Personal goal setting tools-5 principles to live by

Goals are a very important aspect in every facet of life, we need them to achieve anything we hold of high importance in gaining what we feel is relevant to our furthered success. We need goals to achieve our own personal financial desires, our health status may  depend on setting personal goals in overcoming addictive substance abuse.

Today I’m going to share with you, personal goal setting tools and five principles to live by. These principles will help you in your own personal advances in physical activity and fitness, endurance, strength and mind set.

The key principles   

The major key principal is challenge, when setting your goal, you don’t want to set the goal so low that you achieve the goal without even trying. The goal should be set so that it is a challenge but also not so high that it becomes unattainable, if it is unattainable and you fail, then you are just setting yourself up for discouragement.

The second key principal is commitment, you need to be committed to setting, following through and achieving your goal. It isn’t worth the time and paper to plan out and draw up a list of goals if you don’t have enough sincerity for yourself to follow through with and achieve the goal.

New year’s resolutions

One large downfall that people fail to realize, even if what they feel to be sincere is they plan to make their goal for the new year, why put off today what you can start tomorrow, why quite smoking today when I  can be smoke free next year.

Negations are a very common goal phrase often start by, I don’t want to, which in reality, I don’t want to start now becomes, I’ll make it a new years resolution. Goals that are phrased with negations are condemned to fail. Goal setting in combination with negations can be a vicious circle and should be avoided by any means.

Set smart goals   

A philosophy that is a good rule of thumb to follow by is setting S.M.A.R.T goals.

(Specific) be specific when setting your goals, for example, if you’re goal involves losing weight, write down a detailed goal, write your start date, your finish date, how you plan to accomplish the goal. Keep a journal on your progress, any triggers that may have speed up your progress or any set backs that you can use as a learning tool to make any needed corrections.

(Measurable)  you need to set measurable goals, think of, how will your  progress be measured. Track your progress, put concrete numbers in your goals, this way you will know if you are falling behind or if you’re on track with your goals.

Say for instance you want to lose twenty pounds, starting with your existing weight, you will know when you lost twenty pounds, then it will be easy to determine if you met your goal. Another way to set a measurable goal is if you tell yourself you want to put on a pair of jeans you wore five years ago.

(Attainable) you need to make sure that when setting a goal it needs to be attainable. It can be real easy to get excited about losing a bunch of weight and expect to achieve your desired weight in a short period of time.

If you heard someone say that they lost ten pounds in one month, that would be very attainable, but if you hear of someone make a claim to have lost ten pounds in a week, you think that sounds great, if I can see results like that, I would be glad to spend money on their diet plan. Those big results sound great, but all that’s doing is setting yourself up for failure.

Typically a good amount of weight loss in a week would be two to three pounds, any more than that and there is likely a chance that you would gain the weight back.

(Relevant) at a point in process of accomplishing your goal, when it becomes tough, you might ask yourself, does this goal really matter to me? the answer should be yes and you should have a good reason many people set goals that sound good in theory or look good on paper, but if there is no real motivation and desire to achieve your goal, you likely will fail.

Ask yourself

1. Why is this goal important to you.

2. What are the benefits and rewards of achieving this goal.

3. Why will you be able to stay committed in the long run.

Does this goal just sound good? or is this something that you know will still be important to you a couple months from now.

The goal you set does not need to be life changing, just make sure that when you set a goal, it means something to you and you will have much more success

(Timed)  every good goal needs a target date so that you have a dead line to focus on and something to work toward, this helps to prevent everyday tasks from taking priority over your longer term goals.

Time based goals should answer these questions.

When will I reach my goal?

Where will I be six weeks from now?

Where will I be six months from now?

What do I plan to achieve today?

5 principles   

Goals are a very important part of training and diet, if you have no goals guiding you through your training and diet, how do you know what it is you want out of your hard work.

If you have no goals to guide you, your like a lost ship at sea getting tossed about by the waves. If you’re serious about what you are doing, you want to make every second count.

I have a list of 5 principles that anyone who is serious about what their working for will want to put into action.

1. Write your goal down.

The reason for writing your goal down is so that you don’t forget it, which eliminates all possible excuses. The second aspect of writing a goal down is so you have the goals listed in front of you and you can read them aloud every day.

2. Phrasing.

When phrasing your goal, make use of the word will instead of must, have to, would like and might. When associating these negative constraints, they allow for excuses and lack intensity.

3. Planning.

Make use of the powerful tool of taking notes on how you plan on accomplishing your goal. What are the tasks that need to be performed and what possible obstacles will you need to overcome. You can plan on how to reach your goals by creating an action plan or a goal setting worksheet.

4. Ignite the desire.

Desire is an essential emotion when it comes to goal setting as it will maintain your motivation and allow you to do whatever it takes until you have accomplished your goal. Just take a look at top achievers and how enthusiastic and driven they are when it comes to achieving their goals because they were able to ignite the inner desire to achieve what they want to achieve.

5. Meditation

Meditation has been around for centuries, today it has become a very popular trend. Meditation has many benefits, it is a great stress reducer, meditation can lower a person’s blood pressure it can increase immunity, brain development and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Take a little time every night before you go to bed to spend on some quiet time for meditation. When meditating, concentrate on your goals and what you want to achieve, where yo plan on being six weeks from now, six months from now, breath deep and relax your mind, goals don’t have to be something to get stressed about, they are actually your friend because if you stick with them, they will see you through.


You should be ready to make some progress with your new list of goals, remember, their your friend, keep tabs on your progress, any other notes that may help in achieving what holds your desires. In a matter of weeks you should start to see results.

If you are interested in supplementation to help you achieve your goals, click on this link.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the box.

May you have the best of luck.


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12 thoughts on “Personal goal setting tools-5 principles to live by”

  1. Dear Neil,

    Thanks for the insightful article I enjoyed it. I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    You know what, every year I never ever failed to make a New year’s resolutions but I failed every year in implementing it Lol. To be honest I really feel bad about it, at one stage I decided this coming year I am not going to make any New year’s resolutions.

    After reading your post I got motivated and inspired. I am going to set my S.M.A.R.T goal with the help of 5 principles you shared. I hope 2019 will be awesome in achieving my goals.

    Thanks again for the great article I got great insights.

    Wishing you much Success!


    • Thanks for the feedback, I believe in you and I know for a fact that you can do anything you set your mind to as long as you have belief in yourself. Rock this next year and own it.

  2. i love your post.

    One of the key take-aways for me is not delaying the goal start date.

    I have always thought the concept of delaying goals until the new year, the next birthday, next week really strange.

    If the goal is important to you, why not start it right now?

    That is a mindset issue which as you say will lead to going nowhere.

    Having a delay mindset is clearly not good.

    Imperfect action is better than no action!

    Great job with the 5 principles


  3. You will love this — I actually took notes on your website story.  Challenge and commitment — Right on.  We need both in life, and when goal-setting.  I loved “smart” –specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timed.  AND I loved the whole list of points you made for reaching your goal.  One comment:  On phrasing, yes, “will” is indeed the better word.  Also when we talk about our goal, it should be in present tense, as if we already have it.  Boy, my goal is so big, that you just don’t even know who you are talking to…my fame preceeds me…lol…As you might guess, I enjoyed your post.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, that’s exactly what it takes is determination, I can see you are well on your way, shoot for the stars and never look back.

  4. Thanks neil brown for this amazing  and timely piece I couldn’t agree less With you on the principles Goal setting you stated above. 

    New year resolutions are usually baked in the  euphoria of making it into the new year, nothing serious it is  often time forgotten by many individuals just a week into the new year.It is always better to set smart measurable and realistic goals with timelines.

  5. thank you for this very informative post i will say the setting our personal goal is very difficult to accomplish most because we don’t write it down and we don’t apply the meaning of smart , even me knowing what smart means i still fail to do it, and i think that where most of people fail because we don’t visualized are goal and we don’t prepare our self for it.

  6. This really speaks to me; I tend to be a procrastinator; and it really gets in the way of me achieving anything. Up until recently I felt so stuck because I had so many goals I wanted to achieve at once, controlling my diabetes, losing weight, focusing on my music career, learning affiliate marketing, I must say its both physically and emotionally draining. I not keen on schedules; but I decided to give on a try, very simple, focus 10 minutes on each goal a day and working on one goal the rest of the day. Its kept me focused and its kept me going; more importantly I haven’t gotten bored of it! Ill be saving this article to my favorites list, Thank you for reassuring me that I’m on the right track! 

    • You’re doing a great job, sometimes it’s a little hard to find enough hours in the day to devote as much time as we would like on everything that holds importance to us. 

      Most importantly, be true to yourself and don’t burn yourself out, be happy and healthy and always wear a smile.


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