Nuwave party mixer – for your easy blendng review

Nuwave party mixer – for your easy blendng review

October 14, 2019 0 By Neil Brown

What better way to have a physical fitness training program and have you’re pre blended smoothies or muscle supplementation drinks pre-mixed ahead of time for your pre and after workouts. Blending is made easy today with some really nice products out there, top of the line blenders for your dietary health needs.

Today I would like to talk about the NuWave party mixer for your easy blending, whether if you are blending your weight gain supplement, or weight loss supplement or smoothies, whichever way you are going, you are sure to find ease of preparation with the NuWave party mixer.


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Nuwave mixer & accessoriesNuWave party mixer three piece set for your blending needs.

The Newwave mixer comes with a power head 22201:

400 watts of power with on-and-off pulse button and power cord attachment.” Not for dishwasher”

the NuWave party mixer comes with a cover guard 22202:

*combination of cover guard and easy pour shield.

*dishwasher safe.

Pitcher 22204:

* holds up to 6 cups, 48 oz

* dishwasher safe.

Dual blades 22203:

* to blend your mixes to perfection

* dishwasher safe.

Pitcher storage lid 22205:

* used when storing your drinks, smoothies, etc.

* dishwasher safe.

Owners manual & recipe book 22206:

instructions, tips and recipes for your party mixer.

Nuwave tips to try

The chopping blades are great for more than just blending your favorite beverages, the NuWave chopping blades can be used for chopping meat, fish, vegetables, cheese and various other foods.

For finer chopping, increase the length of time you process.

For coarser chopping, use the pulse button for a few seconds and monitor the food texture.

Pre-cut larger pieces to help with evenness of chopping. When chopping hard foods ( e.g. meat, cheese) cut into 1-in cubes.

Use semi crushed ice or ice with holes in the center, this will help to increase the life of the blades.

Makes for a great giftNuWave party mixer set

If your looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, friend or family member, look no further, this NuWave package set is a great gift. This NuWave party mixer comes with three different sized mixers, depending on the volume of mixing your planning to do.

The NuWave mixer not only makes your beverage recipes easier to make, but it can also make for ease of cooking as well as mixing your favorite party mixers.

Would I recommend this product for a friend? I most certainly would! When I received this product and unpackaged it, I was first of all impressed with its durability and I have been impressed with its overall working capacity ever since.

The NuWave party mixer has been the highlight of my kitchen, mostly for blending drinks such as smoothies. The NuWave mixer makes my preparation of protein powder supplementation much smoother, as well my stepdaughter makes use of the NuWave mixer frequently for her weight loss smoothies.


There are many pros to this product.

  • I enjoy the different sized mixers, depending on the volume of mixing I am planning on doing
  • I am impressed with its durability
  • blade size and chopping ability
  • versatility
  • price


Opinions can vary depending on one’s personal experience, but I haven’t found anything negative about this product, I would highly recommend the NuWave party mixer for anyone who is serious about having a daily routine of blending health beverages for their personal health goals.

ConclusionNuWave small mixers for on the go.

I think that pretty well wraps it up for the many benefits that you will find with the NuWave party mixer, great for home use and shake or smoothie prep for on the go. The three different sizes in this mixer set make volume control much easier for your blended drink’s.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a message in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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