Personal health care plan – getting ready for 2020

Personal health care plan – getting ready for 2020

October 9, 2019 10 By Neil Brown

Have you made a decision yet for the coming year as to where you would personally like to be for your health plans? Well if so, that is a great step forward that you have set for yourself, setting personal health goals is something to be proud of and something that we all need to work hard at.

Today I would like to discuss on the subject of creating your own personal health care plan and getting ready for 2020. This is a perfect time to start preparing yourself, as we all need to work at our own weaknesses and creating for a better future for ourselves.

Whatever your objective is for the coming year, whether if it is to get into better shape, or better health, or to start up a weight training program, weather if you are interested in building muscle or just strengthening the muscles, or maybe you are just interested in changing your diet and eating healthier, or to lose a few pounds or just to be healthier.

These are all great reasons to create your own personal health care plan, or maybe there is another reason why you should create your own healthcare plan, whatever the reason, it is completely up to you, there are still three remaining months left of the year until we ring in the New year, so don’t wait any longer, get started now.

You owe it to yourself

You have probably heard people say that if you don’t have your health, what do you have? Well this is very true, if you don’t have your health, it will make it difficult for you to engage in all the things in life that you enjoy, such as getting out and enjoying an afternoon in the park, or getting out with friends, or simply getting out and enjoying activities that have always interested you.

Whatever it is that inspires you, you should use that to inspire you every day to pursue a healthier and happier you, if you don’t seek out ways that will inspire you everyday to improve upon your health, it will be easy to slip into a rut and take up old ways of thinking.

Have you ever felt like your personal health might be stuck in a rut? Well many people have faced these circumstances quite frequently and it can be a difficult task to remove yourself from this rut and accelerate forward. Such typical ways of thinking is I don’t have the time, or I don’t have the energy.

Motivating yourself

You can do little things every day that can persuade your thinking like this, such things as keeping notes posted in obvious places where you will see them frequently throughout the day. Notes of things that can inspire you to keep yourself motivated and moving forward, whether it be to lose weight or to eat healthier.

Another little tactic that you can use to inspire upon yourself better health is by keeping a health journal where you can keep goals and motivations written down in everyday.

Another great way that can be very effective in helping us to motivate forward in our health plan everyday is by having somebody that we frequently see everyday like a spouse or a family member or simply a friend, this acquaintance we can ask of them to give us simple motivations everyday and sticking with following our health plan that we have already written up.

You will feel better

Everyone knows that if they follow a healthier diet and an exercise program, whether it be cardio or weight training, they will simply feel better and just the inspiration alone from feeling better can be enough motivation to keep a person going with their plan, but sometimes it still isn’t enough to keep a person motivated.

A goal

In order to get your feel good plan moving forward, it is necessary to have a goal. Goals are the basis of what can keep a person motivating forward, if you don’t have a goal set with a specific vision in mind, it can be difficult to achieve what you are striving for.

A person can set a goal for weight loss, say more specifically if you want to lose 10 pounds over the next month, first of all it should be a necessity that you write that goal down. Once you have determined what your goal is and you have written it down, then you will need to decide on a more specific plan as to how you plan on reaching that 10 lbs in 1 month.

First of all in deciding on how to break down that 10 pounds in 1 months plan would look like, you can simply divide that by 4 weeks and that just comes out to slightly over 2 pounds a week.

once you have determined that you will need to lose slightly over 2 pounds a week, then you can write down the type of training that you plan on incorporating to lose this weight. The basic type of training that you will want to follow for weight loss will be cardio.

The game plan

The cornerstone of your game plan for weight loss should be cardio, depending on what type of cardio will fit your needs best, it should be something that you will feel most comfortable in sticking with on a daily basis, or at least 3 days a week. This cardio that you incorporate could be anything from indoor cardio, such as a treadmill or a stationary bike.

Your cardio could involve a number of different things that could be an interest to you such as bike riding, jogging, hiking, swimming or many other various activities that you don’t necessarily need to do alone but you can invite friends along with you to make the ride more enjoyable.

Another game plan attack for cardio could be joining a gym, or if you are already a member of a gym, then you have a leg up on your plan already. There can be many various forms of cardio if you are a member of a gym. Such forms of cardio could be like the ones I have already mentioned like the treadmill or a stationary bike, but there are also many other various forms.

Other great forms of cardio that you can engage in at a gym, depending on what the gym offers could be things such as a dance class, jazzercise, aerobics or even indoor swimming. There may be other activities that your local gym may offer, but whatever the case may be, it should be enjoyable and something that you will more than likely stick with.

Once you have decided upon what type of cardio that you will most likely stick with, you will need to determine how long of a session that you will perform, and you will need to determine how many days a week that you plan on performing this cardio.

A good game plan to follow for cardio when losing weight would be to follow a 30-minute program a day by four days a week. Depending on what your health and physical level is, you will need to adjust the amount of time and days from there. If you are new to training you will naturally want to start out at a lower amount of time each day, such as 10 or 15 minutes per session.

If you are new to training, you may also want to start out smaller in the amount of days a week that you perform cardio. If you are new to training you may want to start out with just two days a week and once you have conditioned yourself to feeling comfortable with increasing to the third day a week, and from there to a fourth day a week.

To accompany your cardio plan, it may also be a good idea for you to incorporate some light weight training. Light weight training is something that you don’t need to spend as much time with performing as you will with cardio, but something of the nature of light weight training will help to increase firmness and toning of your muscles.

Light weight training is something that you can perform at the gym or at your home. light weight training would be any type of weight-training, whether it be free weights or weight machines that you would perform for a higher amount of repetitions, typically anywhere between 15 to 25 repetitions.

If you are new to training, you will want to start out with a light weight training session just once a week for only 10 minutes should be beneficial. Once you have worked at this program with cardio and light weight training for a month to two months, then you can increase the light weight training to two days a week.

The concept behind this approach is if you are new to training, start out with fewer sessions per week with each session being shorter, once you have conditioned and strengthened yourself to a point where you feel confident enough to increase your general overall working load, then increase your sessions per week and the duration of each session.

Eating healthy

Where would your new personal health care plan be without a proper diet to fuel your system, to give you the proper nutrients and nutrition to fuel your muscles and your energy as well as your thought power. Eating a proper well-balanced diet will have many great effects on your system as well as spurring on weight loss.


I hope that in today’s post I have shared with you some beneficial teachings and tactics that will help get you on your way to a healthier happier lifestyle and a better start to the coming new year with a good exercise program in place that will have you feeling healthier and stronger and have more heads turning when they see you strolling down the beach.

Simply being conscious about the type of foods that we fuel our system with every day and making sure that we get an adequate amount of exercise to keep our muscles and bones and joints all in good working health will be a good start to energizing ourselves into the future.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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