Rear shoulder exercises-are your rear deltoids lagging?

Sculpting a set of well muscled shoulders can not only take a lot of work  but paying attention to detail is equally important, it would be easy for a beginner too weight training to throw together some exercises for shoulders and use them diligently and train hard and expect to get good results.

It is a good possibility that they would get some good results, especially if they are new to training because anyone who first starts weight training always gets muscle growth at first until after the muscles adapt to the training, then the results will slow down a bit.

Today I am going to be talking about creating a balanced shoulder training routine, many people just do what comes natural and rep away with set after set of shoulder presses and side lateral’s, but if you don’t put a whole lot of thought behind how you structure your shoulder training routine, you can end up with lagging body parts.

Quite often the rear deltoid’s will start lagging behind, then you will need to structure a routine that has more emphasis on rear shoulder exercises, so if your rear deltoid’s are lagging, then that’s what you will need to concentrate on.

Creating balance

There are three head’s that make up the shoulder, the front (anterior head) the side (medial head) and the rear (posterior head) and it is necessary to train all three head’s of the shoulder so that you can get good balance to the development of your shoulders, or another way to put it is good symmetry.

It’s a common mistake made by not only beginners too weight training but it can be something that even experienced weight trainers can make is to spend too much time on doing their favorite exercises and slack off on the areas that they need more work on.

An important point that I would like to make is I generally tell people that they should do their compound exercises at the beginning of their training routine which is true.

Doing compound exercises first in your workout is important because they involve more than one muscle at a time and naturally take more energy to perform, but if you have a lagging body part like the rear deltoid it would be a good idea to do your rear deltoid training at the beginning of your workout.

If your rear deltoid’s are lagging behind, it would not only be a good idea to do them first but also perform a couple of exercises for them, at least until you can get them symmetrical with the rest of your shoulders.

Balanced shoulder training plan

To create balanced shoulders you will need to have a training program that incorporates exercises to train each head of the shoulder. Certain exercises work individual heads and some exercises work a combination of different heads.

The front head of the shoulder gets worked through doing over head pressing movements such as military presses, behind the neck presses, dumbbell presses as well as other exercises like front laterals.

Front laterals are an isolation move so they just work the front head of the shoulder, the over head pressing movements will work the front and side heads of the shoulder, you will also get some indirect work to the front head of the shoulder through doing moves such as the bench press.

When it comes to the rear head of the shoulder (posterior head) there is only one basic exercises and that is the rear laterals, there are other rear delt exercises but less commonly used, but if your rear delts are not coming through in development with the rest of your shoulder development, it may be a good idea to include some of these less common exercises.

Exercises for the rear deltoid’s

Common exercises that develop the front head of the shoulder would include military presses, the press behind the neck, dumbbell presses, Arnold presses, Smith machine presses and different variations of the front laterals which could include front laterals simultaneously or alternatively or with cables.

Exercises for the side head of the shoulder would be side laterals with dumbbells simultaneously or one arm at a time, side laterals with cables and shoulder width grip upright rows, narrow grip upright rows put more emphasis on your trap muscles, on that note, some people train traps along with shoulders.

Its good to switch your training program around so that your workouts are not always the same, train shoulders with traps for a while and later on you can train shoulders with back,

Rear shoulder exercises would include rear laterals with dumbbells, rear laterals with cables, for other ways to target your rear delta some gyms have a weight machine that simulates the rear lateral movement, another way is to use the pec-deck machine but sit so that you are facing the back of the seat, put your elbows on the arm pads and stimulate the rear laterals.

Train with conviction

If you want to see good results with your shoulder training, you need to train hard and be patient, good gains don’t come over night, set up your training routine with exercises that will promote a balanced plan of attack so that you target all head’s of the shoulder.

Another thing that can help you with training with conviction and getting your sights set on where you want to be with your training is to seek out guidance from other knowledgeable people in your gym such as staff or even personal trainers.

Never be afraid to ask questions on how to bring out weak body parts or even how to perform a specific exercise that you’re not familiar with.


I hope that you have taken something away from this, it is hard work building a physique that others would be envious of and you can do it if you put your mind to it, it just takes patience and perseverance to achieve your goals.

Keep a training program with various exercises that will target each individual head, keep your training program fresh so that you are not always doing the same exercises and in the same order all the time.

Take in the proper nutrition it takes to build lean muscle and cut out the junk from your diet that will only contribute to fat, get plenty of sleep, at least 8 hours a night, it’s during your rest while you are sleeping is when your muscles do the majority of their growing and take in some good supplementation that will enhance your gains.

If you are interested in supplementation for improved performance and muscle mass, check out my review and click on the link.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the box below and I wish you the best of luck with your journey into building a more muscled physique, keep those muscles pumped and train like a superhero.

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