Serene life smart digital folding treadmill-exercise machine review

, electric motorized treadmill with downloadable sports app for running and walking. Pairs to phones, laptops and tablets via Bluetooth-SLFTRD18.

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If you are interested in getting in to shape with a home gym, whether it be to improve your health, lose weight or simply just to get into better shape, this review is based on the serene life smart digital folding treadmill which is a great in-home exercise machine to fit your needs.

Getting in shape

This is a great in-home gym exercise machine for getting in shape and staying in shape with, and you will definitely have fun working out on this treadmill with a auto incline, built with digital technology and designed with stability and speed in mind.

Experience incline and speed choices from 0.6 up to 6.0 mph for a workout, this is built around your own fitness goals, whether if you are new to exercise or if you are advanced.

This exercise treadmill is not quite as large as many other common sized treadmills, it has a slightly narrower track and it isn’t quite as long as many of the other models but it is relatively handy specially if you are limited on space which makes it easier to stow away.


Pairs to your device Via Bluetooth connectivity.

Running and training data statistics readout.

Compact form fitting design for in-home use in any room or garage.

Adjustable speed settings.

Simple electric motorized plug-in design.

To be used for walking, jogging, running and cardiovascular training.

Other features

Train smarter with the Serenelife and connect via your favorite device.

Works with smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

Multifunctional sports app.

Connect to the treadmill Via Bluetooth.

App provides access to exercise activities.

Item is eligible: no interest if paid in full within six months with the store card.

Comes with built in hand grip sensors which is great for pulse monitoring. Digital LCD display screen with touch button controls. Displays runtime, distance, speed , calories burned, heart rate, as well as adjustable settings and selectable preset training modes.

Simple electric motorized plug-in design and convenient holding style for easy storage. Used for walking, jogging, running, exercise training and perfect for weight-loss, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and stamina building , integrated safety key, emergency power off.

Bluetooth connectivity

Hassle free pairing,

No password required.

Compatible with all of today’s latest Bluetooth devices.

Smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers etc.

Bluetooth version 4.0 BLE.


Motorized treadmill motor power 1.0 hp.

Running belt/ running surface size (LxW 39.3 “x 13.4”)

Adjustable speed 0.6 – 6 .0 mph up to 10 KMH.

Maximum weight support up to 265 pounds.

Power supply 120 volts.

Product details

Now as I stated earlier this treadmill is not quite as large as the common treadmill, it is a bit smaller so if you order this product when it comes to your door don’t be surprised after you set it up in your living room and find that it is much smaller than you expected.

Dimensions are 27.5 by 24 by 1.2 inches,

57.3 pounds.

Shipping weight 67 pounds.

Even though this treadmill is smaller in size it has its advantages, if you have a limited amount of space it is great for storing when not in use, as well this product when folded is great for storing such as under your bed.


The positives of this treadmill are it is light and easy to store and when folded you can slip it into smaller spaces like under your bed which makes it great for storage especially if you are limited on space.

One benefit to using a treadmill vs jogging on your typicall pavement is a treadmill has cushion in the belt that you run on so this gives your joints a break where jogging on pavement can cause a lot of jarring that in time can cause damage to your joints.

Another one of the pros is that it has a very reasonable price, but then again you get what you pay for, if you are new to exercise then it would be a great exercise machine for you but if you are a marathon runner it wouldn’t be the best choice for your goals because it only reaches a high of 6 mph.


The cons are it is very small, it has a narrow belt and it is reasonably short, but if that is what you are looking for, a light weight stowable treadmill that you can use for a brisk walk or just for getting into shape as well as possibly losing a few pounds, then this would be a great treadmill for you.


The Serenelife smart digital treadmill could be a great treadmill for you if you are simply looking to lose a few pounds or get into better shape but have a limited amount of room to store a piece of workout equipment or if you don’t have an extra room to keep your workout machine stored away.

This is a pretty inexpensive treadmill but then again it is smaller than your average treadmill, so if you are interested in something that is a little bigger and heavier for longer term goals of weight-loss, then you might want to check into one of the different brands of treadmill.

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