Hypothyroidism and weight gain-breaking the barrier

The thyroid gland is pretty important when it comes to losing weight and your thyroid gland can have an effect on your metabolism as well as your energy level, body temperature and your overall health.

Are you more tired than normal? does it seem like you are always cold, do you find that you keep going up in weight every time you get on the scales but you can’t pinpoint the reason why? well in today’s subject we are going to be covering hypothyroidism and weight gain- breaking the barrier.

So if any of these signs sound familiar they are signs of an overactive thyroid or (hypothyroidism). This gland that is located in your throat controls your metabolism, body temperature, how you use energy and other important hormones but it doesn’t stop there, the thyroid can also have much influence over vital organs such as your heart, liver, brain and kidneys.

An overactive thyroid can also cause increased nervousness, irregular heartbeat, anxiety and sudden weight loss. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism it can also cause an iron deficiency known as anemia which leads to a lack of healthy red blood cells.

If these conditions of hypothyroidism have been going on for some time and if you feel like they are serious, if you haven’t done so already I would suggest making an appointment with your doctor who can conduct all the proper tests for diagnosis, but aside from what your doctor may prescribe, it is going to be necessary to follow a proper diet and get adequate exercise to rev up your metabolism.

Why do you gain weight?

There is a definite relationship between thyroid disorders, body weight and your metabolism. Your metabolism is determined by the amount of oxygen your body uses over a specific period of time, if this calculation of oxygen is made in the state of rest it is known as the metabolic rate (BMR).

The difference with your (BMR) is associated with changes in an energy balance and this can reflect the difference between the amount of calories you eat and the actual number of calories your body uses. Many people have concluded that any changes in thyroid hormone levels which will lead to a change in your (BMR) can also cause changes in energy balance and any similar changes in body weight.

When hypothyroidism is treated

Hypothyroidism is definitely not a normal state and it is predicted that if you have lost weight  due to this abnormal state that you wouldn’t be able to maintain any weight lost after this abnormal state has been reversed, the use of thyroid hormone in treating obesity is not useful and once the hormone treatment has stopped, any weight that has been lost while on treatment will be gained back after the treatment has been discontinued.

Hypothyroidism (overactive)

Women are more likely to develop hypothyroidism than men and you are more likely to have hypothyroidism if there has been a family history of it. If you have this disorder you should eat large amounts of food containing iodine like kelp

One important trace element that is actually the most important element found in the functioning of the thyroid is iodine. Iodine creates the most important building blocks needed to create the necessary hormones to support bodily tissue.

In the next heading I am going to cover some important foods that you should include in your diet if you have an overactive thyroid.

High thyroid dietary recommendations

Foods that have a high source of iodine are optimal for better health and nutrition especially for those that have an overactive thyroid or hypothyroidism. These recommendations for a better diet will not be a cure for thyroid disease but they can help to regulate the thyroid gland. Listed below are some of the better food tips for better thyroid regulation and metabolism enhancement.

Eggs have a great source of iodine, in each egg you will get approximately 16% of your daily iodine needs. Eggs are one of those foods that you can enjoy in so many ways such as hardboiled, poached or omelet and there are many things you can top them off with like avocado.

Try plain low-fat yogurt, this one contains 50% of your daily value of iodine and you can top with your choice of fruit like blueberries and strawberries, strawberries are rich in iodine and you can include some nuts for added healthy fats such as Brazil nuts.

Many people that have thyroid disease have a selenium deficiency and Brazil nuts are packed with selenium as well as protein, fiber, calcium and magnesium.

If you like salads spinach is high in iron and you can add chickpeas which contain iron as well, approximately 5 mg of iron per cup. People who suffer from hypothyroidism can become anemic which means a deficiency in iron, and spinach and chickpeas are both high in iron.

Another important component for a diet with high thyroid is copper which you will find an abundance of in Alaskan King Crab which contains 50% of your recommended daily value as well as zinc.

Sauerkraut has probiotics which can strengthen your immune system otherwise you can use a supplement for probiotics.

Chia and hemp seeds are another important one you should include in your diet because of anti-inflammatory properties as well as being full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Beef is an exceptional source of food for the thyroid with thyroid boosting properties such as selenium, iron, zinc and essential amino acids which helps to increase the production of thyroid hormones.


Approximately one in twenty people will suffer from one thyroid dysfunction or another in their lifetime, the problem always consists of either an overactive or underactive thyroid gland, the majority of thyroid conditions are stemmed from autoimmunity in which they most generally are a genetic link with people that have a family history of thyroid condition.

There has been a lot of research done on this subject and there doesn’t seem to be much in line with a straight fix with thyroid disorders and the guide that I have laid out are not going to be a cure to the problem but hopefully with these suggestions can get you going on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. If you may be interested in top of the line products for weight loss then click here

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Can I speed up my metabolism?-tips to try out

It’s always a chore trying to lose weight or put muscle on but once you reach a certain age your metabolism slows down making it even more difficult to achieve your goals. Metabolism is often described as a metabolic rate or the amount of calories that you burn, the higher your metabolism the more calories that you burn and the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off.

When you have a higher metabolism you will have a lot more energy and naturally feel better. Can I speed up my metabolism? well here are some tips to try out. Today I am going to talk about the metabolism and things you can do to speed it up. When you age your metabolism can tend to slow down, but don’t despair, about the time your metabolism starts slowing down is around the age of forty but if you follow these tips on how to speed up your metabolism, you will feel stronger and have more energy in no time.

Well I have seen fourty come and go so I have had an interest in this topic more now than ever so I have put together a list of some good ideas on how to speed up your metabolism so you can feel the energy and strength that you have come to know and love, it doesn’t matter what your age, all the things that I am going to cover are important for people of any age.

You and your metabolism

Many people don’t understand their metabolic rate, an important key to losing weight is understanding how it works. One thing that can affect your metabolic profile is nutrition.

Your metabolism can change to match your food intake which can be good if you’re not planning on losing weight. If you are planning on losing weight, as you eat less your metabolic rate drops so as to maintain its homeostasis which is the ability to maintain internal stability to compensate for environmental changes., everything revolves around maintaining the homeostasis.

Homeostasis is when your body maintains an average temperature, so the worst thing that you could do is to eat less. So to lose weight the best thing would be to not eat less but to rev up your metabolism.

Understanding your metabolic profile is important when choosing the right approach, you won’t respond to a diet in the same way as someone with different genetics. Following a diet that works for others may work for a while but as soon as your metabolism adapts to the diet your following then your results will more than likely flatten out which is one reason why most diets fail.

Signs of a slow metabolism

Now to weighing in on some signs of a slow metabolism, first of all some typical signs of a slow metabolism could be bloating and gas if you are one of those people that needs to have antacids with you everywhere you go you are definitely not alone, millions of Americans suffer from some sort of digestive problem which could include heartburn, poor digestion and malabsorption, this can lead to nutrient deficiencies, bodily aches, inflammation, fatigue and a slow metabolism

Your hormones can tend to get out of whack if your metabolism is low, you can end up with dry and scaly skin and thinning hair. If you’re having troubles with staying warm especially in the extremities could be another sign of having a low metabolism.

Signs of a blood sugar imbalance can include a craving for carbs and eating every two or three hours otherwise you risk getting a short fuse if you go without eating and if you fill your need with sweets and get your sugar fix, after your sugar high tapers off then your left wide open for your afternoon crash.

How to boost your metabolism 

When your on a mission to lose weight it’s all about the foods that you eat and your lifestyle choices, these things that you do send signals to your body to move forward or break down, but once you know how to control your metabolism the journey is much easier. Here are some tips that will get your metabolism going.

After you finish eating dinner try not to eat anything the rest of the night so by the time you eat breakfast within two hours after getting up you will have gone for about a twelve hour fast, following this approach will prepare your body to burn fat when you wake up and if you eat one or two hours after waking up will help prevent your blood sugar from going up and down which will prevent your energy from dropping.

Try to avoid snacking and eat about every five hours you will avoid spiking your insulin and allow your body to dip into its fat stores for energy and to get a hold on your cravings be sure to eat lean trims of meat like chicken, tuna and fish and plenty of fiber for every meal.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is very important this alone can increase your metabolism by 25% the best way to do this would be to keep a water bottle with you and sip on it throughout the day except at meal time, if you continue to drink water while you eat this can dilute digestive enzymes that can break down food for absorption.

Another reason to stay hydrated is if you are dehydrated by just 2% can cause your workout performance to suffer, cause an inability to focus, decrease your alertness and promote signs of fatigue.

High intensity interval training

Other types of training like cardio doesn’t give your metabolism a boost like high intensity interval training (HIIT) does. The best time of the day to engage in (HIIT) is first thing in the morning, this will cause an oxygen deficit which in turn will cause greater fat loss.


Some people believe that once you reach a certain age typically around fourty your metabolism begins to slow and while this can be true you don’t need to remain stuck in this situation, there are plenty of techniques and tricks that you can do to reverse these effects.

Above I have covered a few facts on how to speed up your metabolism but to get you going on some more ideas I have added a list of further ideas on how to speed up your metabolism.

1. Eat plenty of lean protein like chicken, fish and tuna.

2. Drink plenty of cold water throughout the day except at meal time.

3. Do high intensity interval training in the morning.

4. If you lift weights, lift heavy.

5. Drink green tea.

6. Eat spicy foods.

7. Get a good night’s sleep, at least eight hours.

8. Drink your morning coffee, if your a coffee drinker.

9. Try yoga.

I hope that this information I have shared is of help to you and gets your metabolism going and gets you into the best shape of your life, remember getting older doesn’t mean that we need to start slowing down it just means pick up your feet and get moving faster.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box. 

Supplements for weight loss and muscle gain-con cret creatine reviews

Supplementation has always been an important factor when it comes to losing weight and keeping the weight off and building muscle and maintaining muscle, the benefits of creatine have been well documented and to get results using creatine monohydrate there is a good chance that you may have to load at a higher rate.

Today I am going to talk about a creatine hydrochloride that has been developed that is superior and has been awarded five patients called CON-CRET® and an advanced thermogenic formula called Burn to help you burn calories. These supplements for weight loss and muscle gain are a couple of the leading brands by Promera sports.

The science behind it

Concret creatine is designed by attaching creatine to molecules of hydrochloride which will lower it’s pH thus making it more water soluble so there’s less chance of it collecting in the bottom of your shaker bottle and another important factor with this product it can reduce digestive problems.

There are some people that consume regular creatine who may experience cramping and other associated problems and there is good evidence that people who consume concret creatine HCI don’t suffer from these unwanted side effects.

When consuming creatine HCI  because of it being more soluble and absorbing more easily into your system you don’t need to take as much of it and it is still just as effective, this hasn’t been conclusively tested although creatine HCI can break into free creatine and free hydrochloric acid in the stomach in which this environment already has plentiful hydrochloric acid in it.

There hasn’t been many studies done on the absorption rate between creatine HCI and monohydrate but there has been one study to support the theory. This study was done by the co inventor of creatine HCI which shows that 70% of creatine test subjects showed higher plasma after a couple hours from post consumption when compared to monohydrate.

Some might see this as more creatine was used but this is probably not the case. When you consume creatine it is mostly sent to muscle or excreted, there can be more creatine in plasma but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is more creatine in your muscle so it would be less effective than monohydrate, but it’s hard to say this is the case when this has been the only study done.

There has been a few studies done on creatine HCI and there is plenty of evidence stating that it is a more effective way of consuming creatine than monohydrate.

Con-cret creatine HCI 

Con cret creatine can be used by men and women who are interested in increasing their strength and enhancing workout performance. Con cret HCI improves muscle growth, endurance and speeds up muscle recovery time after those long grueling workouts, but then there hasn’t been a whole lot of clinical proof to verify this.

Con cret HCI is a concentrated powder form of creatine which is not found in other sports nutrition products, Con cret is the first product to contain a pure form of this substance.

The solubility of Con cret HCI can be absorbed into the blood at a very efficient rate, because of its solubility it can be taken in smaller amounts simply because it is easier to digest.

No specific dosage is recommended all that is specified is it depends on the goals an the weight of the user.

Con cret HCI holds a high position in the rankings although there hasn’t been much study done on the product to verify its safety, there is not much information on its ingredients or any health restrictions or side effects.

Pros and cons

This supplement contains a new form of creatine (purified hydrochloride) which received its patent in 2009, it holds a high position among its users and in the rankings. Con cret HCI is a concentrated creatine powder form that is easy on the digestive system and because of this it can be taken in smaller doses. Con cret creatine HCI also absorbs into the blood much quicker because of its absorption rate.

The con is their isn’t a whole lot of information on what all is in the product so is it real safe to use? as stated above there isn’t much information on its ingredients or any health restrictions or side effects.

Burn, advanced thermogenic formula 

Burn is a uniquely designed thermogenic supplement formulated to increase the metabolism and control your appetite. Burn is a supplement designed to optimize your body’s metabolism. L-Carnitine HCI transports fat into the mitochondria where it works with other metabolism promoters, more specifically purtea® (organic green tea extract) purcaf® (organic green coffee bean caffeine) and capsimax®.

Capsimax® is a natural fat burning aid which works to deliver maximum benefits from capsaicin, these natural sources all work together to create an advanced thermogenic formula.

Burn is an advanced thermogenic booster for increasing your fat burning experience. Burn accelerates your metabolism and suppresses your appetite, Capsimax® delivers the heat of capsacin without the burn, you don’t get the jitters or suffer from a post workout crash and it gives you a natural boost that doesn’t over-stimulate.

The most essential ingredient in Burn is from red chili peppers. Burn is a highly concentrated natural extract known as capsaicinoid. The benefit of capsicum is to induce lipolysis which is a natural fat burner in the body.

Pros and cons

Burn advanced photogenic formula pros are it accelerates your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. Capsimax® delivers the heat of capsacin without the burn, no jitters or post-workout crash and it provides a natural boost that doesn’t over-stimulate.

The con’s are basically what you would find on the warning list.

Do not use if you are sensitive to caffeine, always consult your physician prior to using this or any other supplements, if you experience any adverse reaction discontinue use immediately and consult your physician, do not take if you are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy or nursing.


Promera sports is based out of Massachusetts, a supplement company that offers pre-workout and fat burners, but their most widely known product is Con-cret which is a hydrochloride.

When you receive the container of the Con-cret creatine you will notice that it is pretty small, just 25 grams. The majority of creatine products suggest a 5 gram serving size but Con-cret just suggests 750 milligrams per 100 pounds of bodyweight.

According to Promera’s suggestions, because of its superior solubility, you only need to take a small micro sized dose based on your bodyweight and the intensity level of your workouts.

The Promera sport Burn is a quick and easy product to take and it gives pretty good mental clarity, it is probably best to mix it with a little extra water like a 10 oz glass vs a 8 oz glass because it can tend to taste a little strong but the taste is delicious.

You can give Promera sport Burn a try first thing in the morning as well at mid day, it works as a pretty good pick me up. It can help to give your mood,clarity and drive a boost a little later in the day when you may start to feel a little sluggish.

I would recommend this product for its mental clarity purposes as well as its benefits in fat burning.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box.

Get bigger biceps fast-6 training tips

Biceps have always been the big show piece and I have always loved talking about building bigger biceps almost as much as I love training biceps. I’m sure there has been an endless number of writers covering this subject but when the passion is so high for a subject such as training biceps, readers can never get enough of something that there is always a hunger for.

People are always looking for an answer to their questions and that is, how can I build bigger biceps? how can I build them faster? what are the best exercises to build my biceps in the shortest amount of time? well today I am going to discuss how to get bigger biceps fast with these 6 training tips.

Barbell curls are #1 for mass building

Yes you have heard it right, barbell curls are number one for packing the muscle on. The barbell curls will allow you to overload the biceps more than doing dumbbell curls.

One slight variation to the barbell curls are doing EZ bar curls, some people swear by this as the all time best mass building exercise for biceps, they engage the short and long head’s of your biceps and with the angle of the bar a lot of people find it to be more comfortable on the joints than the straight bar.

Barbell curls with a wide grip is another good angle to target your biceps with. Taking a wider than normal grip, wider than shoulder width will cause you to rotate your shoulders which will prompt more involvement with the short head of your biceps.

Put your mind in your muscle

This may be a difficult problem for some people to overcome is getting their mind into what their doing and exactly what it is that they plan to achieve as soon as they enter the gym doors, their mind wanders adrift worrying about getting through their work schedule the next day but if you allow this to take over your training time it’s going to cut your results in half if you see any results at all.

Your brain controls every thought you have and every move you make, the first step towards a muscle contraction is a signal sent from the brain telling your muscles to contract. By improving your mind and muscle connection you are increasing the number of muscle fibers recruited every rep you pump out, this makes for a better quality muscle contraction and a much better workout.

It is always important to put your mind where your muscle is, especially for a smaller muscle group like your biceps because in order to feel the continuous tension that you are applying to them and to get the full feel of the blood pumping into that muscle and to work them to failure you must be able to fully isolate them and this requires making full use of your mind muscle connection with no distractions.

Train with intensity

When training intensely it is all about what you put into your workout, you get out of it what you put into it. Increasing intensity in your workouts will help you to burn more calories but it will give your cardiovascular system more of a workout.

Using heavy weight in your biceps routine and increasing your time under tension will increase the intensity which will keep your muscle mass high and your body fat low.

If you keep the time high when putting your biceps under tension will help to increase your gains. A good rule to follow is the time under tension that you spend should be 20 seconds per set for strength gains, 40 seconds per set for hypertrophy and 70 seconds per set for endurance.

Increase the eccentric portion of each lift to lengthen each rep and you can pause at peak contraction and hold for 1-2 seconds instead of lowering the weight right away. If you spend 4-5 seconds per rep you should get some pretty good gains from doing 8-12 reps per set.

Another good way to increase the intensity in your biceps workout is to decrease the amount of rest time that you spend between set’s. If you typically spend 2-3 minutes recuperating between set’s you might want to drop the recuperating time down to 30-60 seconds between set’s, as long as you don’t rest so long that your heart rate drops back down to its normal beating level.

Incorporate free weights and machines

Free weights have always been an important key for developing muscle size. One major benefit that free weights give you is the muscles that it takes to balance a weight come into play which is something that you don’t get when you use weight machines.

Weight machines pose less of a risk as do free weights, weight machines help to regulate range of motion, besides weight machines help to add variety to your training and that’s an important thing when it comes to training your biceps as with any body part, variety helps to reach all possible angles in your biceps training.

Setting goals

Its going to be difficult to reach any given direction when you don’t have your sights set on any specific plan in obtaining a favorable outcome. Setting a goal for yourself is a way of fueling your ambition, setting a goal isn’t only about creating a plan to follow through with and then holding yourself accountable for it but it is also about giving inspiration for something to aim for that we once thought was never achievable.

Goals can guide you in a forward mental projection, goals can take insurmountable mountains and transform them into a more favorable path, goals can help us to believe in ourselves, goals can help you to decide what is most important to you, a goal can hold you accountable for any possible failures, a goal can help you live your life to its fullest.

Eat for size

Throughout the day your body breaks down its own tissue and replenishes it with new, it is important that you take in enough of the right kind of food to replenish your system. To eat clean, the kind of healthy muscle building food that you need to pack on the muscle you will need to eat more of it.

A good way to do this is to have a journal of your meals to keep track of your daily average meals and caloric intake, perhaps the best way to increase your caloric intake for packing on more size is to add an extra meal in per day, the best recommendation would be to add that extra meal in the earlier stage of the day, if you consume that extra meal later in the day those extra calories are not getting burned up in your more active hours.

It is best to keep your calorie consumption lower in the evening and if you need to eat something shortly before retiring for the night it would be best to stick with protein.

It is important that you keep a caloric surplus so that you can provide your muscles with the materials it needs to repair any tissue damage brought on by heavy lifting. Following with the extra meal it should be kept small I would say an extra 300-400 calories of clean fuel for your system.

Use the scale as a tool to help you in achieving your goals, following a food journal and inserting an extra small meal a day if you still don’t see an increase in weight add an extra small meal a day, if you are training hard and adding muscle on its a sure good bet that when you strap that tape measure around your arm you will see an increase in size.


If you follow by these 6 steps you should be adding size to your biceps in no time. Train hard and stick with it, hit your biceps from all angles, train heavy and incorporate size building moves like barbell curls.

Put your mind into your workouts and your mind into your muscle, keep strict concentration on what you are doing and don’t let your mind wander onto other non related issues.

Make sure that you keep your workouts intense and train with the utmost of intensity, keep your rest periods low and don’t allow your heart rate drop to normal target rate between set’s and practice time under tension, to build muscle try to spend roughly 40 seconds per set and 30-60 seconds rest between set’s.

Don’t just stick to free weights alone or just machines alone, a good well rounded workout should involve free weights, weight machines and cables for best fully targeted results.

Set goals, if you have goals already keep a record of your results and if you see any areas that are lacking be sure to make any adjustments where necessary as so to keep progress moving forward.

Along with training smart you also have to fuel your system with the proper nutrients and plenty of high quality protein so it’s also important to eat smart.

If you are interested in checking out supplementation for adding muscle size click on this link.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box.

Fast twitch slow twitch muscle fibers-analogy of muscle

The muscular system comes into play for such responsibilities of function such as maintenance of posture, mobility and control of various circulatory systems. Muscle tissue is typically divided between voluntary and involuntary controlled and morphologically striated and non-striated.

There are three forms of muscle tissue that perform a wide range of functions. First of all there is skeletal muscle that mainly attaches to the skeletal system, this maintains posture and control, then there is cardiac muscle tissue which is simply found in the heart where cardiac contractions pump blood throughout your body and maintain blood pressure.

And then there is smooth muscle tissue which is associated with the organ and tissue system, for example the digestive and respiratory system.

In today’s subject I will be covering fast twitch slow twitch muscle fibers in an analogy of muscle and how this topic can better help you to understand what specific methods of training can help you to achieve your own specific goals whether it be running a marathon or achieving your goals in powerlifting.

Fast vs slow twitch

Fast and slow twitch muscle fibers are different in many ways and also reflects in the names of these fibers, slow twitch muscle fibers are named such because of the speed at which they contract when stimulated, fast twitch fibers contract much quicker.

Slow twitch are also considered red fibers due to their being a dark reddish in color and fast twitch muscle fibers are considered white fibers because of their pale whitish color.

Us humans are designed with both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers, generally 50% of each. Slow twitch muscle fibers have a better efficiency at using oxygen, they tend to fire more slowly than fast twitch and can go for a lot longer period before they fatigue.

So you have guessed it, slow twitch fibers are great for marathon runners and cyclists, while on the other hand fast twitch muscle fibers use anaerobic metabolism to create fuel so they are better at delivering short bursts of energy but on the downside they will fatigue much quicker.

Fast twitch training

The best way to train for fast twitch muscle fibers would be to incorporate a combination of heavy strength training and speed training and Olympic style training. Hypertrophy of the type II, fast twitch fibers increases in power output and also helps to recruit type II fibers faster and also can change type I, slow twitch fibers to type II fibers.

Strength training and speed training can make for a very beneficial program for developing maximum force. When you train heavy with a slow acceleration will increase maximum force and when you train with a lighter weight with faster acceleration will increase maximum force as well.

Deadlift, squats and the bench press are good ways to increase your fast twitch muscle for maximum force so is running sprints and agility drills.

Plyometric and Olympic lifting style training are also effective fast twitch muscle builders, they do this by using (SSC) or stretch-shortening cycle which involves a pre-stretch followed by a rapid contraction of the same muscle and from this results the production of maximum force which would include broad jumps, vertical jumps, power snatches, power cleans and depth jumps.

If you are shooting for fast twitch muscle for maximum force training you should try to avoid any slow twitch training which would involve running, cycling and lifting lighter weights for higher reps, anything that involves a higher endurance or cardio should be avoided if you are training for fast twitch muscle fibers.

Slow twitch training

In order for you to train slow twitch muscle fibers you should work with a lighter weight for 12 reps and up, when you are training for higher reps you are engaging your slow twitch muscle fibers.

When training for any type of endurance activity it is important that you train for that element, this will help you to train for endurance but it will also help you to improve muscle support for your joints as well when training for an endurance event it is necessary to train with weights for muscle strengthening so that you can be strong for the endurance event.

First of all you need to train for higher reps, 12 or more, you need to keep your focus on a slower tempo and use shorter rest periods like 30 seconds or less, this is important for the purpose of training your muscles with time under tension and train to failure for maximum repetitions and always try to beat your prior record.

You will always need to be diligent about getting your cardio training in and it is a good idea to vary your cardio program between various endurance activities like running, cycling and swimming for a well rounded program.

High levels of cardio will help improve your aerobic capacity and will help to increase capillary density, the more capillaries you have the more aerobic energy you will have thus will give you more endurance to keep going for a longer period of time.

You will need to build up your endurance activities so that your slow twitch muscle fibers will be more efficient and less likely to fatigue. The best type of cardio training that I would recommend is interval training for longer durations. For other training that you can incorporate for your slow twitch training would be box jumps, jump squats and kettle bell swings.

Isometrics for speed

Here is an idea you may have never thought of is the idea of building speed using isometrics, isometric exercises are a great way to ad overall agility and speed.

When training fast twitch muscle fibers you don’t necessarily need to train fast, fast twitch muscle simply means that they are the fastest to fire and the fastest to fatigue, the type of training you do between the types of muscle fibers is not only reliant on how fast you train but also your training intensity.

If you was to do an isometric exercise holding your arms straight out in front of you holding a one pound weight in each hand for a couple hours a day you would be developing your slow twitch muscle fibers because the intensity over time is low.

Likewise if you follow the opposite approach and was to hold a heavy weight at arms length in front of you it would naturally be for only a matter of seconds but you would fatigue the fast twitch muscle fibers following this process.

So you ask, which is a better way to train fast twitch muscle fibers? isometrics or plyometrics, I’ll leave the decision up to you, isometrics build the strength of the tendons and ligaments while plyometrics tear down and can tend to inflame your joints.


When it comes to which athletes can exert more power at a given time and which athletes have more fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, it could be very well so that football players can jump higher because they have the highest amount of fast twitch muscle fibers due to the majority of the motions that football players contribute involve high velocity movements.

Most of us have different amounts of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers due to our training one type more than the other or due to genes. Questions come up on this subject as to which sport produces athletes that are the most elite in power? studies have been done but the findings are not 100% accurate but they do show that activities that calculate power, football players contain the strongest and the most fast twitch muscle fibers.

If you would like an extra boost to your testosterone to help you obtain your goals, click on this link or if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box.

Plus size thighs-beefing them up

Man doing squats.

Thigh training has always been a grueling training day for many, compound moves like squats and dead lifts can take a lot of energy but they are well worth it when it comes to packing on the size and building some powerful legs. Many times I have seen guys with very well muscled upper torsos but small legs in comparison, they like to build the big arms and shoulders to show off but avoid training legs because they don’t take the time to put the energy into them.

Today I’m going to talk about some of the best exercises that will build you a pair of powerful legs and pack on a lot of size as well. From squats to dead lifts to leg presses even the farmers walk, I will cover them all in plus size thighs and how to beef them up, be prepared for one killer workout, you may be crawling out of the gym instead of walking.

The striping method

No now don’t get me wrong, this striping method I’m talking about isn’t kicking off all our clothes, the striping method I’m talking about is after you complete a set to failure and slam the bar back in the rack you have a couple of training partners strip a plate off each end of the bar and then you continue with your set to failure and then have your training partners strip another plate of each end of the bar and then complete your set to failure.

Make sure that you carb up before this workout because it’s going to be a killer, this killer workout I’m talking about isn’t going to be benches or barbell curls, this striping method that you’re going to be undertaking will be squats, dead lifts and leg presses.

First attack, (squats) 

Squats are the king of quad builders. Muscles worked when performing the squats are quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings, erectors, trapezius, abdominals, obliques, upper back and lats.

Basically squats work practically the whole body and they can give your metabolism a boost so squatting is a good way to burn calories. Some people say that squats are an exercise you should do every day, I don’t know if I would go as far as to push that idea on anyone, even if you were to do deep knee bends every day would be a bit too much, your thighs need time to recover from workouts as well.

Squats create an anabolic effect which promotes muscular involvement throughout the whole body enhancing muscle mass. Doing deep knee bends (squats without weight) are a good exercise for beginners so that the new trainer can get a feel for the exercise and build strength and conditioning.

Once the person that is new to training has become good at doing deep knee bends and has worked up to 20-30 repetitions, then they can progress in their resistance training by graduating to performing the weighted squats.

When performing squats, especially if you are working with heavy weights it is a good idea to have a spotter, wear back support and follow good form keeping your torso as vertical as possible. 10-12 repetitions is usually a good rep scheme to follow if you are building muscle, if your goal is more in line with conditioning, I would suggest following a rep scheme of 15-20 repetitions.


Deadlifts are the king of mass building. The deadlift is great for adding an abundance of muscle to the lower and upper body to create a stronger and more muscled physique. The deadlift develops the entire back and the entire core area, in fact the deadlift is the single most important exercise for developing the core area and is great for rehabilitative purposes.

The deadlift strengthens the supporting muscles of the waist, back, hips, lower back and legs. The deadlift is also a great exercise for developing grip strength, if you don’t use wrist straps the deadlift will strengthen your gripping strength unlike any other exercise.

The deadlift is also a good exercise for developing the cardio respiratory system, when performing the deadlift with enough intensity, deadlifts will target the cardio respiratory system with maximum intensity.

Leg presses

Leg presses are another good exercise for building up the quads, hamstrings and calves, they are not the king of quad builders but they are a good way to build a shapely set of quads. Leg presses are not one of your better alternatives for burning fat but they are a more safer route to developing your quads than squats are.

When doing leg presses the stability of the machine and your positioning can make it a safer exercise to perform than the squats, squaring requires a good amount of balance and it’s a good idea to have a spotter but with the leg presses you don’t need to worry about balance or a spotter.

The leg presses are a beneficial exercise to include in your training program, they can be an efficient way to spur growth when incorporated in the right way. The leg presses target many different muscles, first and foremost is the quadriceps as well as the glutes, soleus, gastrocnemius, hamstrings and adductors.

The ability to stimulate more than one muscle group at a time makes the leg presses more efficient than other thigh exercises such as the leg extensions, although the leg extensions are a good exercise in their own right.

The farmers walk

The farmers walk targets nearly every muscle group, the core stabilizes the entire body and there is a lot of core activity involved when doing the farmers walk and naturally there is a tremendous amount of grip strength involved in the hands, wrists and forearms, strength in all these departments is a necessity.

The entire back, especially the upper back works to keep the shoulders and chest from giving in under the stress.

The farmers walk has for a long time been practiced by strong man competitions and is one of the best ways for athletes to increase their strength, stamina and endurance. The object of the exercise is pretty simple but the key is performing it properly, preventing injury and maximizing your results are of utmost importance.

To perform the farmers walk use a pair of weights, one on each side of you, generally a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells, you can use a pair of barbells with specially designed handles for this exercise, another option is you can rig up anything that will give you a sufficient amount of weight to perform this exercise with maximum benefits.

You will want to make sure that the weights that you use for this exercise are evenly distributed to avoid tipping, brace your glutes and core and push through with momentum keeping your posture straight standing tall and keep looking straight ahead taking small quick steps for the set distance and time allotted and when you finish the walk don’t simply drop the weights, set them down in a controlled manner for safety purposes.

How much weight you use all depends on your abilities, it is best to start out with a lighter weight and work your way up, only you are the best judge of what you can do, just make sure that you don’t go too heavy as to injure yourself, it’s always best to practice safety first so you are in optimal health to set new records tomorrow.

On that note of setting new records, the records that you set are all dependent on what your goals are and in how you perform the farmers walk.

There are two basic methods to performing the farmers walk, one is for time and the other is for distance. If the record you are planning on setting is for time you will want to perform the farmers walk straight through for a set time such as 30 seconds, if your record is for distance, anything set for a further distance such as 50-60 meters the farmers walk should be more of a sprint with lighter weights, if it’s less than 15 meters, allow for heavier weights.

The farmers walk will drain your energy in a hurry so it is best to perform the farmers walk at the end of a workout and 2-3 sets should be sufficient, anything more than that and you will likely be over training.


The exercises that I have laid out are somewhat of a guideline, you don’t need to follow through with your workout program exactly as it is laid out here because you probably won’t be able to walk for a week, if you followed through with four sets of the squats doing the striping method would be nearly enough to get through, much less followed by deadlifts, leg presses and the farmers walk.

If you are new to training you will want to seek the advice of your doctor before engaging in a strenuous workout that involves these exercises, always practice safety first so that way you can leave tomorrow open for new records to be set.

When performing the squats if following the striping method, it is best to have a couple of spotters so they can assist in striping the weights off and you will probably need at least 90 seconds between set’s to recover.

If you are interested in a supplement that will help you in recovery between workouts, that reduces lactic acid and restores electrolytes, then click on this link.

I wish you the best with your thigh training and record setting goals, until next time, onwards and upwards and keep training like the superhero that you are.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

Core fitness training-for greater core stability

Everyone should find interest in creating a strong core, whether you are bending over to pick something up from the floor or if you repetitively turn from side to side on the job or any of the many functions your core serves you day in day out, it can be real easy to suffer a pull or even injure your lower back just from doing one of your daily tasks.

The best way to avoid many of the setbacks a person may encounter from repetitive wear and tear and strain in the core region, especially the lower back is to keep a daily regimen of stretching and strengthening the core. Today I want to cover the importance of core fitness training for greater core stability and some good guidelines to follow to get you on your way.

Things to avoid

Some of the information that has been handed down over the years  on the best exercises for training your midsection are sit ups and crunches but these exercises are harmful to your lower back and do not promote a natural curvature of the spine when performing these exercises.

when muscle soreness occurs make sure that you drink plenty of water, make sure that you stretch your muscles throughout the course of the day and another good thing to include especially if you have muscle soreness is to have a post workout drink, this will aid in greater muscle recovery.

A good practice to be in the habit of is to use your legs and as little back as possible when bending to pick something up from the floor.

Muscles in motion

In core training to cover the abdominal muscles in motion are the Rectus abdominus  which covers the area from your sternum all the way down to your pelvis bone and it’s action is pulls the upper torso to the hips.

Obliques are located at the side of the waist, the muscles that make up the obliques are the internal obliques, transverse obliques and external obliques, there action is to tilt and twist the torso.

Intercostals lie between the sides of the rib cage, they come into play when you flex the torso and twist from side to side. Their action is in elevation and depression of the ribs.

The serratus are located between the front abs and lats, their action is in the pulling of the scapula forward and around like Rocky would do when he throws a punch.

Static exercises

Next I would like to cover some static core strengthening exercises. For those of you that may not be familiar with what static moves are, they are when you adopt a position and hold that position, I would recommend holding a position for 30 seconds.

Bird dog

The bird dog you take position on your hands and knees, extend your left leg up and straight back and extend your right arm out keeping your thumb forward, hold this position for 30 seconds keeping your core muscles tight.

After you complete the 30 seconds, return back to your hands and knees and extend your right leg up and straight back and raise your left arm straight forward pointing your thumb forward, hold this position for 30 seconds keeping your core muscles tight and return back to starting position an repeat ten repetitions.


The plank is another great move beginners can use as well as the bird dog. Like face down on the floor propping yourself up on your elbows, toes on the floor and raise your hips up of the floor and hold this position as shown in the image for 30 seconds.

If you are new to these exercises it may be difficult to hold your hips up from the floor, if you can’t hold this move for 30 seconds then just hold this position for as long as you can and work your way up.

Side plank

The side plank is similar to the plank except you take position on your side resting your elbow on the floor feet on the floor and raise your hip of the floor and hold this position for 30 seconds. After you have completed the move for 30 seconds, turn to your other side and repeat.

Hip bridge

The hip bridge first you will take position on your back, legs bent with feet flat on the floor, arms at sides, palms on the floor and raise your buttocks off the floor and hold this position for 30 seconds, do this exercise for 10 repetitions.

Ab wheel

The ab wheel is one of my favorites, for this exercise you will need an ab wheel apparatus as shown in the image or similar to this one, you can also perform this exercise with a dumbbell, the type that you slip weights on a bar as long as the bar extends out past the weights that you can use for handles.

Grab the ab wheel in hands with your knees on the floor and roll straight forward keeping your core muscles tight and return back to starting position. With the ab wheel you can alternate from going forward to side to side, this will work the obliques as well when going from side to side.

Benefits of core training

. Tightens the abdominals and improves your transfer of power.

. Train’s your muscles to work together.

. Can help with the aid in preventing of injury.

. Strengthens and improves the torsos stability.

. Can improve your respiratory functionality.

. Enhance neuromuscular efficiency.

. Improves spinal and posture control.

. Helps to stabilize and align the spine, ribs and pelvis of a person to withstand static and dynamic energy.

. Tightens and flattens the stomach.


I have just covered a handful of some of the basic core exercises great for beginners and any level of trainer looking to increase or maintain their core strength, but there is another great way to build your core strength with exercises that are a little more advanced.

The exercise ball is an incredible way to build your core strength and core stability, although using an exercise ball will be a little unstable and your stabilizer muscles will definitely kick in, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor first to make sure that you don’t have any underlying physical or health issues that could cause a problem.

I would recommend that you start out with the exercises that I laid out if you are new to core training, after you have spent some time on these exercises and you feel comfortable with them then you can progress into a more advanced core training program.

Click on the link I have supplied for a variety of exercises with the exercise ball that you can give a try, just make sure that you feel comfortable doing these exercises because some of the moves can be a challenge.

If you are interested in protein supplements that are great for losing weight, click on this link and check it out now.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the box.

Naturewise green coffee bean extract-for weight loss review

Matcha green tea.

Naturwise green coffee bean 800mg Max potency extract 50% chlorogenic acids raw green coffee Antioxidant supplement & metabolism booster for weight loss, Non GMO vegan & gluten free / 60 capsules.



Boost weight loss with these unroasted green coffee beans that are naturally rich in chlorogenic acids-powerful antioxidants that have proven powers to help reduce body fat by influencing sugar and fat metabolism.

This product review is an endorsement for Amazon, if you click on the link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission but at no additional cost to you.

The Naturewise green coffee bean extract formula is made with GCA®, a patented green coffee extract that is known for its high quality and potency capabilities.

These GGCBE pills are decaffeinated to minimize overstimulating side effects. Just in one 800 mg serving has roughly the same amount of caffeine as a cup of decaf coffee, so you will be able to enjoy the benefits without the jitters.

Naturewise green coffee bean supplements are made with only plant based ingredients with no artificial additives, Non GMO, vegan, and gluten free.

Another reason why I trust in Naturewise because it is a leading brand of GCBE, with thousands of satisfied customers and is one of the top selling health products, Naturewise earns the trust they have developed with their natural products that work and maintain outstanding customer support.

Your metabolism

Green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acids which are powerful antioxidants that influence sugar and fat metabolism. It has also been suggested that they can help with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and reducing body fat.

So you may look forward too your morning cup of coffee, but these unroasted coffee beans have their own capabilities that can help with getting your metabolism going.

The typical chlorogenic acid content in green coffee beans is about 6-7%, Naturewise green coffee bean extract is all pure. This concentrated extract is standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acids.

How does it rank 

Since this green coffee bean can boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat, it has been one of the hottest weight loss supplements. This incredible supplement has been proven to melt the pounds away with very little if any lifestyle changes, naturally you are going to get optimal results if you follow a balanced diet and engage in exercise on a regular basis while taking it.

It will boost your metabolism and burn fat all while giving you a steady stream of energy and it unlocks the power of antioxidants so you will get a overall health boost while you take the coffee bean extract.

“Green coffee bean extract reduces the absorption of sugar (glucose), increases calorie and fat metabolism with possible modest benefits” says Authority Nutrition.

With thousands of Amazon reviews, it’s hard to put Naturewise on the back burner, so what is it that they are doing right?

Naturewise delivers 800 mg of green coffee bean extract which is in the range of a typical dose given in research studies. Naturewise also uses an independent third party lab to verify the purity and dosage of its supplement.

Given the problems that have plagued the supplement industry when it comes to dosage and purity, so the capsules come in a vegetable cellulose capsule and includes only rice bran as a filler. Naturewise guarantee their purity and a solid dosage.

Green coffee bean extract comes in a gelatin capsule and provides a breakdown of the chemical constituents of the extract dosage listing the percentage contents of each active ingredient.

Subject of debate

Weight loss pills have been a subject of debate for a long time, some people believe in their benefits and there are a lot of people that think weight loss pills are a waste of time and money, with such a large variety of diet pills out on the market it can be difficult to determine which diet capsules work and are actually safe.

The green coffee bean extract Dr Oz made popular on his tv show is actually one of the best natural alternatives for losing weight, not only is the green coffee bean extract beneficial for losing weight but it can also benefit you in fighting against a multitude of health conditions and diseases.

The purpose of this review is to shed some light on its benefits and all that it is claimed to be, how much is safe to use and why it is desired vs other weight loss supplements. So I have put together a report on its pro’s and con’s to help you in determining whether if this product is safe to use and if it’s the best product to use.

The pros 

I’m sure most people are aware of the main reason for taking the green coffee bean extract is for the idea of losing weight but not everyone knows the wide range of benefits that the green coffee bean provides.

The number one reason is for losing weight and this is supported by scientific research suggesting that people who had taken the green coffee bean extract had on average lost about 3 to 5 pounds more than those subjects that were not using it. This might be explained by the chlorogenic acid that the green coffee bean extract contains which will push your liver to consume excess fat.

Among other benefits that the green coffee bean extract provides other than weight loss are an excellent source of energy boosting capabilities, incredible detox capabilities, metabolism support, reduces blood pressure, appetite suppressant and it’s high antioxidant properties.

It is very important that your body benefits from antioxidants to prevent from life threatening diseases caused by free radicals. This is also the only known type of coffee that is loaded with antioxidants.

Another pro to taking the green coffee bean extract is aiding the body in battling against cancer. The green coffee bean extract helps in the prevention against cancer but it also helps patients who are already suffering from cancer.

The green coffee bean extract inhibits cancer cells from spreading for those people that already have cancer and the antioxidants supplied by the green coffee bean extract work as a protection.

The cons 

There are no know negative results and is perfectly safe to use but there are still a few potential side effects, if you experience any of the side effects consult your doctor or check with your doctor before you start to use this product.

The green coffee bean extract is not for pregnant women, pregnant women can go ahead and use this product after pregnancy and after breast feeding. If a woman was to be taking the green coffee bean extract while carrying a baby could lead to a folic acid deficiency in the offspring.

It is recommended that for positive effects you take the full 800 mg dosage but the con is if you have high blood pressure you don’t have to take as much as the full recommended dosage.

Green coffee bean extract should not be taken in the liquid form, it should be taken in the form of tablets, pills or capsules that contain green coffee bean powder.

Check with your doctor before using the green coffee bean extract to make sure that it doesn’t interact with other medications that you may be taking.

There are a handful of diseases and or conditions that you should not take in conjunction with the green coffee bean extract which include depression, high blood sugar, anxiety, glaucoma, irritable bowel syndrome, osteoporosis, various bleeding disorders, high levels of homocysteine, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Other more mild symptoms could be headache, nervousness, insomnia, nausea or vomiting. Any of these side effects could be due to the caffeine content of green coffee bean extract which could be the same as that triggered by coffee.

Follow the recommended dosage for this supplement and immediately contact a doctor if you are feeling any of the above symptoms.


The green coffee bean extract has a wealth of benefits and granted it does help you to lose weight, don’t expect to lose a lot of weight super efficiently fast as though it’s some super pill, you will see benefits from it in your weight management but along with this supplement you still need to follow a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise for a proper weight management plan.

When it comes to dieting and a healthy lifestyle there are no quick fixes, you need to commit yourself to making a positive change in your life to reap the benefits that you long for, with that being said a little help along the way is always useful, this product has worked for many and it may work for you so give it a try.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box.




How to be a motivational coach in the gym

Generally when someone is inspired enough to read a blog about motivation for weight training or fitness goals, it’s to motivate themselves, but have you ever stopped and thought about how much you might be motivating yourself when you are spending time motivating others to lift more, push harder and bust out another rep?

That’s what I am going to talk about today is the importance of motivation and not only how important motivation is for us on our own journey to bettering ourselves but the importance behind motivating others and the effect in can have as a whole. How to be a motivational coach in the gym will not only benefit the one you’re motivating but it will also benefit yourself.

Finding a training partner with similar goals

First of all its important that if you are going to be putting the time and energy into building your dreams and goals and you have someone training with you side by side, they should have the same level of motivation and drive as you do, otherwise they’re going to be a big hindrance to you.

If you are going to be putting the effort into being a motivation for your training partner, you have to get something back in return. Don’t sell yourself short by hooking up with someone you work with as a training partner who has the gift of gab, if all he does is talks your ear off at work you know full well that’s all he’s going to do in the gym.

The chances you have at succeeding in the weight room improve when you have a good training partner, there is nothing wrong with training alone, many people are successful at achieving their goals on an individual level, but for many there is great benefits in having a good training partner.

Inspire your partner to be on time

To be a good training coach you need to inspire your partner to be on time every day, you can’t be a good coach if you can’t be taken seriously. Remember, this is your time and if you’re anything like me your time is valuable.

You need to get in the gym and train hard, if you have any plans of succeeding with your goals, you need to find someone who wants to do the same so you can push them to the max and achieve greater results every time you go to the gym.

Knowing how to coach when lifting

I have known some guys that didn’t have any idea how to spot on the bench press, a guy would be pumping out some reps and when he would come to his final rep and hesitate a bit in the mid range of motion and the spotter would grab hold of the bar and jerk it up, it’s as though the spotter decided to take over the final rep as his own personal dead lift.

Some people don’t want any assistance until the final rep, others feel a little more assurance when the spotters fingers are under the bar through the entire set.

The best thing to do is to find out which way your partner likes to be spotted and likewise let them know how you like to be spotted. Doing this will ensure both you and your partner a safer lifting journey which will lead to good things down the road.

Coaching for good form

One very important aspect of being a good coach in the gym is watching for good form. If this isn’t given attention it’s not only affecting the lifters odds of achieving the gains that he or she so rightly deserves, but it is also putting the lifter in danger of injury.

Instead of wandering around bouncing your pecs trying to impress the woman nearby you should be taking note of your partner’s training form and let them know if they are doing something wrong so they can benefit from this constructive criticism.

Likewise when you’re turn comes around they can offer you some constructive criticism, it may just save you from a back injury when performing something of the nature of squats.

Accept constructive criticism

This may be a tough one for some people but accepting criticism is an important factor. No one likes being told that they are doing something wrong but don’t hold back from making a correction for fear it might hurt their feelings.

That’s why you and your partner are training together so you can both benefit together and take the good with the bad, no one is going to benefit and get better if any key points that need to be brought to attention aren’t going to be raised.

Motivate your training partner

Knowing each other’s goals is important so you can inspire upon each other the motivation needed to achieve your goals but you should also know what the why is in your partner’s training, knowing this can be of benefit when inspiring your training partner to get out that extra rep.

Share a positive attitude

Don’t come to the gym in a bad attitude, it can affect the level of success of your workout. If you’re feeling tired and stressed it will have a tendency to bring your partner down to that level.

If there are difficulties going on in your life outside the gym, try to leave them behind you as soon as you enter the gym doors.

It’s important to have a positive energy and to be a good influence and enthusiastic in order for you and your training partner to benefit to your fullest.


Just remember that when you help someone else out in achieving their goals that is also a major success for you, they may have never been able to make their success become a reality without you, likewise when you succeed with your goal, don’t be afraid to give your training partner due credit for helping you in achieving your success.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the box.

Keep training like a superhero.

Cancer linked obesity-can you improve your health?

Cardiovascular exercise has long been a part of many people’s lives and rightly so, it has long been believed that obesity is the cause of heart disease and diabetes and it is true, aside from every individual who puts themselves through the rigors of vigorous exercise so that they can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and have an attractive physique to show for all that hard work, it could add years too your life and it can be enjoyable. 

Cancer linked obesity, can you improve your health? yes you can! there is an abundance of activities that a person can engage in that can attribute to a person’s health, longevity and happiness, all of many ways that will increase your cardiovascular fitness, energy and mental well being. In today’s subject I would like to bring to many people’s attention that this topic is putting more at stake than what many realize.

The link between obesity and cancer 

It has been thought that smoking was the number one killer having claimed the lives of 500,000 people a year in the U.S. alone, obesity has been taking a top position in this role. There has been a rise in obesity rates that could threaten a steady decline of cancer death rates since the 1990s.

I feel the necessity in bringing this to your attention because only about half of Americans are aware of this ever increasing link between excess weight and cancer.

As I have previously stated above that obesity has long been an implication of heart disease and diabetes, but now in recent years there has been an increased risk of developing as many as thirteen types of cancer stemmed from obesity.

To name a few of these cancers include pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, liver malignancies and postmenopausal breast cancer. Researchers are now saying that excessive body weight is linked to eight percent of all cancers just in the United States and seven percent of cancer death’s.

That’s a major importance I’m trying to make an impact on is the importance of a healthy diet and keeping up with cardiovascular fitness, if each and every one of us doesn’t make a deliberate attempt to make that transformation for ourselves then who is going to make it for us.

Now I realize that some people have a health condition that can make it nearly impossible to lose weight but for a good percentage of people it’s a lack of effort for diets sake, with people’s hectic schedules they argue they don’t have enough time or energy to put into their diet much less time to workout.

Finding a cardio program that fits your needs 

When finding a cardio program that is right for you, it depends on what your goals are and what your interests are. One important factor is before you get started on any kind of cardio program you should check with your doctor and find out what condition your heart is in.

What are your goals? are you just motivated to get into better shape and tone up or are you planning on losing weight? if you just want to get into better shape one idea is to plan on working out in the morning, typically if you wait until after work either you are too tired or there’s a chance you end up hooking up with friends for a fun night out.

If you work out in the morning, try to have everything all ready to go the night before, like having your workout clothes ready to go, having your bottle of workout beverage ready to go and refrigerated, get enough sleep and set your alarm, once your up you’ll have no excuses not to get your workout in before you head off to work or school.

If your goal is to lose weight, follow the morning plan as laid out in the paragraph above but also work on mastering the art of portion control. You don’t need to cut out your favorite foods, just eat them in moderation, portion your meals to smaller portions and leave the table before you are full.

Finding the activity you enjoy

Cardio doesn’t have to be just about going to the gym, it can be a sport or activity that you are passionate about. Most any form of sports will be very beneficial to your achieving a better level of fitness and a trimmer waist line, simply head out to the basketball court and shoot some buckets, maybe you could invite some friends along and make a game of it, this idea doesn’t only limit your cardio too the mornings before you head off to work.

You can pursue your fitness goals by engaging in an enjoyable activity like swimming or yoga. Either one of these ideas or something of a similar interest can get you going on your fitness goals and are all excellent ideas that you can enjoy after work with friends.

If you are concerned with being a little tired after work, once you plunge into the swimming pool all your worries and cares will just drift away.

Can you improve your health?

It’s all about having the right mindset, if you tell yourself that you can’t do it or you just don’t have the time then it will never get done, but then you need to stop and ask yourself, am I happy with my current health level or current weight? if I can make the change that I know that I need to make, can I live with myself for feeling better and healthier if I just give up a half hour a day to achieve this new and improved me?

I think we know the answer to that, everyone wants to be happier, healthier and live a longer more prosperous life, is all that worth giving up a half hour a day, don’t ponder on that too long! everyone can spare half an hour a day for a healthier tomorrow.


I hope that these ideas are of some help, it’s just a matter of making that decision to set in motion some healthier changes in your life and moving forward on your decision to follow through with your life saving change.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to leave them below.