Should I get a gym membership-weighing out the variables

Back when I first got into weightlifting, I had a set of weights and an adjustable weight bench I kept set up in the basement. I would put some tunes on, generally something in the neighborhood of AC/DC to get me fired up, I didn’t exactly spend a lot of time on warming up I would just jump right into the lifting part of it.

Early on in my weight training I made a lot of mistakes and I didn’t have much guidance on what I was doing. I had some magazines that I read but I didn’t get to excited about studying up on the articles that would have benefited my safety from sustaining injuries, being that I was only eleven years old, I was only excited about getting big. After about five years of that, one day I asked my parents, should I get a gym membership.

Joining a gym

Now don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed working out at home, you don’t need to wait in line to use your favorite weight bench, you don’t have to listen to the guy working out on power squats screaming out at the top of his lungs like he’s getting scaled’ by some cattle branding iron and you don’t have to leave the house when the weather is nasty, but joining up with a gym membership does definitely have it’s perks.

Not everyone has the equipment, the desire or the space required to work out at home. After the time and energy it takes to get up off the couch grab your training gear and head out to the gym, there’s no doubt that you’re going to have more energy to give it a one hundred percent shot at the gym than if you would have just went off into your secret dungeon to do your training privately.

Choosing what is best for your needs

Depending on what your goals are, the type of atmosphere your looking for, distance you have to travel every day to commute back and forth to the gym, these are just a few of the variables that you need too take into consideration when deciding what’s going to help you with achieving the goals that fit your needs.

Next you can look into what kind of benefits are offered with the package that’s presented with any prospective application in filling your needs. Depending on what your looking for some clubs offer more of a variety of cardiovascular training equipment, others have more equipment catering to the hard core bodybuilder with a lot more to choose from in the line of free weights, while some clubs have out door training set up like muscle beach.

Another thing you can check out is if they may have a larger set up for aerobic exercise classes or maybe karate classes.                                                      


Another thing you should check into is discounts in a membership. Some gyms offer discounts at certain times of the year like new years or when the weather starts to warm up. Some people may feel a little Leary about joining when the weather starts to get a little nice out or during the warmer summer months because they feel maybe business at gyms is busiest during this time of the year and they may feel a little turned away especially if they are new to such an undertaking as this.

If a gym has special discounts for new years, it could be a nice time to make that new years resolution but then again, if that’s a little ways off it would probably be best to not put it off till new years, even if you may get that discount, because you owe it to yourself to make that change to get into better shape and to reach your goals and not delay.

And of course many gyms offer the same price year around. Maybe those gyms don’t offer those special little perks for its new members but there’s a good chance they may have a lower over all rate for the year than the others that do offer those discounts.

Give it a test drive

Most gyms or health clubs offer its prospective members to test out the gym with a free guest pass, this way you can check out  what kind of facility you may be getting into. Check for cleanliness, take notice if the staff appear to be helpful, do they show that they are truly a team that you would be more than happy to put your trust in, or do they give you the impression that  they are rushing you through the tour or like there not being thorough enough?

Just remember, this is a big step for you, your health and your goals take precedence, don’t settle for second rate when you owe your self the best. If you find a gym or club that you have to drive an extra five or ten minutes further each way, that would be better than settling for a place that you truly aren’t happy with.

And another thing you can check out on your tour is the condition the weight machines are in. Do they look like they have good maintenance  performed on them on a regular basis, make sure the cables on the machines look like they are in good shape and everything looks like it’s basically been kept in good hands.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Here is where a lot of people have a problem, they don’t like to ask for help. Maybe they feel like they might be a burden or maybe it’s just a matter of pride, there’s nothing wrong with being proud, but if you need help with identifying the direction your aiming for in your training or your dietary or supplementary needs, you are in the right place, generally there’s club staff around that can help you with all your needs.

Another option you might like to check into is a personal trainer if you have a little extra money to spend, it might be a good idea to give it some thought, it would be very beneficial especially if you’re looking to up your muscle mass. A personal trainer will be working right by your side giving you all the best tips and tricks of the trade.

Ask for areas of specialization. Maybe you are thinking of a little specialized training, target area’s that have been giving you a little bit of difficulty in bringing out. Like maybe you have lower back troubles and your looking for a good routine to follow to help with strength.                             

Best of wishes on your new life style change

By this point you have gave it some thought on joining a gym or a club, you have given it some thought on what’s best for your needs, what kind of discounts that are available out there for you to help you in achieving your goals, giving your new vehicle that your shopping for a test drive and making sure that it’s a good fit and it meets and exceeds your needs and above all, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

This is a big step toward your future and your goals, joining the right gym is your first step in building a good foundation in your training and cardiovascular needs. It’s an opportunity for you to open a new door to a new beginning and build on it from there.

Along with building a new physique you also have the opportunity to build new friendships with like minded people who are looking to achieve basically the same thing  You have set out to do.

Till next time, I wish you the best on your new journey, believe in yourself and you can do it.

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