and if you are going to start taking a supplementation product, you should check into it and make sure that you know what you are purchasing before you start putting this chemical into your body.

Simply because a product is considered all natural doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to have a positive effect with a designated outcome that you are looking for.

Natural products are simply made from all natural foods, and whether they are considered all natural or synthetic comes down to how they are made. All natural products are based from Natural Foods while synthetic supplementations are made in Laboratories and not necessarily made from all natural products.


Remembering proper nutrition.
The most important part of your diet doesn’t come in a bottle, it starts with a balanced diet.

Many times when these synthetic products are made, they can still have the same outcome effect as all natural products do, but many times weightlifters, physical fitness trainers and athletes like to feed their bodies and train their bodies with the utmost intensity and want to feed it the best products that they can put it into their bodies because their health matters. Often times people that want to feed their bodies healthy products choose to supplement their diets with what are considered all natural products because these products are based from all natural foods, which stands to reason that they are considered healthier and healthier choices come down to what a person’s personal preference is and what they feel will result best in their health and physical fitness training.


The choices that we make, whether natural or synthetic, are a personal preference, and if the decision that you are making is based on all-natural or synthetic, you should do your own research and come up with a decision based on what your goals are, if you feel comfortable taking the product and if you truly believe that what the product has to offer will really give you the help that you need.

It doesn’t need to be rocket science, but if you want to lose weight, you will need to create a stable environment for the weight loss procedure to take place, this requires a calorie deficit.

A calorie is not going to burn off on it’s own, just because you feed yourself a supplement, whether natural or synthetic, and expect the weight to just magically disappear.

Weight loss requires an active weight loss program, one that will require plenty of exertion through exercise, “the higher the pace the better”, such as HIIT training, and a healthy lean diet based on whole foods with a calorie deficit lower than that which would be required for you to maintain your body weight.

Once you have established a training program that works for you and will promote weight loss, and a healthy diet containing whole foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins and nutrients.

If at this point you would like to supplement your diet, research the product and make that decision for yourself before getting started on a supplement and wasting your time if it doesn’t work for you or interacts with a medication that you have been taking already.

In my own personal preference, I like to promote products that are considered all-natural, other words, made from whole foods products.

To check out a product review on an all natural supplementation product, you can check it out by clicking on this link.

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